presents, poison, gifts (and bewitched shower heads)

my piano...

my piano…

on my daughter’s wishlist was
a battery for her watch  and brown packing paper
“what does she wanna do with it?”
“it’s multifunctional” i shrug my shoulders

if you’re translating gift from german into english
it means poison (honestly)
a colleague told me of his english visitor,
bottle already on his lips– gosh// that was tight!
language can be
dangerously confusing

amazon states: if you order it today,
you’ll get it before christmas!
(though the employees are on strike
because of bad working conditions)
probably should not support them,
yet i type the address in, press SeNd,
a present for my son,
delivery on december 23rd

in case you’re curious,
he gets a toilet brush, james bond edition
with a gun as handle,
(even though i’m anti-arms, yep)

on my wishlist is “decalcify the shower head”,
(the one that only i use) cause at 5AM
i hear the soft chirp of the birds through it,
a lion’s roar, crawling spider legs & jungle dew
while sun breaks through the trees

“it’s a mess” my husband says
“too slow & sparse” mocks my daughter
“it’s magical” i sigh “but it needs cleaning”

“what will i get?”
“oh”, i laugh
& that’s a funny story
that would burst the frame
of just one poem, but–

in the end not much,
we keep it simple like that one year
when we had only one sausage for each guest
(it was an accident & the potato salad
from mom kept us from starving)

“we’ll sing the old christmas songs again?”
(yep &from the third strophe on
we only know each 5th word–)
“you’re playing the piano?”
“sure, i can”
“i’m printing song sheets”
says miss-colorful-and-soon2B-a-teacher
“that’ll spoil all the fun” i smile

we’ll set up the tree tonite
who waits

—–// patiently//
outside the door

and in his dark-green wings
carries the smell of forest


smiles… hope you’re not having too much pre-christmas stress…


20 responses to “presents, poison, gifts (and bewitched shower heads)

  1. this is just so lovely…brimming with joy and humor and love. i love your showerhead :smiles. We got a nobile fir this year; thick/full and greets me every night as I walk through the door.
    blessed holidays to you and yours!

  2. You reminded me of the years that I crafted each present since I didn’t have enough money to buy them…I suspect I enjoyed the spirit of the holiday more during those ‘hard times’…and perhaps so did those who received gifts from the heart…be well my friend.

  3. Smiles … ah, the poison/ gift confusion … too funny … and there is always the word mist as well … smiles … Merry Xmas, C, and a happy new Year.

  4. I’m getting your present as we speak 🙂
    descaling in progress in my bathroom at the minute.
    Happy days all stressless for you and yours.

  5. heya….smiles…sorry i am late…doing christmas today with my father in law…and no net at the house…did not want to miss you though so figured i would stop in while i was out to get lunch…i think a simple christmas is best, not buying into al the hoopla…and i am a sucker for bond, so thinking i need a toilet brush…ha. the gift and poison translation is interesting…yikes…ha…enjoy that tree….i miss live trees….we travel so we go artificial now…

    happy saturday c…smiles.

  6. You are so funny! Yikes on the poison, but happiness for each thing personal whether you’d like it or not. I feel the joy. And here I also (1) broke my promise not to buy any more from this year, and (2) bought pine boughs just to smell the forest.

  7. My goodness…the word ‘gift’ in German means ‘poison’ in English. Yikes! You’re right, language definitely CAN be confusing. I could tell a few stories of my experiences in Germany to back THAT up. LOL. You seem to have some simple wants, Claudia. Decalcifying the shower head seems like a task that a reasonably proficient Santa Claus could accomplish without too much trouble. (Smiles) Maybe even a Mrs. Santa Claus?? (LOL) Keeping Christmas simple is definitely my aim as well. Now, if only there wasn’t forecast a MAJOR snowstorm for tomorrow morning here when my grandson is supposed to be JOSEPH in the church children’s Christmas program. Sigh! Blessed Christmas to you, Claudia!! And thanks for all of your gifts of words in 2013!

  8. I enjoyed reading about your gifts to your family, why and how you choose them. The reflections about not liking the gun handle and still choosing the present or not approving of Amazon but having to rely on their efficiency are things I can relate to. We all have our contradictions, don’t we?
    Happy Christmas to you, Claudia!

  9. Chuckles! I can imagine even small decisions become big for a big occasion. There seemed endless possibilities to usher in the festive days. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Claudia!


  10. A funny thing about the gift/poison translation ~ The whole poem speaks of warmth & music & Christmas spirit despite the last minute order of gifts & fixing of shower head ~ Love that tree waiting & carrying the smell of the forest ~

    Wishing you Merry Christmas ~ Cheers ~

  11. Claudia -I was laughing as I read your poem – just finished wrapping an empty wine bottle that my niece requested! what gifts – the best is love and laughter – now in a baking frenzy – my house is redolent – scents of sugar and dates and pecans and oranges – I love the holidays – wishing you and yours all the best – K

  12. I really enjoyed the pre-Christmas atmosphere in your home … picking out gifts, the interactions with your family, the anticipation … and memories of Christmas past interspersed in between all the lovely images … and the piano painting, how colorful. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Claudia! 🙂

  13. Claudia, those last six lines really made my day. Beautiful, perfect words, and I love the thought of the tree patiently waiting 🙂 Frohe Weihnachten! 🙂