dang it, but– i found his toes intriguing–

in munich, in pouring rain..

in munich, in pouring rain..


“i know nothing
about dragon toes” i say,
he glances sideways
in the sub between
Isartor & Munich Hauptbahnhof,

a minute back,
i placed my suitcase
in a locker, bought a travel guide
in an overheated bookshop,
(there i saw him first–
on the front page of an Asia mag,
between lanterns
& a shouting crowd)

little sweat drops
on my forehead mingle
with the rain,

& he looks out of place,

“don’t draw me” he says,

“if you do, erase the claws”

“you a painter?”
what about you?”

“i am symbolism
of a dynasty, a folk, a hope–”

“i’m not familiar with your culture”
“yes, i know–
i wanna taste the rain,
& followed your red rain coat”

“royal blood?” i ask,

whole clans got executed
for not following the rules”

“i never do”
he smiles (for the first time)

*next stop– Marienplatz*

“Mr. D.– your royalty?” i say,
offer my arm & hot breath on my cheek,
we get out of the train,

“i didn’t lose a single toe,
all the way here”
“yeah, but
you came on a mag–”
“oh, that doesn’t matter”

“let me show you something” i say,

——–& we walk out in the rain


smiles…kelvin has us write Asia in the pub today…food, culture, travel, experiences–good and bad, people, tradition…wide open field..he will even provide us with some Tagalog (Philippines’ mother tongue) words to weave into our poems once the article goes up at dVerse at 3pm EST.. see you then…and happy saturday everyone..


49 responses to “dang it, but– i found his toes intriguing–

  1. every once in a while i do come across a toe that’s interesting (and usually on a foot with 6 of em lol). i think poems that mimic a convo in an artsy way are my fav… I really liked, “i am symbolism
    of a dynasty, a folk, a hope–” coool!!

  2. I love how your sweat and the rain mix. We have all felt that and the end was moving because the rain again was the connector of all.

  3. …and now an overheated bookstore and toes…sheez…how do you do it? Engaged and charmed from beginning to end! 🙂 xo

  4. A dragon in Marienplatz would be quite a sight, with or without claws. This one sounds like a friendly one, sort of like “Puff the Magic Dragon” and one who is just going along for the ride. A walk in the rain with the dragon would make the walk magical indeed. Probably after a bit one would even forget it is raining. A unique and charming write.

  5. Your dragon is in exile. The Chinese execute with such precision those who defy the Party. Tibet weeps still. I hope that he found his peace, arm in arm with such a beautiful princess as you. 😀

  6. what a magical meeting between the two…love your interaction with the dragon on your book…his desire to be drawn without claws…and the symbolism he gives himself in your words…i rather like dragons….your embracing him in the end…there is heart…smiles

  7. OwWOOOO! Magic. First the picture: In that light, your coat is also in the flowers of the trees! And then your words: discovering the inner life of a dragon through clues and hints and conversation, ” I am not dangerous! I am a symbol!” Gosh darn, I will look closer at magazines in future, delight in strolling with characters. I suspected that the danger of dragons was exaggerated, though possible. (Pirandello with a smile,)

  8. Love the details..the overheated bookstore..the dragon wanting to be drawn without his claws…lovely and dreamy. 🙂 Happy weekend. 🙂

  9. All I can do is laugh..
    right from the word go, or rather the little red ridinghood picture.
    Sure it wasn’t a wolf you were chatting up?

  10. haha chatting in the rain there at your lane, can’t say I’ve ever talked about a toe, but seen a few like zombie feet that made me want to go.

  11. It is always such a joy to walk with you vicariously through the streets of cities and have all the senses stimulated by the words you write…this poem is of course no exception to the rule of quality you provide.

  12. Sweet lady in a pink rain coat with pink flowered trees in the back ground … neat pic … have you ever been to Victoria, BC … so pink treed in the spring … it’s called the pink city … have you ever been to China town in Vic, BC … so lovely sights and treats and eats … I think we should meet there some day, C, wat da ya say 🙂

  13. Nice picture Claudia ~ And using the dragon as a symbolism is a powerful one, the mightiest of all animals, bring good luck or destruction ~

    Enjoy your trip and have a good weekend ~

  14. Most of us love dragons, and they seem so much more credible than unicorns; your dragon let its fiery breath become poetry, and it was not dangerous to you because it recognized the regal heart and poet’s posture; for dragons never harm artists, they cherish & protect them, you lucky wench.

  15. ..cool… i never would have thought of making a conversation with mr. d… haha… i might get fired when he speaks.. hehe… you made this so enchanting & easy for our minds & ears… loved it! thanks Claudia… smiles… i had your curiosity too about the toes…hmmmn… is he holding some crystal balls? ha…smiles..

  16. So cool, love your raincoat photo…very red riding hood, and that cheeky dragon yes why wouldn’t you take him for a walk in the rain…very nice Loved it!

  17. Whether there is or is not an actual physical person in front of you, you are a great conversationalist. I think inanimate objects must think you a rare goddess for honoring them with your inner/outer voice. And it might be raining, but I see there are wonderful blossoms on the trees : )

  18. I interpret the opening to mean “I know nothing about dragging toes.” In other words, everywhere I go, I run, hard — heading straight into my whatevers, even if they’re scary, like painters, or my own claws.

  19. You actually have so many poems with an Asian theme or atmosphere (my favourite one anchored around a meal in a restaurant) – but this has enough unexpected detail, that it throws the ordinary line of thought off-kilter. Wonderfully whimsical.

  20. I knew it – first, the dishes, now the dragons in a magazine. Everything comes to life in your imaginative head. 🙂

      • “i am symbolism
        of a dynasty, a folk, a hope–”

        “i’m not familiar with your culture”
        “yes, i know–
        i wanna taste the rain,
        & followed your red rain coat”

        Thanks, for sharing your words, [poetic] your moment with a Dragon ? who just like me like your red rain coat… enough to follow…

        deedee 🙂