what we can learn from nature, why we don’t & (you fill in the blanks)

we escape the crowd &
on  a winding forest trail
that takes us up, up, up
& out of sight, talk marriage

& being seen, or not,

always circling, hungry,
wings spread, stuck, again, again,
in the same spot,
when she asks,

“did you ever fall in love

———-with someone else?”

(her babe asleep, the stroller
grinds solid rubber teeth
into the gravel)

—–“i—no, (followed by
a long monologue in which i find
how excellent i am in lying
to myself)  —but


—-Crossed A Line”

there’s no hidden mystery
in trees and buttercups
that beautifully dot the grass
around us, how they (natur(e)ally)
turn their face toward the sun//warmth,
mostly, so predictable, yet
——we don’t get it–

& i press my hands on things
that seem to fall apart,

back at the party,
leaned onto the banister,
red bonfire glow, & flames,
flickering bright against the night,
a blackish forest breathes
mist like spraypaint on my head,

“it’s so quiet here–” i say,
& it feels odd–
“i mean, beside the kids, the music,
all the people–“, start to laugh,

———in a way

——————it is.


15 responses to “what we can learn from nature, why we don’t & (you fill in the blanks)

  1. mmm….i hear the silence in the end here….and nice catch of life there claudia…smiles on lying to ourselves…i like the flowers turning their face to the sun…for life and strength, so simple a reminder we are given…mist like spray paint on the head….love the descriptions…

    cool to see an off day poem from you….happy monday

  2. ..could fill the blanks at the end with own thoughts…cool claudia..the mist like spraypaint on the head feels sad, but I do love the buttercups ..

  3. how they (natur(e)ally)
    turn their face toward the sun//warmth,
    mostly, so predictable, yet
    ——we don’t get it–

    How blind one gets when sometimes things are so obvious. Is it a fault of the mind. Nice thoughts Claudia!


  4. Must have been beautiful… you’ve managed to put me in throwback mode 🙂 … Except my experience wasn’t all that quite at all.
    LOTS of Noise and youth and fun! 😀 .. Ahh! to be young again 🙂

    Thanks for this Claudia! Hope you had fun! 🙂


  5. haha lying is okay when you can get away with it, but hard to convince yourself, can make lots of noise without making any for sure.

  6. I think nature can so freely respond to the most nurture every moment and still stay rooted because it has no ego needs, no jealousy, o fear of abandonment …
    Though I am not married now, your lovely poem took me down many paths and stories in the rich forest of my life.

  7. This made me think of the line in Harry Nilsson’s “The Point” where the Rock Man says…”There it is, you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear.” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2a-_dvxtN0 )…so too in a relationship we turn to the sun like the flower feeling what we want to feel….very thought provoking write.

  8. A lot of reflections going on here, and seeking of light, warmth – you have a wonderful way with dialogue and the interruption of thought. k.

  9. Sometimes questions take a person by surprise, and it is hard if one has not thought about / prepared an answer…….for someone else or even for oneself. Food for thought.

  10. We can learn a lot from nature and their simple ways ~ When we went to Ottawa the other day, I love how the birds freely soared in the sky, uncaring of thoughts for the future. I love the way the flowers turned their faces to the sun and in the midst of the silence, there is joy in the new season ~

  11. Nature always helps me fill in the blanks and find peace. Found myself sniffing for some pine scented breeze while I was reading your poem. Lovely 🙂