i& the sabertooth (he has pneumonia actually&shouldn’t work)

every fifth goes free, since 36 bc
the devil’s in the detail,
people/ cArs&moREpeoPle,
red scar(f)
diesel fuel&

little faces in the road bump puddles,
san josé (proNounced with an owl-ch), mostly cloudy,
&RSA seCure– are we–
life’s like a box of pralinés
(here stops the information–
just a pic///her licking four finger tips

400+// development activity
rent a museum /This visitor ID is valid
until june 13,
compliance checK wind energy,
dense fog & miNus1

strawberry tree by milos milisavljevic,
sales operation sans scalpel
& face shield(me)

on the margin of the city cube,
still close, the sky burns south ring,
AllSync Acrobat, an EndPoint
PremiumE/this ursus melanoleucus’
un-Macau’d yet

anna has us going a bild wild at dVerse today– we’re exploring the fauvists, oulipo, flarf, superflat, conceptual poetry, futurism, fluxus etc. trying to find something new and alive in our poetry– ha i built this poem with snippets of what i saw around me–


39 responses to “i& the sabertooth (he has pneumonia actually&shouldn’t work)

  1. Seems to make it all into a museum catalogue in a pretty unique museum. I like the weather report and the sky in there along with a devilish Brecht in there.

  2. I don’t understand the prompt too well, but it sure looks like you observed lots of scenery all around you. Hope the sabertooth recovers soon.

  3. so do you usually wear a face shield and carry scalpels to meetings? smiles…yikes….ha. strawberry trees would be very cool….def get the feel of just spinning round and round and just letting your eyes land on something and scribbling it down….

  4. An interesting concept for poem development…a visual stream of consciousness type of verse…I’d give it a try but given the appearance of my office right now it would read like Doctor Seuss. 🙂

  5. You ain’t afraid of no fauves; seems to be rife with flarf & fluxus elements; great fun, joyous ride. I am freaked today, Halloween, by your /little faces in the road bump puddles. Anna mixes French art & poetics in equal measure; gloves off, mind reeling.

  6. And the ghost is in the machine – where feathers fly without birds and thoughts dangle on a dingleberry tree, teehee, it’s only pretend scary on all hallows eve. Like what lies between your lines and in the transitions. Well wrought our Claudia.

  7. Like flipping through random television channels and hearing all kinds of random things. I love the chaotic feel of it. 🙂

  8. Fascinating–all of these ordinarily forgettable or overlooked things, but that is what’s there. Seems to me like a poem could be written from every line. Excellent work!

  9. A fantastic use of the elements of experimental work and what strikes me most is how much you draw attention to the act of attention without explicitly stating it. The myriad ways we filter experience, distill it through our own poetic filters to create an aesthetic of life, unique to us. Wonderful!

  10. Un-Macaued seems a particularly good ending – as it brings up the gamble of life and the gambol — as is portrayed here — a lot of syncopated energy– great job. k.