just fill in your product name //which in my case is–

back in school, we discussed the deceiving power of ads,
how we fall (and crasH) for them when done well,
big smile on our face,
homework then was to compose our own
to an earworm melody,

the royal highness tea (baBaM//Ba/BaM)
done by our coolest music freaks
was #1, an easy going tune (i still can hum it)
few words, rhyTHm & rePeat, rePEAt
crisP &oFF-beat bass run,
none of us were really into tea, but–

it was the year before i had to leave
the gymnasium, when i dealt
with my fat physics teacher that
would rate me one mark up
if i’d apply for this other school
(a horse-trade but not bad for both of us)

that was as well when i stopped smoking
(everything apart from cigarettes)
& when i told my boyfriend that we couldn’t meet
so much any more, books
up to my nose, dizzy with geometry
(shifting logarithms ‘cross the page), i said,

“i need to get my wrecked life back on track”,
& he was mad, didn’t leave me though
(cause we had dang good sex ), but
how can you sort your life if you spend
half the night in tHRiLL//ecstatiCRrapture

i think, therefore (put your brand name in)
we’re serious about (xx)
because (you name it) can’t drive– did you get this?
(let the random slogan generator think
& foCus on your breath)

i ran into him unexpectedly the other day,
(after 26 years), &
he almost drove me over with his car,
scREEChing breaks//fullStoP //
i-jUmP// ditCHWard (just like always–

he looked good)
“hey” i smiled (after gaining back some breath)
“can’t believe you still remember me”
and with this TurnMyKneesToJelly gaze
he said “(fill in any slogan,
——–& you might come close)”


bri has us write slogans and catchphrases at dVerse today… doors open at 3pm EST..


44 responses to “just fill in your product name //which in my case is–

  1. Mmmm yummy … maybe … better not … have my knees turn to jelly again … past is past … lovely past is lovely past … Lars, if you read this … Mmmm, yummy still.

  2. A mixed bag of pain and fun here — one is left with fun because the ending is so clever, but the getting one’s life back together at a young age is never easy and you describe the effort and disjointedness of that super well. As always you manage to fit a huge amount into a small space. Thanks, Claudia. k .

  3. smiles. there are a few from my early life that i have to wonder what a meeting with them might be like…some decisions i had to make to keep my sanity or to stay alive a bit longer—the close is very clever, i like the fill in the blank given back to the reader….cool piece c

  4. Nice reminiscing here, Claudia…..enjoyed this story of your ‘youth.’ Always fun to look back & think about those (mostly) good times. Nice that the old boyfriend saw you and stopped…..I think those early feelings (so very new at the time) always stay no matter how much time passes & long after one has moved on. And being remembered is nice….really! Smiles.

  5. I saw an old boyfriend once at a funeral. Our laughter became quite inappropriate. It was nice. I like your story. Some things are typical to us all and a slogan can describe it, but the little details make it unique and of course, the fact that we’re the ones experiencing it. Have a fun weekend Claudia.

  6. Oh yes, the buying and selling of youth, love, tea, cigarettes, and earworms! I enjoyed your story–wondering if the melt you felt was fill-in-the-blank transferable!

  7. yes, the fill in the blank… because for each of us readers we know exactly what you mean, if perhaps in slightly different words – gives it so much more pow

  8. I like the look back to the school days, then the energy washing over those raptured days ~ But these ads do deceive don’t they ~ My favorite part is the last one:

    TurnMyKneesToJelly gaze
    he said “(fill in any slogan,
    ——–& you might come close)”

    Did you (still) believe him now ~ Enjoyed this one Claudia ~

  9. For me there is nothing like the re-meeting of old girlfriends & ex-wives to throw a monkey wrench into the relationship with my present spouse; she does not brook any positive recall of past amours. I adore how you put your signature self into this prompt, shared so much, and yet never actually quoted some of the silly slogans we are plagued with; so cool, smiles & thanks.

  10. Really clever twist. I really caught on in this one how you use capitals to create a beat. I enjoyed the reconciliation between who you were and who you are that appeared between the lines of this.

  11. Oh! That is lovely. Meeting an old friend is always delightful, I guess.
    You added some sublime sensuality in your words. I loved how you used the idea of brand names and slogans in your poem.

  12. a mixed cocktail of emotions in this one, as meeting an old friend can bring back many hidden feelings..when knees turn to jelly it can be hard to stand..I always enjoy your sound effects it brings the story front and center..

  13. Running you down? Not deliberately I hope. Just as well you attended the gym and was fit enough to dive out of the way. Strange to meet early loves again years later. They don’t seem so tall any more, do they?

  14. I agree–how can one straighten out their life…or write good papers, or (huh) proper-prep Trigonometry, when the house is filled with intoxicating scent(s) emanating from those nights lust became “must”?

    Brian pitched the ball, and you hit the home run, Susan Deborah.

    • Gol Dang it, Claudia…I was reading all those comments, and forgot who I was commenting…to YOU, great Mistress of the Pub. Never thought age alone would do THIS!!!!
      SORRY… 😦

  15. i fall for well-constructed ads. so much can be considered an ad. i like how you allow it to infect all sorts of communicative life here in this piece. it’s a lot of fun, especially the crashing. getting one’s life together is a good one. it’s a pleasure to read but from now on you fill in the slogans for me please:)

  16. Ran into a past flame and no jelly knees, just awkward…hi, whatcha doin’? Maybe because he was sporting a belly and not the wicked broad shoulders with washboard abs I remembered…a fun poem, left me a little breathless 😉

  17. A memory in any ol’ motto/slogan. The haunts harass and enkindle, fire burns as long as there’s fuel. Memories make great fuel. I love the feel of this, Claudia.