what we paint to//day — just so

i learned that background
builds in layers,

sprinkles waterwash

———————across a page,
trickles soft over the edge,

(where it can’t hold us),

in between, a frame,

a silhouette

———-or less than shades,
you paint me

——-on wet parchment scraps

—-in thousand colors


24 responses to “what we paint to//day — just so

  1. …i learned that background builds in layers… it certainly is… as an artist the background is the first thing i would do in a painting… i’ll mix colours… layered it in rows until i get the effect i want to produce… then i will put now the secondary element… the characters of my painting… don’t worry if you mess a bit the background you put in adding your characters…for there is water to wash away the dirt.. of course the dirt will still be visible… we cannot totally erase them.. we can only reduce… anyway, it’s good to be reminded that dirt is art as well… smiles… i liked this a lot Claudia… a brilliant treat! smiles…

  2. I take it to mean that life is painting you. My interpretation of these lines: “i learned that background/ builds in layers/sprinkles waterwash/across a page/trickles soft over the edge” is how life moulds you against a background that can be your family your previous life through your relatives and your future. It’s a very beautiful piece. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  3. its in the understanding the how of paint…last summer i sat for hours watching a painter and remember him painting over parts that i really liked and thinking that he was crazy but he saw something that i could not…

  4. I do some pencil drawings, but am terrible with colours … painting, dressing, running traffic lights 🙂 beautiful poem … I do now how to appreciate 🙂

  5. The poem engendered the random thought…that we all viewed by others in terms of the background they suppose we are built upon…or the assumptions of our history.

  6. life’s a painting of various colors n numerous shades..
    and you paint it real well Caludia 🙂

    been away for a while.. hope u r doing fine Claudia..
    tckr !!

  7. Hi! Claudia…
    what we paint to//day — just so…
    i learned that background
    builds in layers…

    All I can say, with me being an artist, I like the flow Of the words, and the imagery… too ! in this poem
    Thanks, for sharing !
    deedee 🙂

  8. I love watercolor and how you build the color in layers–how you can wash and blur the edges–it’s a brilliant medium–and your poem is perfect 🙂