folding stars

it was worth the smiles

it was worth the work…eh…? smiles


a mathematic masterpiece,
(yet i forgot the master’s name)
& patience’s not my main strength,
so i’m struggling,

“ugh– a thousand parts and—“
“mom, come on, just one more”
“yes, miss teacher” i say
and the flickering candles
of our wooden advent wreath
hide &seek between us,

“love the texture” i smile &

cannot keep my eyes off the rough edges,
smoothed by white paint & the fine round
of pale leaves and crimson berries,

“do you know this feel,” i ask
“i mean, if you find something so
unearthly beautiful
that you just wanna look at it–
again– again–

does this sound odd?”

“no”, she shakes her head, “not at all”

we fold the star// sheet after sheet
to little wings, put a light bulb in its womb
which glows now, from the inside out
“it’s beautiful”
“it is”
“we need a branch to hang it onto”
(cut fresh from the limbs
of a snoWind/breathing forest),

until then it rests
its cream&golden head
on the soft tissue of the chair back
&i let it burn for her,

trace fine lines with my fingertips
and journey with them

through the night,
through time
& silence as we head
towards a tiny stable,

smiling all the way,
at what we’re gonna find

the day we get there


Mary has us write light and candles over at dVerse for our last Poetics before our holiday break… doors open at 3pm EST..


48 responses to “folding stars

  1. Ah…a project outside my patience limit….but loved hearing about the interaction between you and your daughter…quiet lovely and representative of the spirit of the season.

  2. I like the progression of this poem, Claudia. (And nice picture too.) I think your progress was rewarded by the accomplishment of making such a beautiful star. Nice conclusion, with the journey toward a tiny stable & the meaning that can be found there!

  3. what a lovely interaction between you and your little one…the star you made is amazing as well….also like the nod toward the christmas story…as we ever move toward the light…lucky for some of us, we get to make that journey together…

    happy saturday claudia…

  4. Yes! When we get there! Enjoying the legs of the journey and knowing it will be beautiful and worth it just like this time with family and the million parts of the advent wreath … rough corners and all. This is my new favorite of your poems.

  5. Claudia, I am very impressed by your beautiful star and enjoyed how you made its creation into a poem! The mom/daughter interaction was great to read.

  6. That is a magnificent star. The conversation and the story evolving out of the joint efforts to make that ‘masterpiece’ gives life to your words. And that ending of the journey to the stable with a theological and spiritual hint is well done.

  7. Wow, the folding of paper stars was never part of my childhood celebrations; fascinating & beautiful for sure; this poem is so lovely, lilting, limber, & light, it nearly bursts into flame itself as we sense, we feel the intensity of your love & emotions; great use of dialogue too–I love to do that at times myself; have a wonderful holiday, Claudia.

  8. I love the craft of folding paper after paper with lights inside ~ In my native country, we make paper lanterns & hung it outside our homes ~ This reminds me of warm Christmas growing up memories ~ Beautiful as snow white forest ~

  9. Claudia, this is glorious. You put us right there, the loving exchange between mother and daughter, the glorious star they have made together, the light, and then the smiling reflection at “what we’re gonna see when we get there. ” Sigh. So lovely and heartwarming. Thanks, Claudia, for all you do at dVerse. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and that you come back refreshed from your break. You sure deserve one. Hey catch phrase – dVerse dServes a break!

  10. I love this, Claudia… especially:

    and the flickering candles
    of our wooden advent wreath
    hide &seek between us

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  11. smiles! And when I write “smiles” it means I was smiling all the way through this little masterpiece, all the way from your beautiful bosom-lit star to the tiny stable.

    The WORK? Yesss! It certainly WAS worth it.
    PEACE and LIGHT, Claudia!

  12. When anything begins with “mathematical” I automatically cringe – (I hate math) but this is a poem of a special love – of child, of God … and I also think this golden star is lovely.

  13. YES it was worth it and your poem as well. The interaction with your children is so beautiful, they are witnessing life through your eyes – I loved this Claudia.

  14. What a great net-catch from past and present seas, this star-fish, wholly made, transmitted through generations, transmuted by the personal that is both one’s own and deeper, the family sense we share with all, even stars. How great the maker is made young by parenting–it’s the chance to relive it, isn’t it, to share in the wonder. Nice.

  15. Love those stars stappled together, done with kids this project, but never with lights inside…nice…great meaning ~ Happy holidays, Claudia! ~ thanks for supporting word on my blog :)xx

  16. Aww this is so beautiful & sweet. I used to make origami ornaments with my mom when I was younger … this brought back memories of simpler days. I love the focus of light and love in your poem … the true spirit of Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Enjoy your break! 🙂

  17. I know that feeling too, to want to look at something eternally. Beautiful write Claudia. I like it when you write about your experiences with your children. Your tenderness just seeps. Sorry I didn’t write anything for this one. Hopefully, I’ll become more active in the new year.

  18. This is so beautiful, Claudia. I know that feeling well. I don’t own anything I don’t love looking at again and again…endelessly beautiful or calming. Love that star!

  19. So wonderful, making the nativity so fresh, “we fold the star// sheet after sheet
    to little wings, put a light bulb in its womb” and there was light.