38 C

sea side, side stePs, tuM-
bling red crab, sand fort, burNsBurnS
spearFlame hEAT on  feet soles, (we)

hide, swiFt-wiNged in the
night’s wide oPen sprayWet mouth
Water(slow)Fall(s) in–



We’re doing sedoka with Sam at dVerse today– two unrhymed tercets with syllabic form 5-7-7 // 5-7-7. The tercets are standalone but, combined, form a whole…the two tercets may express the same thoughts but in different words, there’s a hard turn in line 3 and usually a soft turn in line 5—  wanna give it a try..? pub doors open at 3pm EST


52 responses to “38 C

  1. Gosh, Claudia, I don’t know. Reading this, I feel like one who has had only two lessons on the violin, being suddenly thrust in first chair (concertmaster) position in the Berlin Philharmonic.

    I somehow KNOW that you all are playing something very beautiful, but I don’t even know yet how to TUNE my violin…

    Does that explain anything? Or maybe gibberish. And I cannot blame it on the CAPS this time…I just plain don’t get it. I’m gonna go pratice–rehearsal tomorrow morning at 9…

    Love ya, girl!

    • smiles… i’m not quite sure myself…just let the images come…crab..hot sand..waterfall… it’s hot here at the moment… and i need a holiday…smiles

  2. love that & you…
    because of all the energy in the rest of it, it comes across very warm & even sensual…love the beach too…though watch those tootsies, they will burn…smiles.

  3. Lovely impression of a hot summer’s day … Amazing how you can take someone’s instructions and follow guidelines and still be productive, C … something I will never master, when it comes to art of any kind … o, well 🙂

  4. Love the hot sand on my feet and the feeling of it between toes long held captive in shoes or winter boots. Freedom! This format is a new one for me but I did enjoy the poem.

  5. …feel…feel…feel that wideopen spray wet mouth Claudia… remember when i get licked by phoebus… ah, this was just succinctly great demo / expression… smiles…

  6. Coincidentally, I was just looking at a poem of mine from 2005 called ’38D’. Only that was about buying a bra (for someone else).

  7. 38C, what a lovely form! 😉

    Crabs and heat and spray in a tercet (you ~ a tercet! ~ impressed) I love it, for though it’s in a recognisable form it remains very much Claudia. Your work is thankfully individual ~ perfect

  8. Alright for some…
    my summer was yesterday afternoon from 15.23 until 18.30 hrs. precisely.
    I wore my shorts during those precious minutes. They are back in the drawer now.
    No beach, no burning tootsies, nothing but mist/fog and downfilled gilet. And that is insidethe house.

    • “tuM-
      bling red crab, sand fort, burNsBurnS…”

      Thanks, for sharing through your Sedoka poem and poetic words-as I can re-late to heat-heat…Then a cool-cooling Off moment-

      “night’s wide oPen sprayWet mouth
      Water(slow)Fall(s) in…”

      deedee 🙂

  9. Ah, the beach. Because I live in the desert, I find it exotic, mysterious and now after reading your poem, I even find it sexy. Nice.

  10. I like how your presentation mimics the up and down movement of the violin’s bow… so musical!

  11. Not yet 38 C here but I can feel the heat on my feet reading your post ~

    Like specially the last verse, water falls in (& you)

  12. As Brian noted, everything (nearly) that you write has your sensualness smeared all over it, and it never fails to grab, to amuse, to cajole, to arouse interest. As a man, I got excited by your mere title, thinking it would be a poem about a buxom lady; but hey, love what you did with sedoka in the sand.

  13. jee whiz, now you got dreaming of the ocean and I really need a vacation also, I can almost taste that sea spray ! Might be time to start packing !! Wonderful !!

  14. Water slow–a happy coincidence, I also have slow water in my poem! The kids are out of school for the summer, and since we live only 20 or so miles (convert to kilometers as needed) we are planning some days at the beach. Won’t be as romantic as your poem, but this really whets the appetite for surf and sun!

  15. Summer’s heat can be hell on the feet. This was a great write on the form. I really liked the tumbling crab visuals- I love watching crabs at the beach. Great poem Claudia.

  16. I like the movements associated with heat here – I can see you almost tiptoeing, not wanting to step on the sand. The ending is perfect.

    When I was in hot and humid Philippines, I had to be pried out of the airconditioned room we were all in, and the cold showers were a welcome relief. 🙂

  17. I always learn something here. Reading the “texture” of this (which is an expression on its own). Paying closer attention to the nuances of how others approach “this thing we do”. Thanks for the lesson, Claudia.

  18. Sensual, hot and especially impressive that you achieved this in form. I do most of my serious reading on the weekends. I’m not rushed or guilt-ridden. It’s 7:30 and my treat was reading the exercise and then your poem. Great way to start my day. Thank you very much.