what color taught me about friendship

the night falls to its side
in that rusty yellow
shine i bathe my words with

before clipping them onto a line
out in the orchard,

rubbing crimson cheeks
against first frost bites

it’s never the technique but
losing & re-finding fragments

of me, between soapy dishes,
(grease-trails down their ears)
or toothpaste remnants on the cheeks

yawns heavily against my breast
in purest blue, this morning

when i woke,
there was a message on my phone

“i stalked your blog today
&found a vid with you, singing a song for Miri,
it was good to hear your voice mom–“
i type a piece of rainbow// back

check my mails,

van Gogh knew
the magic between blue and orange,
each strong in itself but
buRstiNg liFe when side by side (it’s the first time
i understand the full range of
“to complement each other”)

there’s shades of fragments
in a night-dark pane (i pass,
grabbing the car keys)


at dVerse today the theme is color…autumn colors…color symbolism.. the feel of a certain color or color to describe mood… a ride on the color wheel…. personalizing a certain color or describing a person with color attributes…wide open space… doors open at 3pm EST


60 responses to “what color taught me about friendship

  1. Oh I like this. You, the painter, using color to write. Awesome. I like the feel of this poem, it does sparkle like a rainbow. I like the piece of your daughter enjoying your voice, the night falling on its side. I like it all.

  2. that rusty yellow shine you bath your words with…yes…that…smiles..the losing and refinding fragments…yes, that too…had to make you smile as well to hear she was happy to hear your voice too…the complementing each other…a lovely piece of writing claudia…last one before bed for me as well…have a wonderful saturday…smiles.

  3. Maybe because I’m having my first cup of coffee this morning..my mind went to thinking about synesthesia…just the old researcher in me I guess….enjoyed your poem once again.

  4. Love the idea of complementing each other, and blue and orange together fascinate me too… How interesting to explore our fragments, right? How to keep them all in balance….Nice rhymes, and feeling of fragility & calm confidence in your poem…

  5. I feels like forever since I sat and closely read anyone’s post. This was so enjoyable. Some of the juxtapositions remind me very much of haiku. May you and yours stay safe and close.

  6. Your painting and your music is much in evidence here – all the joys of your life dripping through like watercolors on a not porous enough paper – fragile, transient, exquisite. Love your work in any medium.

  7. Oh baby, you have found ten kinds of emotion, sensuality, hope, and heart fodder in this one; like the line /dawn yawns heavily against my breast in purist blue/. These days ( loved the self-portrait on FB by the way) Claudia the Artist is running neck & neck with Claudia the Poet, mother, lover, & wife. Really enjoyed the slide over the rainbow shoulders of your mind.

  8. Hot technique here, colors laid on thick and gorgeous. Life sure can get interesting if we bother to mix up all the colors.

  9. …there are shades in this piece that bring sadness, longing, & joy but the latter is more tangible than the former…. poets are sensitive but artists are rather more emotional… smiles…

  10. the night falls to its side
    in that rusty yellow
    shine i bathe my words with

    before clipping them onto a line
    out in the orchard,

    rubbing crimson cheeks
    against first frost bites

    such gorgeous images, & that’s only the beginning.. but you sure do know your colours, Claudia – you & van Gogh 😉

  11. oooh, your last stanza summarizes it so well. that’s definitely one of my favourite poems of you, Claudia. how to complement each other… i’ll try to think of that next time my mom texts me.

  12. ‘apples rubbing cheeks’…I felt I was looking over your shoulder into the kitchen window as you washed dishes ..and each thought went through me as I recalled similar images reflecting back of daughters,..us, life, moments, twinges of God’s prescence… all painted with brushes from your heart to share…another keeper for me 😉

  13. This Is beautiful, Claudia–the whole idea. I think of a prayer, “God, Who colored my world–color me”. So, colors do not forever have to match, blend, contrast, neither remain a certain tint. They may well complement each other.

    So well written, even with a taste of the Master of Color-Throwing, Van Gogh!

  14. this a brilliant write. When I was a teen–my best friend, my most kindred spirit Erica, and her mother–their relationship, or the aura of their souls colliding–I felt it in the end of this poem as if it were brand new–20 years later

  15. This stanza certainly chimed with autumn, its colours and sounds:

    “i stalked your blog today
    &found a vid with you, singing a song for Miri,
    it was good to hear your voice mom–“
    i type a piece of rainbow// back”

    I bet you loved that, didn’t you? Thanks for such a beautiful poem.

    Greetings from London.

  16. I love that your daughter ‘stalks’ your blog, Claudia; that you are comfortable with her stalking your blog. What a wonderfully close mother-daughter relationship this must be….as the material of one’s blog can make for really DEEP conversation. I enjoyed your prompt, Claudia!

  17. Oh Claudia, that’s just lovely. I really like the ‘lesson’ of the complementary colors. Also, the way you fit it between the snippets of your day’s activities.

  18. fascinating meditation on colour… great concept poetry Cloudy… Jimi Hendrix associated a certain guitar chord with the colour purple .. there’s a whole semi-science around colours and music, and emotions.. interesting stuff

  19. Wow Claudia this is gorgeous~ I wrote one, but was too late to post. I love so many wondrous lines….I too love you sharing your world with us~ Bluetiful

  20. your words taste like turquoise and red, like sapphire and ruby they warm me thru to my toes. i have never been far from you and you have brought solace to many weary nights, thank you Claudia as always …brilliant

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