choices– & a song with undetected melody

the shoes i was singing to... smiles

the shoes i was singing to… smiles


someone always sings for another, especially
if one is traveling and you cannot come along,

i take my old guitar, off-resonance
because it’s cold & i remember playing
in that shag, a party, years ago–

so weird,
within minutes, now

the strings drill holes into my fingertips,
i sing for them– for me,
for all those, stuck somewhere
& wished–

“monday” i say
“i’ll leave at 6am for munich– packing light,
only one pair– i’m there on business”
so my khaki colored sneakers,
kebab stains from nyc &
the dust of barcelona, nice, monaco, munich
(earlier this year in pouring rain–)
still clinging to them–
double riff // filling in some licks to bridge the gaps
(&they look really damaged– still–)

i take my black dress,
the mocha riding boots
drop out of race,
i chant–
“you’ve been to london anyway already
(losing beat)
berlin, brighton, paris– ”
(sure i forgot at least one hundred of the cities)
“don’t exaggerate”
(i’m sorry, i’m a poet–)

–changing to e flat–

“we’ve not been anywhere– so far”
italian accent & black velvet eyes–
“munich would be nice”
“it’s risky business– ” i say//blink,
“cobble stone– maybe snow, long days,
think you gonna make it?”
(you assume–what their answer is)
“de– dea—deal” i sing
& lose some of the high tones
at the bottom of the field,
i let ’em lay there, hum–

always sings for another– &
then close

the zipper of my bag


over at dVerse, Shanyn has us write shoes for Poetics… THE theme for women… ha..smiles…so get your pencils going… see you at 3pm EST..smiles


37 responses to “choices– & a song with undetected melody

  1. see…a little singing and guitar…that does it for me…and traveling too…our shoes are our constant companion, no matter who we are with, walking the miles in a handshake with our feet…already you are on the road again…smiles…you never stay in one place too long…ha…sing on

  2. We do makes choices about where we are going in life and who we decide to sing for….some folks never seem to find their own tune….another poignant poem.

  3. It seems that your khaki colored sneakers and your mocha riding boots are as well traveled as you are, Claudia! Different shoes – different settings – different occasions. I always try to economize on my shoes when I travel. Keep the suitcase as light as possible is my motto. And yes, those cobble stone streets would be tricky indeed.

  4. This is delightful, Claudia. If only shoes could talk… especially yours! I’m loving your painting lately, too. = )

  5. First the artwork; it just continues to stun & please the masses; loved the new Selfie you use as Avatar on FB. This poems simply rocks the prompt like a Bach sonata, and your lyrics, your guitar strumming, your travel adventures take the back femur to the many interesting shoes themselves; a perfect illustration of how a real poet accepts a challenge; kudos & hugs.

  6. Boots lean toward each other, they are not independent like sneakers, and take up too much room in the suitcase. Sneakers will fit. Neither are sorry to be a poet with guitar and color. Neither are sorry to sing. I like this, Claudia, as it frisks and gambols, already got rhythm.

  7. That’s telling them!
    You can’t be dictated which pair goes where : not that I do not share the feeling of some shoes being like those in the dancing film The red shoes. They do have a mind of their own.

  8. I’d say
    singing for someone
    is much better than
    singing for one’s self
    always missing
    applause –

    but real applause
    I’d say
    a virtuous gets

    and that is
    what I say
    to the woman
    what shoes to wear

  9. This is so much fun to read and imagine……..sigh. I cant even get out of town to the NEXT town, 40 whole minutes away, so I cant relate. But, as I do live vicariously, if, indeed, I live at all, I had the most wonderful appreciation of your frequent traveling.

    I guess I got dealt the Stay At Home Shoes, when they were being passed out. Smiles.

  10. You know….so true. I even sing to my new pup and she tilts her head like….what! I use to have a cat that liked when I played the piano and sang. Haven’t been singing much but sure need to after reading your post. Love you are incorporating your art. Nice.

  11. I guess this is your artwork. I really like it:)
    Some well travelled shoes there. A frequent traveller knows how to travel light and your song shows you enjoy.

  12. This made me smile because I love to travel…I love that you are painting and sharing your work with us. I can just feel the joy in your work. 🙂 No cleaning..more painting 😉

  13. “we’ve not been anywhere– so far”
    italian accent & black velvet eyes–
    “munich would be nice” –for some reason I hear Van Morrison’s voice in this poem/song. So good.

  14. The melody of words just flows in tune with your painting. How well we know about how shoes and where they have taken us. I enjoyed your travels through your eyes and your footwear Claudia 🙂

  15. Singing and packing and singing the memories that your things evoke… You made packing such a lovely time. 🙂

    Before I forget, I just want to say that your watercolor sketches are lovely. 🙂