on the down side of that line

The Big Catch by Catrin Welz-Stein

The Big Catch by Catrin Welz-Stein

in the kitchen she sets a table,
cuts the fat rim from the meat
(he can’t digest),

fills the vase, gramma gave her for their wedding
with a bunch of buttercups
&visions of a long sunk meadow

as she watches him
outside on the railing,
facing his own catch–

bulgy eyes// decently dressed//

& both know it is over

just a little splash,
(hardly audible) as he goes down
she pulls the pan back from the burner,
blows a cloud of pollen (indian yellow) off the table cloth

& lights the beacon– SOS
as they should’ve

years ago


smiles…couldn’t resist to do a second poem for our poetics prompt with the wonderful artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein


26 responses to “on the down side of that line

  1. Love it when cooking is used to describe the intangibles of the relationship falling apart ~ “Facing his own catch”, a clever line ~

  2. This one speaks volumes regarding the stages of an ending relationship. Deep meaning in few words, and the pic just illustrates it so well.
    Nice that you wrote a second one. The pics are very stimulating.

  3. hurts my heart a bit….the divide between them…the feeling of inevitability i get in reading this…she prepping his food the way he needs…still serving…the reminders of what they once had…but….that void hurts….

  4. As the moon, hidden, watched…
    the dish ran away with the spoon
    as the fish ran away with the spooner.
    SOS! (Before? Now,? NEVER???)

    Beautifully inspired, even if I got it wrong…IS there ever a “wrong”?–grin!

  5. O. Figures the fish would get him as his purchase was much too small to balance, and the SOS can never be answered in time … amazing that the pan didn’t burn in all the should haves here!

  6. poignant… like looking at hard truths that should have been seen much earlier – I’m reminded of a longtime relationship my spirit left long before my physical self did… love this interpretation of the pic, claudia

  7. Power packed!Loved the layers in here Claudia:-)Loved the lines ,”just a little splash,
    (hardly audible) as he goes down” was amazing-full of meaning,and the ending-wow-yes,years ago,they should have ended this relationship or not have gone ahead-sad!!