less than a dot away// & what we catch if we don’t catch it

the little girl has rosy cheeks.
& dressed in spring song pink,


at the pansies’ violet face,
flitter//flatter doves,
a homeless at the curb–

& me–

as if the day– world–
us are nothing but
tiny, timely, dots, nurtured only
by the slight sense of desire,
between roots&fly,

as if she, (If she spread
her dimpled arms)
could hold & bead us
into weightless(nes),

& i sit with my coffee
in its shared//womb,
soul sinks in, &

i dont write,

dont think


but let life glide as it wants–

——-and later
———-maybe go

——————-&catch it


velleity and volition is Anna’s theme for MTB at dVerse today.. she has prepared an excellent article which will be up at 3pm EST…
I’m in Stuttgart on a business trip at the moment and probably back late, so my commenting will be a bit delayed….see you then..smiles


44 responses to “less than a dot away// & what we catch if we don’t catch it

  1. Love both the musicality and cadence you sustain here and so love both the delicacy and depth of what you have so artfully capture here, Claudia – beautiful writing….

  2. What the narrator sees in this tableau is a possibility of tenderness emanating from the openness of a child greeting her world. Perhaps it’s dots the narrator sees connected, but I love that she sits to let it sink in with this poem coming later. I love these flash moments of non-fictions. Beautiful.

  3. nice…really love your internal rhythm to this claudia….great close on letting life by and then running to catch it…ha…like the flitter flatter dovers….i can hear and see it…love the feel of just watching the world for a bit…

  4. … so lovely … that’s how we get our inspirations to write down our thoughts … sometimes I watch the world in my dreams … never waking up in time to write down what I dreamed … sometimes I dream of an open book, full of hieroglyphs, straining my eyes like crazy in those dreams, never have been able to decipher … sometimes everything is so clear in my dreams … and I wake up and write, but no one understands what it’s about, including myself… so thankful for every one of your comments, C …

  5. Lyrical & lovely, I can see your shining eyes taking in the world around you, cataloging, compartmentalizing, sharing, judging, wondering so that the words will later replace the visceral, the poetics transform & transcend both the mundane and miraculous. I guess we are both in the same club/pub.

  6. The girl looking into the face of the pansy is especially significant to me; I love your whimsical fun and serious questioning combination that runs like a thread through much of your work…..very nice..

  7. Claudia, I’m just a dot, made up of many dots, and in turn each of those jammed with dots; all dots rushing here and there, (to-and-fro?)

    And I don’t think, let life glide as it might wish

    And after?

    This is much more than our usual “good” or “great”…at least I translated “deep depth” here.
    Thank you.

  8. I love this:
    “urtured only
    by the slight sense of desire,
    between roots&fly”

    And the idea of having weightless (wait-less) knees.

  9. Lulled into weightless near-slumber you are making me feel
    Love the idea of being strung like a bead on the necklace of lif
    Better, how much better than cremation is creation or re- like that

  10. So, Claudia, the whole poem is an absolute delight, but within that, the last four lines stand alone as the most wonderful poem I have read in a while

  11. Love it! What it says, and the way you say it. Your poetry always takes me to unexpected places; I really enjoy that.

  12. Spring makes me feel the way you end the poem…I might try to catch whatever fleeting things have past me by or I might just here and have another cup of coffee…just love the tone of the poem.

  13. Finding some time to do some reading this morning and I have to say I really enjoyed this part..a nice thought for the day.

    but let life glide as it wants–
    and later
    maybe go
    &catch it

  14. Sure, a cool wrap up…life will glide on whether we immediately jump aboard or not…I don’t catch any indifference, just the freedom and time to make a choice a little bit later…that would be nice to have…great style

  15. soft, sweet, and stunning. I long to sit there and watched the world spin, let it cling to me and then dust it off in words as beautifully as you do.