i dunno really what you wanna do with all these worms

the early bird
caTches the worm but
then it hanGs,
brown and slimy
in the corners of your mouth
& you– trying to remember why
you actually thought you might
need it in the first place

my daughter Miri, (when she was two)
almost ate one– eyes,
twisted in ecstatic pleasure t’wards the sky,
she held it high up in the air “MARIA!!”
before she tried to swallow it,

i jumPed uP from my garden work
with earth-smeared hands
removed it from her mouth
(clenched teeth//wormWet//soilCrumbs)
&she didn’t thank me for it//
on the contrary–
it was Maria’s end though

my own mom
(on a putASide note)
used to feed her little bro
polliwogs from the closeby pond
when he was crying (worked!)

feed us when we’re hungry
strike the iron while it’s hot,
opportunity knocks only once,
(then crawls back in the soil)
& will never reApPear(sNap/missed it)

i’m breathless–

(mostly)do things (too) quick/aiM//HiT!!
actually baffle people with my speed
(colleagues love me for it) yet

i fall for slowNess—
this is why i saved the registration form
to a crazy business fair in Barcelona,
&then trashed it,

i may fly to Nice instead,
sit opposite the roaring sea’s bewitching face

&let her mirror me

&let her rocK me geNtly in her blue/S(K)y beat

(the worms are safe)
i will not even turn my head
in case i see one


Shanyn is guest-hosting Poetics today at dVerse and has us writing poems with phrases that you hear somewhere and in the strangest moments snap back in your head… ha… or something along these lines… whatever it is… build it into a poem and join us at 3pm EST when she opens the pub doors..


55 responses to “i dunno really what you wanna do with all these worms

  1. smiles…life is so fast paced it is nice to slow down and just be on occassion…mirroring the sea…i would not mind hitting the beach…cute story on your daughter almost eating the worm and nice wrap around to it in the end as well…there is a cool change in tempo about halfway through this as well c…happy saturday

  2. This made me think of:
    Once was a harpsichord tuner named Dr Opporknockity. A fine tuner he was, but never would go to same place twice…because
    “OPPORKNOCKITY ONLY TUNES ONCE”, he always said…..

    (Claudia it is a lengthy joke, but you should thank your God I made it a brief as possible.)

    Wondering…would you not even turn your head to see the worm, ummmm,
    YOU know!

  3. What a cute story about your daughter. And what a cute poem. I like all the phrases you use, they do tend to pop in our heads. The last part of your poem is dreamy, the ocean a mirror. I like that. Enjoyed this much. Have a great weekend.

  4. It might be interesting to hear your daughter’s memory of the event. However, it was a sweet poem. The icing was bypassing the hectic business fair in favour of reflection at the sea. Lovely

  5. Ha, Claudia – Barcelona or Nice sound pretty great–and quite wonderful how you work in the worms, then weed them out – our minds full of crevices for worms to crawl through even before they might really have their way with us (thinking of Hamlet here.) k.

  6. The idea of eating worms or polliwogs makes me choke on my coffee this morning. LOL. Love your inspired uses of cliche. Funny, we say these things so often that they seem such normal language that I have to really LOOK for those that are cliche. I think Nice would be a good choice. But then again, I bet Barcelona would be cool as well.

  7. Oh, Claudia, I was laughing….nice take on worms…phrases, specially this one about the iron…how many times I heard it in the past…good memory you have…haha ~ adore the pic ~ hope they (worms) yet come back… 😉

  8. haha almost eating the worm, that would be nasty short term. But then slimy it would be and come out the same shape it went in at ones sea, hopefully..lol

  9. Your art, both visual and literary, blew my socks off this morning; fusing laughter, wanderlust, whimsy, & wisdom into a mosaic of wonder; thanks.

  10. Lovely painting ~ I smiled at your young daughter’s almost eating that worm ~ Specially like the ending, letting the sea rock you gently ~

  11. Thiswas really good. Reminded me of that song ‘No Body Loves Me’…think I’ll eat worms all day. Liked how you nosed those other cliche’s into the poem too.>KB

  12. Claudia – I love how this train of thought travelled throughout the poem. Well done! Early birds and worms, feeding sibs and all the rest. Thanks for joining in at the Pub.

  13. What a wonder story-poem (don’t if that’s a genre if not let’s claim it!) – and ‘sit opposite the roaring sea’s bewitching face’ ~ is a simply beautiful line 🙂

  14. Lovely lovely (as always) Claudia – a delight to read. Love how you change tack halfway through and takes us to other places (allowing us to know that the worms are safe). Delightful!
    Anna :o]

  15. This was so pleasing to read, Claudia, even the almost-ingested worm. It just flowed like stream of consciousness writing. I agree..the falling for slowness line appealed to me as I also tend to hurry through things, trying to pack in as much living as possible into whatever time I have left. Need to stop and savor.

  16. Okay, I’m on my fifth read tonight, and everyone’s pacing is so fast! I really enjoyed the pace, the whimsy bits of story, and how you circle back to the start and hold us, giving us time to catch up.

  17. Love how caps are incorporated into your writes in just the right steps.
    Sounded and felt just like a bird in the first stanza. Funny how kids all
    have that same experience if they are in the grass. Chuckling at thoughts.

  18. First, loved the painting..giraffe’s are popping up everywhere in my life. The story about the worm brought a smile to my face as I picture you trying to get that free..I certainly would enjoy sitting opposite the roaring sea that would be nice…

  19. haha.. that was fun Claudia.
    I remember eating little pebbles of soil and then my mum’s running after me..
    she still embarrass me in front of mt friend with those stories

  20. Ah yes, the attraction of slime–my sister used to suck on snails–ergh! She loved them though…perhaps she was french in a previous life 😉 I liked making mud pies, but never ate them–Shel Silverstein had it right–if you’re a bird, be an early early bird and catch the worm for your breakfast plate….but if you’re a worm…sleep late! lol