i mean, have you ever tried to kiss the rain–?

woman in a red dress/by me/acrylics on paper

woman in a red dress/by me/acrylics on paper


midnight man, a musician with smooth hands//
& she, wearing a red dress–


merely dots, dark and feathery on the voltage wire–
sun sinks into them


cathedral stairs//diffuse light// he smiles flint into a teethless tin cup


boardwalk’s dressed in a shards& stub suit//
she smells height //tongue-kisses the rain


gay has us write american sentences (which was allen ginsberg’s answer to haiku) at dVerse today… 17 syllables… capture a scene… see you at 3pm EST when the doors open..


55 responses to “i mean, have you ever tried to kiss the rain–?

  1. Hiya,
    Don’t quite ‘get’ the prompt requirement yet, nor your answer to it. But I’m sure more will be revealed later.
    You know, your paintings are going to make you a wealthy woman one of these days. Don’t give too many away.

  2. Love, Claudia, the vividness of it all. And I have to ask if you are doing something different in capturing your paintings for the blog? This time I can see paint strokes and a bit of ripple in the paper. I’m getting a double joy visiting here lately and watching your paintings mature.

  3. Claudia, I LOVE these painted scenes, both acrylics and words. Naturally I spent to time on the muscian–“Sophisticated Lady” (song) came to life in 17 syllables.

  4. Claudia, I’m no art critic, but your paintings seem to have the finesse of a polished, experienced painter. I love this one. Your poem is cool. Very American. I like the idea of tongue kissing the rain. Will do next time it rains here, which will probably not happen any time soon.

  5. I am enjoying your painting (me, envious now) ~ I specially like the first two, they set the stage for more verses to follow, smiles ~ And congrats on the haiku contest ~

  6. sensual images – & the painting! I’m expecting that red-dressed lady any minute to jump up & dance, with any luck, flamenco… or maybe tango (hot hot hot!)

    um, & is there any other way to kiss the rain? 🙂

  7. I liked the first one especially, perhaps because it goes with that wonderful painting!! I think she should stay away from that midnight man.

  8. My fave was Sentence 2; mysterious, existential. But I loved your painting best of all, real Jazz Art for American Haiku; way cool, baby.

  9. Oh I love kissing the rain Claudia – how sweet it is – unless it is pouring down (and cold)!
    Anna :o]

  10. Ginsberg had ‘form’ through him like a stick of Blackpool Rock. So he wrote anything but form, it was still there, no matter how much he denied it. I like this presentation very much; brevity concentrates the mind.

  11. really, Really, REALLY LOVE the thought of kissing the rain! and gorgeous artwork again, claudia! is there ANY artform you don’t excel at, dear?

  12. I had a daughter that laughed at the rain and tried to catch it in her hands. She is gone but the memories are still there. Enjoyed the poem and the painting!

  13. oh wie schön 🙂 ich hab nie versucht den Regen zu küssen, aber er küsst mich jeden Nachmittag
    Immer wenn ich ein bisschen Heimweh hab, les ich deine Gedichte und während ich das tu, sehe ich Dich vor mir, wie du ganz enthusiastisch und hingebend dein neustes Werk preisgibst.
    Ich hab dich lieb Mama 🙂