Mut zur Liebe//courage to Love



öffne mir das tor zur welt!
an einen jungen dichter
sitze– wandle– steh(e)
die Zuflucht, ein riss
in der mauer– nach dem regen, Mut
zur Liebe

the other way round works as well….

mut zur liebe
nach dem regen, ein riss
in der mauer
die zuflucht– hautnah
menschensKinder, sitze,
wandle, stehe, briefe
an einen jungen dichter
öffne mir
das tor zur Welt!

english translation…

open the door for me– to the world,
to a young poet
sit, walk, stand
human child,
the hiding place, a crack
in the wall– after the rain, courage

to Love

made a deal with björn rudberg that i would write a book spine poem for dVerse in german if he would write one in swedish, his native language… smiles… hope you enjoyed…

i used those book titles…

öffne mir das tor zur welt by helen e. waite
briefe an einen jungen dichter by rainer maria rilke
sitze, wandle, stehe by watchman nee
menschenskinder by claudia & eberhard mühlan
hautnah by ed & gaye wheat
die zuflucht by corrie ten boom
ein riss in der mauer by jackie pullinger
nach dem regen by jon mcgregor
mut zur liebe by hemfelt, minirth, meier


43 responses to “Mut zur Liebe//courage to Love

  1. love the opening the door for me to the world….great opening…and i think we do that pretty regularly in our words…
    and it def takes courage to love…smiles

  2. Claudia, truly the English version is beautiful. If I had not known it was from the spines of German books, I would be complimenting you on your beautiful poetry. I love, “after the rain, courage.”

  3. OwOOOOO! What loving prayer! with open door, writing, gaining courage to love. I could read the first 4 and the last line, to my joy, but for the rest I relied on translation.

  4. If this was linked when I wrote my last note,I apologize – I may not have refreshed. So happy you did this. It’s a distillation of who you are – standing there with open arms, giving your words and love to the world. Wunderbar!

  5. I read both German and Swedish… Where is this Björn fellow? Liebe’s was ich hier gelesen habe! Wünche ich könnte sowas auf deutsch schreiben könnte!

  6. “Wer jetzt kein Haus hat..”
    is all I can see tonight, us just having lost our beloved holiday home.
    I should be adding the title: Hauptsache: Gesund.
    Yours work so well. Must be the language. Some translated books here, no?

  7. Very nice, as I told Bjorn I was happy to see some non-English submissions! I like that hiding place, a crack in the wall. Excellent!

  8. You have inspired me to do a book spine poem. It will come from the books at hand so will be a mixture of French and English… Merci beaucoup!

  9. Claudia, you constructed this–so it does not seem “constructed. It is seemless poetry, loving, tender (English!) and I cherish the reading. Blessings!

  10. Although I don’t speak German, seeing the poetry in your mother language seems to give me a glimpse into who your are (but thanks, too, for the translation) 🙂

  11. I read enough German to have got the gist of this, Claudia – and really enjoyed it. For me, it does work slightly better in the reverse direction, but that’s probably a matter of taste. Give me the courage to love and to open the door to the world for others – now that’s a prayer … smiles

  12. Love it. I’m glad you and Bjorn challenged each other! Both of your poems are wonderful. 🙂

  13. a crack in the wall (always makes me think of Dr. Who… ha ). But back to the poem… there is a protectiveness in it … and slight warning to keep the inner child in us all…