on getting lost//in silence of the night

miri & i under the christmas tree..ha..we had a bit fun...smiles

miri & i under the christmas tree..ha..we had a bit fun…smiles

the candle’s cadmium flames
hide&seek giggling
with shadows on the church wall,
they run, hop-scotch, streT-
chiNg limbs into each other as we sing
about losing ourselves in him

i lose myself quite quickly,
(about in everything)
“stop dreaming” my mom used to say
“watch where you’re going”
& guiltily, i pull my head back from the clouds,

i remember putting up that pan,
cut apples, sugar, water for an apple sauce,
then playing my guitar while waiting, &
lost in song, the smell of buRn,
suddenly, still in my nose,

just before we leave for church, i sit,
uncombed, no make up, in my jogging pants &
hubs says “you know that we’re supposed
to pick your mom up in 10 minutes”
and i dive up from the pages, hair wet

with black ink, eyes big &letters spilled all
across my face “i– no– i’m sorry, it’s
that late already–?”
(and he’s angry)
(and i kiss him– what else can i do?)
run around the house, ready just
in time,

now sit, a little breathless,
watch the people’s faces,
how the light brushes gently
over lashes, lines, warm cheeks & festive clothes,
Miri’s playing the piano up front,
apart from that, the night

 ——is silent, “i’m
so up for getting lost in you”, i say

and close my eyes,
———for just a minute


smiles… hope you’re enjoying the holidays…


25 responses to “on getting lost//in silence of the night

  1. thats a good kinda getting lost…i like it when the worship just takes you away…and its all the more that your dau is playing piano….i get lost in words a bit myself…this one ends in a night smile for me…

  2. ‘letters spilled all
    across my face’ ~ just love this line…and I’m also was like ‘stop dreaming’ , hear you 🙂 glad you had great time ~ to our life to be the inspiration for writing!x

  3. Oh how familiar some of this sounds…being lost in thought and dreams…only to find that I have once again lost track of time….another fine poem that dreamers everywhere will appreciate.

  4. What a beautiful capture of your family gathering ~ I am feeling all the warmth and breathless waiting ~ Lovely picture as well ~ Hope you are enjoying the holidays ~ Cheers ~

  5. Claudia, I’m always getting lost too–in the moment, in thought, in a book, in a sunset, in my children’s laughter–this really touched home, wonderful 🙂

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