not all dots need connection//necessarily

at the lichterfest

at the lichterfest


the night– an outspread tent upon my skin,
heavy poncho air
carries rest day’s heat in black arms,

lanterns stand, upright meerkats
in the dark, mosquito swarms
hunt hungry for a midnight meal,
his fingers light as

wide-winged birds
tracing the thin fabric of my dress,
we sit down on the grass

“my shoulders are
a landing platform for the wind” i say,
Gandalf smiles

as the fireworks spark off, his leg coincidently
touches mine, & mingling with the stars, we drift–
as if the orb belongs, responds & moves towards us,
bright green, red, blue, sky-chase fireFlies
in ecstatic, rapturous moves,
rhyTHmisized dif__Fusion,


——–brEAthe, re-
a second,

followed by the next// shoT,
golden fingers streTchSpeeD uP towards the moon’s
pale, jagged face, i say
“it’s much like– i mean, all the energy–”
around us

parchment lanterns bathe the park
in surreal shine, illuminate faces of the passersby,

in the distance thunder,
——————-sound     of     rain–

( )

his lips close to my ear, he smiles
(with very tender voice) says words that are
like dots, too far apart to line them up
(so they make sense), i try to answer,
stre t  c   h // quiVering, &my curls a mess
of tousled secret script on the white pillow
part my lips–

&fall asleep

with all the stars unordered on my tongue–


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58 responses to “not all dots need connection//necessarily

  1. shoulders a landing platform for the wind…ha you even speak poetic….gandalf i imagine would say things that may be harder to connect the dots on, though i would imagine there is a connection there somewhere…love the energy around the fireworks…and the tousled secret script in your hair/stars unordered on your tongue…beautiful claudia…

  2. Very evocative with a touch of sensuality with fireworks, thunder, and lightening as backdrop. Nicely penned, Claudia.

  3. WOW!
    I felt “Heavy poncho night” and the rest, grin. The stars you left me don’t line up, but they’re not scattered either!

  4. All I can do is sigh to this . Your words are like ice cream, chocolate, butter and all good things that melt because they’re too good to remain solid. Your description of the fest may be better than going to it.

  5. &fall asleep

    with all the stars unordered on my tongue

    so beautiful and romantic and really, if there’s a better way to fall asleep i’d like to hear of it 😉

  6. Reminiscent of a similar evening I enjoyed with my husband years ago…there is something so exciting about fireworks, isn’t there? Love the comparison to meerkats–so clever. The mosquitoes, you can keep.

  7. I love the way your words play. I often wonder if you do the same thing with other languages or is English the best vehicle for making the disconnected dots redesign themselves into art? Always beautiful.

  8. Your deep love for your husband is so profound, and the fantastic way you weave legend into the verbal fabric is immensely satisfying, Claudia. Sometimes your sensual bent makes me feel like a voyeur, and in a good way. You never fail to touch us, to astonish us, to teach us; thanks.

  9. so many of your poems are like reading a dream, you create entire worlds within those stanzas… that ending line is just killer.

  10. Hmmmm Claudia……coincidence? .. not likely, of course! but I when I read “rhyTHmisized dif__Fusion”….. yes…I got shivers on my masculine arms as well….coincidence? I think not! Love the love-play in your word-play today!

  11. I love that Claudia. When I was much younger it reminds me before there were as many lights in the world seeing the glow of the creatures in the sea late at summer night when My beautiful cousin and I used to play at the beach! It seemed electric to me in subtle electricity ecstasy! Thank you so much for bringing back that special memory for me!

  12. I very much like that scene with the fireworks and Gandalf – lovely to reminisce too – I don’t think of him as such a romantic figure – but you manage to make him so! Hope all well. .k.

  13. erotic. and good eroticism is so hard to write and harder to find to read. and i wish we wrote more of it especially about love and sex at our age. okay, off my soapbox. lovely, claudia.

  14. Beautiful verse, and rather orgasmic if I may say so? Wonderful use of words to emphasize beyond mere description. I enjoyed this very much.

  15. Beautifully evocative write, Claudia. This part stood out for me:

    “my shoulders are
    a landing platform for the wind”



  16. I loved the lampposts standing up like meerkats. LOVED IT♥ And all the rest but that I could relate to the most. I need therapy to write something sensual. lol. Beautiful moments and woven words, Claudia.

  17. i love the meerkats as lanterns and your conclusion –where the stars become unordered on your tongue reminds me how sometimes I forget how to speak when I fall into a dream.

  18. ha…very cool Claudia, mysterious beginning with fingers ‘light as

    wide-winged birds’ …yet scary….but gradually it feels more as party firework, this time with ‘golden fingers streTchSpeeD uP towards the moon’s
    pale, ‘….great imagination…you know what you want….many ‘ stars unordered on my tongue’….pro 🙂

  19. “a landing platform for the wind”
    I can feel this, and the urge to stretch my arms wide…

  20. My favorite line:

    “&fall asleep
    with all the stars unordered on my tongue–”

    How wonderful to be so comfortable in the moment with someone you love.
    Just beautiful, Claudia.

    • “the night– an outspread tent upon my skin,heavy poncho air
      carries rest day’s heat in black arms…lanterns stand, upright meerkats
      in the dark, mosquito swarms
      hunt hungry for a midnight meal,”

      Your very poetic words [above] jumped right out at me after looking at your image Of lichter-fest…I love how you captured a private yet public moment and shared it with your readers, through your poem… too !

      deedee 🙂

  21. “with all the stars unordered on my tongue–” achingly beautiful, Claudia, and the final line sums us the surreal combining with the sensual.

  22. Seems to me all the dots ARE somehow connected with tiny little dots, like quarks or something. Claudia, I went to U-Tube to watch the Stuttgart celebrations and fireworks of this July 14. And I pictured your robed Gandolf and you on the grass, fireworks spraying our from everywhere high up in the sky.

    You painted the picture–and I admired, from the breeze landing on your shoulder to the tasting of the stars, as mosquitos dined in the darkness…

    Beautifully written, Lady!
    Peace and Light

  23. Sensual, beautiful… aching. Wow. I’ve missed the pub. Glad I stopped and read this…. wow. Excuse my redundancy. This is incredibly beautiful.

  24. beautiful and magical–like the lights–and the dots (unconnected–or not) “all the stars unordered on my tongue.” Thank you.

  25. This plays like a scene from a romance movie where the leading lady and leading man get caught up in the moment, look in each other’s eyes, angle for a kiss – then the camera fades away. 🙂