the pool closes at 8pm (&our car panes are remote-controlled)

“i’m a fish”,  i say,
a glittering shell, sponge– swaying, bird–
water sky, rippling waves,
&evening sun

paints yellow spotlights
on an ever changing surface,

Neptune carries me in strong arms
through the fast flow channel,
leaned between cool water, warm skin,
weightless world, fly– flying–

once, i fished him out the water, bleeding
after a head first kamikaze race
the bumpy water slide_slide_CLasH,

——–next stop: ER

they suggested “your girlfriend can…”
he barked at them “She is My WIFE”
“it’s ok”, i smiled “relax”
as they stitched him
back together– &

we ship the panama canal,
snorkel-swim along the great barrier reef,
down the Rhine, play heavy freight ships, on the Nile,
head to toe in tons of spices, free-style
fast-fall/ING imagined waterfalls &
all the way, his chest hair
tingly on my skin,

“let’s go down the water slide again”,  i say,

———(zW—-ish *sPlash

——————bopp )

a hundred million droPs

—————————t’wards the sky,

(& then plunge head-first on us)


smiles… just a bit of water fun.. and over at dVerse, we’re celebrating poetry again with another round of OpenLinkNight – doors open at 3pm EST…wanna join us…? it’s refreshing… smiles


60 responses to “the pool closes at 8pm (&our car panes are remote-controlled)

  1. Hee, hee, after a week of pool-hopping with my kids these holidays, I am afraid to report that I too am nothing like a fish. More a dugong, perhaps… only not such a good swimmer.

  2. The Kamikaze ride down the water slide sounded treacherous……and obviously was, as you ended up at ER with him. (And ha, why would they think girlfriend anyway?) Water can be fun but also has its dangers. I was at the pool yesterday too. Grandchildren NEVER out of my view. There are lifeguards, but……. And to think that when I was a kid I used to ride cross town on my bike and go to a pool with friends, and my mom at home not worrying. Actually in those days I don’t remember any adults in that pool (besides lifeguards). At my present pool, there is 1/3 adults!! I like the part about the Panama Canal…and down the Rhine…so much water to travel, if only in our minds.

  3. ha. love all the energy and action in this…we are going to the waterpark tomorrow if all are well…gonna try not to end up in the ER…his girlfriend, hey that says something eh? perhaps that you all were too young looking to be married…smiles..the 100 million drops, like stars…fun piece c….

  4. This was fun. I love water play. As i read it, I thought of marriage – how it submerges beneath water at times, bumping heads that need to be stitched back. Then we jump again and refresh.

  5. Agree with Anna, somehow in the midst of the wetness, we get the feeling that the waterpark is a metaphor for some wonderful elusive quality in marriage & relationships; slippery slopes & steamy love for sure; had fun with this wet ride; thanks.

  6. A fun summer piece, Claudia. a hundred million droPs

    —————————t’wards the sky,

    (& then plunge head-first on us) Love 🙂

  7. All sounded pretty good..until the ER part…never a place to end up after summer fun…you always bring us along for the ride so vividly.

  8. I am with Mary here, I watch my kids in the pool, the sea like a hawk. SO your poem is so exhilarating for me. Fun in the water without the water…YAY!

  9. Something sexy about waterparks–well a LOT of things, but I’m talking “water” OK? ALSO, something sexy about your posts…carried even into the ER. About “playing” FISH, also, and jumping in head first…etc., etc. Maybe I’m having what they call….(I forgot!) HAHAHA!

    Claudia, you NEVER fail to entertain, like none other!

  10. Love all the unselfconscious water frolic.. Reminds me of my childhood dancing and prancing midst Atlantic waves and foam… great fun poem…w. vivid imagry. 🙂

  11. Nice–I read this as a metaphor of plunging headfirst into love. Occasional bumps on the head, but still a whole bunch of fun!

  12. Had to hold my breath there, Claudia, with the head injury — was happy to exhale when all was well 🙂 Lovely piscatory poem. Happy anniversary to you and your beloved.

  13. Thanks Claudia I love to swim on the 911 Nile. Particularly when I have good ‘thout’s. I am going to respond to 103 people I hope I don’t sound selfish. I’m really one.

    I plan on generating a Hurricane of Poetry Light.

  14. Definitely the song of a – caught on the slippery slide of love – laughing, dancing, up so floating many drops down. Wow!

  15. I am in awe every time I read your words. You take me on such delightful travels of imagination! Your formatting was incredible fun! I enjoyed the slip and splash of water’ing about myself. 🙂