coNtact us is still an empty page

type your Name is not labeled
type your name Is–
gingerbread /s in the air
gingerbread is everywhere
— a deep warm brown

(don’t say it loud) is one of them
gingerbread is unClear (you already kne(W) this)
you already knew is oFF black star’s upcoming mixtape
what your name means is a spiritual awakening
(brings me to haiku)
the last haiku’s from a threadless tee
the Last/ing haiku is–

Xbusy voting for the–
XXsponsored by–

we leave it(mostly)oPen
thanks () credited to
thanks is soMetimes
thanks (likeTheWorldIs)(NotEnough)
— is due
thank You//(for gOOgling with us)


haha….ok… Sam has us writing googlism /list poems today at dVerse — go to, type in a name or phrase, weave a list poem out of the results and share it with us at the pub when the doors open at 3pm EST..


37 responses to “coNtact us is still an empty page

  1. Fascinating to me how even young children know what it means to ‘google’ something. And now, amazingly enough, we can google ‘googlisms.'” What will we be googling next?

  2. smiles…i want to hear the mixtape, while i much a few gingerbread…i like how you mixed it up a bit and got away from the ISs////thanks that the world is not enough…really like that line and how you use the punctuation to accentuate it….

  3. My user interface feels quite refined …maybe I’ll be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…well at maybe not…where did a put that Android 2.3 manual? 🙂 As always a treat to read.

  4. I don’t get it, which must mean it’s either a reference to contemporary music or the kind of collage/Dada I haven’t wrapped my head around. It’s a Google breakdown. I like the sounds and the backups and hick-ups. Gingerbread and a hot tea would be lovely.

  5. Yup, this one sizzles with Googlerific antics & punctuation powerplaying. You did have a ball, it seems, launching yourself into this prompt; another unique fine ride.

  6. I googled to try and find out an alternative meaning for gingerbread…. I have a feeling you are referring to something computer linked – not the cookie? could find the answer.

    I too admired the line Grapeling noted above. 🙂

  7. I now want gingerbread and so fun that google is a verb! I guess instead
    I will google gingerbread…lol
    I like your poem…so fun

  8. Something about this speaks to me not just about lists and search results, but also about the information you input into the leviathan that is the Internet, that swallows it whole in the blank forms of its mouth. Your style is always at the cutting edge, and this poem, with its subject matter, plays perfectly into that frame.