dumb witness//Es



winter is past nose dive &
deLights & shadows,
the Arrival–

book of rhymes,

AloUD// blacK Coffee,

the collected poetry
of wörship–

future graCe,
the pleasures of the damned,
just as i am,
diVerGent, going on somewhere,

–into greatness


sam has us write book spine poetry at dVerse today… write a poem by just using the book titles..  i used…

winter is past by victoria c. slotto
nose dive by karin gustafson
delights & shadows by ted kooser
the arrival by shaun tan
book of rhymes by adam bradley
aloud, voices from the nuyorican poets cafe by miguel algarin and bob holman
black coffee by agatha christie
the collected poetry of nikki giovanni
wörship by guido baltes
fragments by blue flute
future grace by john piper
the pleasures of the damned by charles bukowski
just as i am by mary kling
divergent by veronica roth
going on somewhere by karin gustafson
descending into greatness by bill hybels

the title is a play off agatha christie’s dumb witness


46 responses to “dumb witness//Es

  1. Claudia, I like the way you have arranged these titles. I find the last stanza particularly intriguing…tying ‘the pleasures of the damned’ together with ‘descending into greatness’ gives me an interestingly dark, but fascinating, picture.

    (Ha, thanks for working my book into the composition as well. I’m there with some good company. Smiles.)

  2. Claudia, this was a masterful job of organizing titles, and somehow you still put the Schoenfeld magic & personal touch to all of it; and what a plus to add in fellow dVerse poet’s books; really fine work here, enjoyed it; thanks.

  3. nice….we have a similar bookshelf on a few of those….ha….some favorites there…..the collected poetry of worship…ha…like that lines, also what you did with descending….glad you found your books…smiles.

  4. With few books in English you did an ADMIRABLE job. I was hoping you’d use your German ones with translation. That would have been KOOL too and informative. Nevertheless, I liked this very much!

  5. So many things to love about this poem – the books from friends as well as famous authors, imprinting your own vocabulary of emphasis, capitalization and punctuation, and the overall composition! When you are in command of your art, a framework like spine poetry isn’t a constraint, but a further freedom. Bravo!

  6. Descent into greatness! That is awesome. And the flow winter is past, coffee.. it just takes of and it really seems to embrace “just as I am”… it has that kind of freedom to it!

  7. Simply brilliant! It is always a pleasure to have a fun read and when you combine that with a tribute to books you have enjoyed, well done!

  8. Piled up thoughts from title spinning a new thought so different from the one that they (the titles) perhaps chose to detail and sdwell. Wonderful!

  9. Even though none of the words in the poem are actually yours, there is no doubt at all tha only Claudia Schoenfeld could have written this … smiles.

  10. This is really cool. I love how the titles blended so well to create a poem that reflects your unique style. I like the ending-my fav line.

  11. Nice collection and arrangement from the first line to the last. I’ve enjoyed reading yours.

    I have had this form of poetry on my “to do list” for quite some time.

  12. Titles by Victoria, Karin, Mary and Frank jumped at me. Love you Claudia for the way you put dVerse Poets right up there…

    And the resulting poem is still so YOU!