on getting lost//in silence of the night

miri & i under the christmas tree..ha..we had a bit fun...smiles

miri & i under the christmas tree..ha..we had a bit fun…smiles

the candle’s cadmium flames
hide&seek giggling
with shadows on the church wall,
they run, hop-scotch, streT-
chiNg limbs into each other as we sing
about losing ourselves in him

i lose myself quite quickly,
(about in everything)
“stop dreaming” my mom used to say
“watch where you’re going”
& guiltily, i pull my head back from the clouds,

i remember putting up that pan,
cut apples, sugar, water for an apple sauce,
then playing my guitar while waiting, &
lost in song, the smell of buRn,
suddenly, still in my nose,

just before we leave for church, i sit,
uncombed, no make up, in my jogging pants &
hubs says “you know that we’re supposed
to pick your mom up in 10 minutes”
and i dive up from the pages, hair wet

with black ink, eyes big &letters spilled all
across my face “i– no– i’m sorry, it’s
that late already–?”
(and he’s angry)
(and i kiss him– what else can i do?)
run around the house, ready just
in time,

now sit, a little breathless,
watch the people’s faces,
how the light brushes gently
over lashes, lines, warm cheeks & festive clothes,
Miri’s playing the piano up front,
apart from that, the night

 ——is silent, “i’m
so up for getting lost in you”, i say

and close my eyes,
———for just a minute


smiles… hope you’re enjoying the holidays…


25 responses to “on getting lost//in silence of the night

  1. thats a good kinda getting lost…i like it when the worship just takes you away…and its all the more that your dau is playing piano….i get lost in words a bit myself…this one ends in a night smile for me…

  2. ‘letters spilled all
    across my face’ ~ just love this line…and I’m also was like ‘stop dreaming’ , hear you 🙂 glad you had great time ~ to our life to be the inspiration for writing!x

  3. Sounds like a nice kind of family day, Claudia; and I really liked the photo of you and Miri!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Oh how familiar some of this sounds…being lost in thought and dreams…only to find that I have once again lost track of time….another fine poem that dreamers everywhere will appreciate.

  5. ..fun shot of you and your daughter…giggling and taking in the other people at the church..listening to her play…and the ‘Silent NIght’…lovely.

  6. What a beautiful capture of your family gathering ~ I am feeling all the warmth and breathless waiting ~ Lovely picture as well ~ Hope you are enjoying the holidays ~ Cheers ~

  7. It’s heavenly to have the family along during Christmas. More so with your daughter. Looking at the pic it was spiritually fulfilling. Wonderful write Claudia!


  8. What a wonderful Christmas… the stillness in church or with music is something I really long for sometimes… As we say in Swedish “god fortsättning” — means good continuation after the Holiday’s energy kick… 🙂

  9. Claudia, I’m always getting lost too–in the moment, in thought, in a book, in a sunset, in my children’s laughter–this really touched home, wonderful 🙂