gimme a spray can &–

graffiti in the old bread factory in berlin where the workshop took place

graffiti in the old bread factory in berlin where the workshop took place/unfortunately don’t know the name of the artist who did this one

drip/dR i  P
ploPP, turquoise dRoPs
“you check the spray valve”
“ok” “found one that works? “yep” “keep it”
i change pink into blue into red into–
pfffffftttttsssshhhh, likeA snake (uuhhh) //drizZle
pffttsshhhh– drip D–RiP
smells of


i was participating in a graffiti tour&workshop while in berlin… big fun…smiles
at dVerse, we’re exploring Pascal’s triangle and Fibonacci & Triangular stanzas– i went for Fibonacci, which goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 words or syllables (i chose words) –when i reached the end my poem wasn’t finished yet, so went backwards again– 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1 ha– smiles 


40 responses to “gimme a spray can &–

  1. You had me going Claudia. You titles give me an image but the one I have in my head is of you in San Francisco with flowers in your hair or anywhere else painting the chalk hearts on the walls…
    It is a fun and lively poem. I can hear the spray cans all the way over here!

  2. I would love to join the workshop and tour. My stay in Bristol (where Banksy started) has seen a lot of street art, but a workshop would be very cool 😊

  3. …smells of the rainbow — ah, i rather like that… colour it…colour it… colour it until you achieve the right shade you crave for… very alluring & the tonal process is really enjoyable… loved this… smiles…

  4. There is some really neat graffiti art in Sydney, Van Island … the city left some , as they are beautiful … also in Victoria, Van Island., plus some cute street performers spraying their art on paper right in front of your specifiations 🙂

  5. um yah, i am jealous of your experience…smiles….so cool…i love street art…and the smells of the rainbow, fav line…i like all the sounds and energy you put into this as well…

  6. My! Your picture does not look like spray can art or I had no idea! This is complex as the mural projects here on Philadelphia which are painted “on the street” but not necessarily designed there. Your poem SOunds and smells brilliant colors. You take me right there. ANd this is a great read aloud poem.

  7. Feel like culling / killing my own work/ kids every so often, C … it’s August … night frosts are coming … don’t know whether I can survive another Alberta winter, C. Feeling like travelling South or maybe around the world, never to return … Thank you taking time and comment on my posts, C … Love, cat.

  8. How fun to take a grafitti tour and workshop!! And you really brought grafitti spraying to life here in your poem! Love the sound effects, Claudia!

  9. I photograph a lot of street art, and have watched some graffiti artists working with their spray cans; def is a technique that has to be learned. I have been more used to wall/ceiling murals painted with brushes, sometimes pounch-patterns or dot matrix for the big stuff. Your workshop sounded like great fun.

  10. Wonderful graffiti! Smells of the rainbow…paint spray high. Graffiti tour sounds like fun. Have I said that before? Think possibly you wrote another poem about your graffiti tour. Am feeling de ja vu here. Turquoise is an awesome color. And PINK!

  11. Used to be a song “You’re Cheatin’ Heart…will tell on you…”
    and if artful cheating was ever a sin,
    Beethoven would never have been.

    Claudia, your love of the arts–written, beheld, listened–have formed you life into a piece of art itself. AND YOU SHARE THAT SO FREELY WITH US.

    I love :smells of the rainbow” (I can “hear” galxies swirrling out there, playing tag)! And…how WELL you make noises with your keyboard. You could write for the deaf.