the beautyfields— unlimited or better trash WhatsApp (together with the fire bugs)

“i wanna kill them”, i say, &
know that sounds not nice, but they have multi(million)plied
in front our terrace door, spill in// aTTacK as soon
as someone steps outside, oneOf’Em
stares at me (now, while i write) right from the dining table,
(red dress/ black eyes/ weapon– no,
i checked)

“i miss the time” i say “when no one knew
what everyone was doing (constantly)”,
we have a family chat room now at WhatsApp,
called “the beautyfields— unlimited”
my daughter in australia, set it up, then
disappeared for three days in the jungle,
canoe trip, & she’ll be fine i guess, if not,
she’s grown up, i don’t need all details&
couldn’t change things anyway

“the problem is” i say,
i know that prissi-toffifee plays poker with a set
of bag soup mix (weird like that but yeah,
i got a proveItPic), they bought new shoes,
(snaPsHot), cause the old got soaking wet,
she sits, (small but smiling) in her light-blue rain cape
at the tube stop Nollendorfplatz (kLick),
i know even what they had
for breakfast (far from food photography, but–),
nO, iDon’tWanna/NeedToKnow
everyLittleDetail/RealTime, but
want them to tell me when they’re back, face2face,
& leave me while they’re gone in
blissful ignorance (how’s that?)

“i tried shoe deo spray” i say, type– they have
fresh feet now, are still alive
what can i do–?” snap&ADdaPic,
can’t insert smell from “choose existing” though,
faster/faSter, fingers drum a restless
beat, he texts “let me think, yes, TryTo read
one of your poems to them– it won’t
kill ’em (probably) but they’ll fall unconscious ’til
we get home”

“BooAAHh” i say, (planning vengeance
for when they’re back–) “but,
yeah, let’s try this one–”


ok…just a little bit of fun.. usually i appreciate modern communication tools you  know…sometimes it just gets a bit much.. oh, and schönfeld means translated beautiful field…that’s why…and we’re writing anaphora poems at dVerse and yeah…my anaphora is very subtle in this… see you at 3pm EST when victoria opens the pub doors

39 responses to “the beautyfields— unlimited or better trash WhatsApp (together with the fire bugs)

  1. No I don’t like knowing every detail it’s too much.
    Sure enjoyed reading this one. It had such a fast pace to it. Made me think of how hectic our families can get.

  2. Oh yes.. those modern tools… I still love them … my wife hate (when I use them)… Doubt that anyone can be unconscious by your poetry.. smile 🙂

    anaphora.. (googled that) ,, now off to writing later on…

  3. Yes, often the modern apps allow us to know too much…….things we didn’t KNOW we wanted to know. LOL. I enjoyed the first stanza, picturing the attack of beetles. Awful, when it happens. As for the canoe trip, I understand the worry….sometimes it is better to know about such things AFTER they are over. I enjoyed your write, Claudia. Love the details.

  4. smiles…it was a different world before we knew where everyone was and what they were doing…its become almost an expectation we know…and when we dont there is fear…esp for us parents…smiles…i hope she had fun on her canoe trip…the end made me smile…ha…your poems def dont put anyone to sleep…smiles…perhaps you’ll convert them and they’ll want you to read to them til the fam gets home..

  5. The cat will never cross you, scary you can be at your zoo haha those apps seem to come more each day, in a way I wish they’d go away.

  6. Yeah, as Joseph Brodsky pointed out, evil does not walk in with black boots on. We have to look at the language. Not that all technology is evil, but we do need to be choosy. Great anaphora (and I learned something new, yay!) Thanks, Claudia, see you at the Pub.

  7. Hmm..time away from family does not always yielded the kind or R&R expected…since we tend to worry when provided such information via the web…indeed sometime ‘ignorance is bliss’. 🙂 Hope your recovery has gone well for you injured leg/foot.

  8. Oh, I love your name and it fits you, beautiful lady. And the way you’ve used ‘i say’ as anaphora lends such a feisty little lilt to the piece. I say! It’s great.

  9. i really enjoy your back and forth with yourself. I feel I am doing that so often in my head. your colors and jumping lines hold such frivolity and grace, and to the topic… open-minded.
    Also—you mentioned my blog page is stuck on archives. I can’t figure out how to change it. Do you have any technical advice for me? Many thanks!

  10. This was so fun to read & your word play is captivating (I wanna try them too)~ Love the weaving of techno/gadgets to writing & reading the poem ~ For a bit, I was worried that your refrain is “I wanna kill them”, smiles ~


  11. I’ve tried to limit myself to social media with a focus, so that I don’t bore others or get bored by others with the small details of life. But then I think: poetry is sneaky in sometimes elevating what should be dull to lofty and artistic heights!

  12. Had to read this twice…once after reading the comments. “Oh, I get it!” haha. Apps. Yes. Constantly updated. What did we do before?! Very clever and entertaining writing!

  13. “YESSSSS, Mom…I have my tickets. and passport. And luggage is on the sidewalk. Now will you please drive away? I’m a big boy now.”
    –Steve E, age 16

    Claudia, I should never have read this post, although WELL DONE, girl! It’s ME who has these obssessions. Went right away to WhatsApps–NOW I have “Viber”, “WhatsApps” and “LINE”…all downloaded, sitting on tarmac, waiting for their trial runs…Had forgotten, it was YOUR blog where I was commenting. 😉

    OK…When an “animal” wearing red dress looks at YOU with black eyes, that makes TWO pair black eyes outstaring one another?–grin!)…and thanks God, no weapon?

    OK…LOVE Beautyfields (I should have figured that out several years ago!)

    OK…I do not lose consciousness reading your poems,
    but sometimes I “die a little”!!!

    OK…I like your not having to know the details, bet that’s true. Me also. I write the details, but trying to get away from that with teachers like you and Brian.

    OK…Envy daughter in the jungles, hope those red things with black eyes don’t have weapons.

    OK…we WILL read more of this? Hopefully!


  14. I hear you on not needing to know every detail now – I have a friend that posts pictures of almost every meal she eats. Odd, we have our private lives and our public selves and everyone’s life is more public, interconnected these days. You do have a beautiful name, my maiden name means gravel pit or from a gravelly hill (got to love the Scots and their down to earth sense of humor).

  15. When do you do sublte? Brilliant, thought-provoking, funny, quirky. I love techonlogy but yeah, I’m still very old school and the incessant messaging about every detail is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to much for me.

  16. Very clever, and not too ranty- I know exactly what you mean, though I think sometimes when they want to stay in close touch that there may be a bit of insecurity. Especially far. But it is kind of strange for someone of my generation. Very fun. k.

  17. Ah…do I hear you…my two gen X (or is it Y? I never can remember) daughters (one who is beyond connected and knows down to the finest tweet what is “trending” NOW) are having a ball trying to stay ahead of my grandsons (only 4 and 2 but tech savvy like you can’t imagine….) and, if I want to threaten them in any way, I just start to tell them something embarrassing (not really, but any details about the “older generation’s” doings is TMI)…it’s all good and so relate-able,if I could just come up with an app for our generation, I’d blow them away…lol. Great poem Claudia, as always.

  18. “I know even what they had for breakfast” made me lol. It definitely does seem a bit much at times, so agree. One of the reasons I don’t even have a facebook account.

  19. At the end of the day, all mothers want is the knowledge that their child is safe wherever they are. You are coping well with your daughter having her own life now. For all the cons that technology brings, it helps family remain connected. 🙂

  20. “i miss the time” i say “when no one knew
    what everyone was doing (constantly)”,
    <— so do I…we are indeed living in an age of information overload…I regularly unplug myself from that world and have come to appreciate silence a great deal.

    we have a family chat room now at WhatsApp,
    called “the beautyfields— unlimited
    <— the beautyfields…what a cool name. I luv WhatsApp…I’m fortunate that my friends on different continents are like me and use it sparingly.

    Thanks for sharing this piece…ONE::

    • i really like reading your anaphora poem…a fun read and i also like your repetitive use Of these words; i don’t need all details… and your feeling about technology is spelled out too !

  21. This is one of my favorites that you’ve written. It’s charming and I 100% relate despite the convenience of modern tech. It’s like what people think Twitter is – posting thousands of inane thoughts about what you do every second of every day. The good stuff is well worth it though, and to be in touch with your loved ones while they’re away is, to quote a cliche, priceless.