heading east

from my sketchbook

from my sketchbook/two women at the neighbor table


“i’m not flying with you”
i say
to the wind
“why not?”
“it’s against my nature”

in the coffee shop,
someone leans against the counter,
(parka//bobble cap//protruding curls)

which leans into the shopping mall,
against the towers of the church,
against my chest–

“you feel it, doYa?”
“no” i say

&turn the page


55 words exactly… that’s what we do over at dVerse today… join us..?


49 responses to “heading east

  1. really an interesting vignette…i like how everything leans against something else which leans against your chest…its visual but with deeper meaning…and when the no is given, the turning of the page is a powerful image….well played…and love your art…smiles.

  2. Such resolve, to resist the wanderlust, to stay focused on your reading, as the environment itself stirs at your gypsy soul; loved this–your shortish title, your brilliant brevity, your awesome artwork; hell of a treat to start my morning here on the west coast. Thanks for the heads up, & response to my inquiry.

  3. I just wanted to say ‘focus’, but – gah! – I see the word above, and it’s going to look like I cherry-picked from someone else’s comment.

  4. Claudia, I love that painting! And I’ve always enjoyed my conversations with the wind, too. 😉 The saying on the wall isn’t one I’ve heard before—thank you for adding to my salty joy 🙂

  5. Sometimes one does not need to follow the wind. Sometimes it is a greater adventure to sit in the coffee shop & enjoy one’s surroundings and traveling in one’s mind instead. Nice painting again, Claudia.

  6. Travelling is a luxury. But not all the time. To stay focused on the moment’s distraction is a good reflect action. Just continue reading for the time! Great one Claudia!


  7. Again, the juste mot — in the first stanza “nature”. The rest of the poem, I’m trying to decipher what the nature of the narrator is, then the turns the page. A cruel mistress indeed.

  8. I read somewhere the other day someone saying, “…everything leans into everything.” There’s a strong sense of that in this poem; it carries a sense of weight and I feel it.

  9. The sketch is utterly charming and this poetic conversation with the wind… You know, somehow I can see you sitting at a table alone doing this! 🙂

  10. When ever my chest is empty
    due to hurting heart,
    a public library becomes my solace…
    I turn to prayer
    and turn the page

    Amazing how E V E R Y T H I N G
    affects everything else,
    is dependent or depends

    and I alone–as hermit,
    miss the meaning of the
    Universal ocean
    in which all things are….
    together (inspired by Claudia!)

  11. not sure if this is what you intended or not…but somehow this seems sad…the denial of “feeling it.” Beautiful poem. Love the artwork (and it’s quotation) too!

  12. Aloha … just returned from Hawaii … loved every minute of it … flying isn’t my thing either … no matter who with and where I go … but I’d rather die falling from the sky, then drowning in the ocean …

  13. And we don’t feel it! Well, maybe some just won’t admit it, but the earth nmoves and us with it and only artists like you see the lean and help us to see it too. Lovely. And everything out there looks so innocent!

  14. Vivid images, Claudia.
    I love the opening – it takes strength to go against the wind. Having said that – the next thought came: One has to be strong if everything will be leaning against him/her, and to be able to say “no”. 🙂