just landed or //how we coNNect across galaxies sometimes

i sit with the painter on a monday
noon eating fish, salmon
if you want it more precise,

& chosen for its color, home-cooked sauce
with thyme, mashed carrots, white wine
& basmati rice (cause i love the smell)

he talks about his dad
who worked for the GESTAPO,
that they never really knew what happened,
“probably got shot, never made it back,
he was aware though of the risk–”

how all he wanted was to be a painter,
leaving Berlin ’45 (before the wall was built),
something soothing in his eyes,
the way he leans into the chair
without needing hold,

“later i wanted to become a teacher,
but being not a member in the party, doors were shut,
maybe it was better so
–the ideology, many
didn’t manage to escape”
he met the Lord in Essen, some years later,

“so what brought you here?”
his voice calm&unrushed,

“want more fish?”
“no thanks– tastes good but i’m no big eater”

“you don’t have to wait for me,
i’m eating slow” i say
savoring thyme & salmon on my tongue,
he settles back, rubs his grey beard,
& continues talking,

much as if he’d known me
time & galaxies away
& lightyears earlier than
i even thought about
setting my feet
upon this earth


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39 responses to “just landed or //how we coNNect across galaxies sometimes

  1. Companionship cannot be measured yet you sum it up here, Claudia.

    I’ve got my copy of the Anthology and Claudia’s poetry is featured with some of mine and lots of other poets you’ll know, dear reader πŸ™‚ You can get it from Amazon πŸ™‚

  2. You made me hungry! A fascinating conversation to have…full of history and intrigue and humanity. Love the way you end it with that celestial final stanza.

  3. What appears a simple meal is indeed a brief encounter with time-traveling. I really loved feeling as if I were an invisible guest.

  4. i think the magic is made real in part because it’s told over a wonderful meal, which you prepare with the same sort of care you choose your words with.

  5. Met a painter like that just a few hours ago … here in Amsterdam … he sang for me … about a girl by the name of Mary Jane … πŸ™‚ …

  6. really cool connection between you and the man….the painter…sounds like the two of you covered quite the ground in his story…and that he was content just to sit and talk…better watch it you may end up in a painting…smiles.

  7. You’re making me hungry with your food descriptions, Claudia! I’ve just bought the dVerse anthology and look forward to reading you and all of my other favourites in it.

  8. It is hard to imagine the world historically– all these events actually lived through– it is very human here in the context of the meal, the man– you bring up the fact of human beings–families– even in bad stuff. My favorite lines about finding The Lord in Essen– iPhone capitalizing– but I think of Essen both as the place and eating— and his own humility –I dont eat much– and the thyme throughout. Well done. K.

  9. Sometimes people just need to share, I think. You must have looked like you would listen, understand. When people tell their old stories like this, I think that these stories are probably always alive within them, as they are such important stories. And you allowed him the opportunity to let his story out. Those must have been difficult days for everyone. A very sensitive write, Claudia.

  10. POW-erful poem for me who forgets at times that all sides of a struggle have veterans and survivors. We can earn history by traveling with them briefly if we please, if we dare. The narrator’s enjoyment of the home-cooked meal is a jarring or sweet accompaniment depending on how I read it, on my mood. It is all in a day, which always–in your poems–has something to savor. Bless you.

  11. Wonderful interaction between the past and present…as I have noted before you are so skilled at crafting poems from everyday events and lacing them with such fine emotions.

  12. Hey love Claudia…I’ve GO so many threads going through my head write now it is exploding but this is a savory part of the explosion enjoying with you write now!1 Love ya friend…

    418 is finished and maybe it makes sense…I hope so I am tired….and still driving with flat tires…overfilled with air…it would be so much easier…if it was only about me…

    Thank you for everything you do with D-Verse…I Am definitely getting the book!!

  13. You have a time machine? Come now share and don’t be mean haha Quite the convo as you ate slow. No indigestion will come to your show.

  14. to feel that sense of deeper connection, is very special (& i suppose it’s not necessarily a 2-way thing, but one feels it anyway, feels somehow transported) … & i love how you weave this into your slice of life story here
    by the way, that’s one of my favourite meals – salmon with basmati rice

  15. I like listening to stories like this one ~ The choices we make because of pressures, but hopefully someday we can paint the world as we wish ~ The taste of fish with that rice is yummy ~

  16. I like how the details add to something profound and yet something everyday, so the lesson is that there is profundity in the everyday things. Loved this, Mosk

  17. How you continue to feed our curiosity, our hunger, our need to connect with each other across the meridians, the borders, the politics, mixing fascinating history told first-hand with sensual cuisine and compassion. You continue to amaze.

  18. I love the twist of the last few lines. It gives weight, perspective and depth to the conversation, almost as if there is destiny involved in the meeting. My Granny was German and her brother was locked into East Germany after the war to they became seperated. I picked up on a similar narrative of loss in the poem.
    A beautiful, poignant write.

  19. Sometimes we learn so much from strangers. This conversation was sad, but the connection between two human beings, even if from different galaxies, was clear. It’s almost as if the sensitivities of the moment are in the blank spaces between the words. The way often happens in conversation.

  20. Lovely sensory poem, captures the scene and the scents well. The last stanza was gorgeous.

    savoring the stew
    on her tongueβ€”
    a scent remembered

  21. you’ve had quite a meal.. and that conversation.. well that was just enough to satiate your appetite πŸ™‚

    I don’t know how these connections, that we feel, are made. But. they are there and we just keep enjoying till we can πŸ™‚

  22. Amazing when we look back–how did that happen? to know someone so well, it seems as if (somewhere before this moment?) we’d “been here, same people, same place”. Happens frequently, almost scary sometimes–to me.

    Nice dinner conversation…and…I could taste sauce with thyme, and salman. And mashed carrots!

    Yup. I enjoyed dinner with you both!

  23. …i don’t have to rush as well especially if i’m in the mood of hiding salmon inside my throat…. ah, rich..rich…rich — yes, your poetry! loved this Claudia… smiles…

  24. My Riley’s Oma survived Auschwitz, and though I don’t hold today’s generation accountable for anything, this still chilled me, I think it was the way he casually mentioned the Gestapo… and losing his father, it seemed like, Whatever, he never came back… This man may seem like he has a comfy exterior, but I think there is a lot of bitterness in his heart, the abandonment, the shame. Transfixing stuff, Claudia.