do carps really have such fat lips? not that it matters for the story (or4Peace) but–

collage & acrylics on cardboard.. /by me

collage & acrylics on cardboard.. /by me


“picture her” he says,
“like someone, moving– “
“flying in an airplane, maybe?
second to last row?”

put her in a submarine,
fish, bulGy eyed
staring through thick bullholes,
(see her?)”

round– a–round–ARound
the water’s black down here (not exactly peace
ful// yet–)

can’t make out the source (a giant generator?)
ions swinging in the waves,
like everything we feel but can’t explain,
tidal vortexes– puSHing//PuLling
all seems loaded with ’em

“what do you mean?” i ask
(never get an answer)

lost in thought, she hums
self-invented melodies
hardly recognizable (if i rREthink it now) &yet familiar
“where’s she going?”
we don’t know but
in the move she spells

titanic waterponds with half-closed eyes,
(careful to not get her clothes wet)
letter after letter, backward//sideWords//

(three-dimensional in fact)
with extra oxygen
not that she had to waste it, but–
a sea of bubbles in her hair//

“she’s always in a mess–”
mr. octopus de-tangles his long legs (nerve wreckingly slow)
ms. carp puts on new lipstick (rippled
with the water’s moving surface),
&i’ve come to rest// kindOf

if we ever make it dry
through all the words,
—————————unspelled yet


it is international peace day and mary has us write peace poetry at dVerse today… world peace, personal peace…whatever…wide open field.. give it a try and join us when she opens the doors at 3pm EST


36 responses to “do carps really have such fat lips? not that it matters for the story (or4Peace) but–

  1. Hey, LOVE the picture! And the tree-people, Claudia–and the COLORS…

    And Mr Octopus untangling legs…
    Mrs carp doing her lipstick routine–hope she’s not driving.
    Guess it’s too late–midnight–for me to figure out.
    But I LIKE IT ANYWAYS, my Friend!

  2. I love the painting. The story just rests in my mind. Not in a peaceful way, but more in a playful way. Love the octopus and the fish with lipstick. The idea of words uspelled – well, only you’d come up with such a concept. Have a good weeken Claudia.

  3. I would like to read in a tree like that once more. Love your picture! I don’t think a submarine in the dark very peaceful, but the playfulness of the entire scenario is. Remember days when we played fully–without our minds busy calculating safety and to-do lists and being vigilant? Bubbly hair and messes, not just skimming the thin surface of words.

  4. no we don’t we always get wet…def like the playfulness through all this but it has a point as well…i like the reinventing the forgotten melodies…to me that is in many ways a return to peace….

    hiya. smiles.

  5. Oh what marvelous fun, Claudia!! I smiled all through the reading of your poem, and admire your artwork greatly. Lovely. I am such a fan.

  6. Happy International Day of Peace to you. Truly there seems no better way to foster peace than to meet with a community of poets worldwide and demonstrate how we all can get along…i

    As for your poem, I wonder how peaceful it is in the blackness of the depths. Perhaps it IS peaceful, though one wonders how one could see or experience the peace in a dark. But it is probably true that Mr. Octopus and Mr. Carp learn to get along, and perhaps humans could learn the possibilities of co-existence.

  7. Delightful drawing Claudia ~ I like the energy (tidal vortexes– puSHing//PuLling) ~

    I doubt its peaceful down there too ~ But we all try do we, smiles ~

  8. I love the peaceful feeling of floating or swimming underwater…great metaphors for the theme today. And the collage is so good…the colors vibrate, and I’d love to repose on one of those leaves myself.

  9. How wonderful, dear lady, that you stifled some of the anger many of us feel on this day, and led us on a marvelous journey back to childhood, through your art & artful look at peace through play, peace disguised as fantasy, a whimsical hug, a warm washing of our angst, of our rancor, sarcasm, & dystopian witnessing. Thanks.

  10. The picture complements the poem so much, especially this stanza:

    ““she’s always in a mess–”
    mr. octopus de-tangles his long legs (nerve wreckingly slow)
    ms. carp puts on new lipstick (rippled
    with the water’s moving surface),
    &i’ve come to rest// kindOf”

    For some reason I would like to imagine that this is what’s going on in the house right now. 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  11. Feels as though the “underworld” of the sea is the last frontier for battle, and if that happens, we are all of us sunk, literally and figuratively. Claudia, this is BRILL. Thanks so much for hanging in with me recently during my depression, hon. Peace, Amy