drawing while the moon is busy to reflect the sunlight

from my sketchbook

from my sketchbook

there’s a new moon
at the edge of sky, i tell you
how my heart rasps
along splintered rims
of day to day to day,

dimensions are a little odd, i think
but it depends on what we see
and how we weigh it

winter wind
blows snowy, moist breath
in my open palms&

when you fall asleep,
stretched out on the couch
(one hand behind your head,
the other warm under your shirt),
chest moving in the rhythm
of you heartbeat,

i kneel, half-bend, pen in hand
into the night,
a crumpled cushion and one sock
slipped off your feet,
i draw your breath in-
to that space, no one sees,

“what ya doing?”
“planning a conspiracy–” i say,
“–with all the world’s lunatics, a pink grizzly & the moon”
“i suspected this”
“you’ll never know for sure” i smile,
&with a soft pLop
———my sketchbook


just a little snapshot…smiles.. happy tuesday everyone..


23 responses to “drawing while the moon is busy to reflect the sunlight

  1. it depends on what we see
    and how we weigh it…

    yes, so much does, now doesnt it…smiles…
    the drawing that breath in is cool as well…

    def start that conspiracy….smiles.

  2. How beautiful and a loving moment. You capture so many memories that you will treasure in years to come and remind us to look deeply. Your sketches remind me a bit of Toulouse-Lautrec’s sketches.

  3. What a beautiful capture of a a moment in time by both a poem and a sketchbook! You have created a very intimate moment here, inviting the reader to crawl into the sketch and feel the heartbeat of the sleeping one! Smiles.

  4. Lex and I often fall into breathing each others’ breath, very sensual. Your take on your own portrait is lovely, Claudia, and the ending – words only spoken to those who know each other completely. I found this quite romantic! Amy

  5. “you’ll never know for sure” i smile.
    ..ain’t THAT the truth!

    70 years ago, I recall an old farmer saying,
    “Well, it all depends on how ya LOOK at it…”
    …and that moon last night WAS pretty to look at–from any direction.

    Your sketches are priceless, Claudia