& i’m still folding– (folding–)

j. & i in berlin

j. & i in berlin


a slowSpiN night drills
starless beams into my chest,
soaked with sleep, you roll towards me,
soft breath on my cheeks,
&with each whiff of air

paTTerns, spiRal oil paint weird streaks
& scent of weightlessness before
the ground shakes,

cracKs bottomless,

heading to the Reichstag,
hungry, tired &// why can’t we just give in
like when we danced in that subway station in the rain,
halfWet //hip2Hip under a red umbrella,
“—brEAThe” you say
“you can’t do everything
with such insane intensity– “

rolling closer, unaware
of a night that holds me
(like a little cat almost) between its teeth,
(careful not to hurt),
your skin soft

in the spot
beneath your collarbones, i’m split
in countless layers, stRETch–
dig my brain for restoration keys
shift/control/ S/P
(upon start up– nah, don’t try it)

i fold a rice cake paper clip into a Z,
unconsciously, its wire ends
leaving metal traces on my fingers,
& weird pictures in my mind,
“i need to feel your lips on mine” i whisper,

“—once you wake”


having slept or not, it’s OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets, where we get madly excited about words & verse & rhymes & rhythm– see you at 3pm EST


63 responses to “& i’m still folding– (folding–)

  1. First of all, I really like that photo. And what lovely sensuality you have worked into your poem…in each stanza there is something that makes the reader’s mind travel somewhere (smiles) in imagination….with the help (sometimes) of your interesting wordplay. And the last stanza was a satisfying conclusion. Nice one, Claudia.

  2. dream/sleep and the paper clip slowing down intensity … of course it doesn’t hurt to be held in the grip of mother cat night. I find that pretty exciting! LOVE the picture, both of you holding phones. At first it made me misread the title holding/folding!.

  3. such colorful sensuality… like bedsheets, messed up with rainbow patterns… okay that would be tacky… lol… I’m more aware of you and bri’s word gymnastics now.. should give me a better understanding (or misunderstanding) seeing as how I look a lil too deep. ha!

  4. Lovely … have to feel his lips on mine … sometimes so bad … lucky woman … lovely woman … smiles … greetings to Germany, C. 🙂

  5. why cant we give in and just dance like we did on the subway…that is where you caught me….i get torn a bit about those moments but understand the desire to live them again, or hopefully even better…lokking for the Zorro there in the end with the clip….smiles….

  6. “a slowSpiN night drills
    starless beams into my chest,”
    Great imagery and lead-in to your sensuous word picture. And speaking of pictures, nice photo of two people happy to be together.

  7. Claudia, you paint such vivid mind pictures. If I am a tired old romantic of a bygone age, surely you are a vibrant new age romantic. Love your lines. They capture a world within a flood of emotion. 🙂

  8. Sensual, sensuous, a poetic champion of the entire range of sensorium–you always get my pulse up, my heart racing, my smile spreading. You’re husband is such a lucky fellow, as are we, darling lady, as are we.

  9. …first, what a beautiful photograph of two love birds… smiles….

    …now, oh my… those last 2 lines are like perfect & cute & sexy & yet so sad….. ah, but my smile can make a room for Texas…. aww….just because your way of doing this is truly exceptional… smiles…

  10. Dancing in the subway..the sensuality of the poem..little moments..a delightful poem. I love your picture 🙂 you make a great couple 😉

  11. Dreamlike and sensual – I loved this.

    “you can’t do everything
    with such insane intensity– “

    Of course you can – those are usually the most important things anyways.

  12. How lovely if we could have a reset button to deal with all the intensity – you seem to have a good cure here for over heating, or more heating, very sweet – and sweet photo. k.

  13. Absolutely love your blog posts, Claudia. You either going to be, IN bed, or waking up in bed. Otherwise, THNKING about it (with him, of course!!! When I read you, I smile knowing it gonna be kiss, hug, hold, dance, lick, slide, curl, cuddle, or SOMETHING we all like to do!!!!

    And NEVER boring are you, always like a new adventure. THAT is how to “keep a love”. Every day, every moment, some new discovery.

    REEEELY like that photo, Ms “Lips-on-Lips”…

  14. It is good when we have someone there to remind us to breathe…and that we can trust them to know when those times are–and to just let us run wild when we need those times, too! ~peace, Jason

  15. Fun and tender at the same time. I love those opening lines: I can just imagine lying there next to “him,” all those starless beams and memories.

  16. I don’t know what it all means, but . . . I’m frustrated sometimes, by the most accomplished poem when its brushstrokes leave impressions, emotional but not specifically designated. I read through to the end, the control freak in me getting a bit of whiplash from the bed to the streets and back, and I think forward and backward in history. But by the end, my heart warned with every sweet romantic moment that felt like the ones you almost showed us. Really beautifully done, Claudia. So, so well done.

  17. the night that holds you between its teeth, the rice cake paper clip folding, the whispered plea… it all adds up to yet another beautiful, intimate glimpse into your world – & if that “insane intensity” is what brings me poems like this, then i’m all for it 😉

  18. Such wonderful, delicious words.
    ” why can’t we just give in
    like when we danced in that subway station in the rain,
    halfWet //hip2Hip under a red umbrella”
    Love it.

  19. you can’t do everything
    with such insane intensity

    Ha, I once created a collage in my visual journal around a sticker off an alcohol-free mouthwash bottle that exclaimed, “less intense, equally effective’ to serve as a new mantra :).

    This poem is full of your characteristic dreamy atmosphere, deep connection, and beautiful insight.

  20. You can and you do everything w. such intensity. and continue, please! Love this intimate moment with your sweetie. :)) xo

  21. thank you for that little sensual journey and may I say what a lovely photo of you both.

    “you can’t do everything
    with such insane intensity– “…ah but you have managed nicely.

  22. Another vote for liking the photo of you guys! and another vote for sensual.

    Dancing in the rain in that subway station, eh? I like that a lot.

    another wonderful time-trip with you here, Claudia, always a treat.

  23. So ROMANTIC(sigh) – my first view of your husband – so sweet looking, such a sweet picture. Clearly you guys are making it work. Your poems could be used for therapy for folks who’ve lost that spaRK! Wonderful.

  24. Beautiful. Sensual and tender. Love the dancing in the rain. Of course, if you didn’t have such “insane intensity” there wouldn’t be poems like this.

    Love the photo, too. Thank you.

  25. So sensual and wonderful! I love “a night that holds me (like a little cat almost) between its teeth” and “night drills starless beams into my chest” Brilliant!! 🙂