under my skin//where the ants did not get yet

at night i read ‘em, words,
sticking loosely to fly paper strands
between the storm
& a table, made of oak wood
with the carpenter’s initials
carved in it,

we talk trust,
& i ask if he’d cut
sunshine for me
into even slices (which sounds odd
to you, for me
it is survival, see–)

a ship, sails crushed,
anchor-less, ripped up
by the wind,

& i light lanterns,
in the half-dark,
pack ’em in a parcel, write
with thick, red marker

“This Side Up”

put more stamps on it
than anything could ever carry,

then, let go


smiles…one thing i learned over the years is that once i prayed & sent that “parcel”, i can be sure, He’ll take care of it…smiles

victoria’s behind the dVerse bar today and asks us to write in our distinct poetic voice about the things that inspire, motivate, excite and also outrage us most…doors open at 3pm EST


51 responses to “under my skin//where the ants did not get yet

  1. would they cut sunshine for you…smiles…there is a bit of magic in that…and i like how it plays with you lighting lanterns and sending the light out…great close as well…letting it go as you send it…letting it do what it will…

  2. As so often, Claudia, this poem is filled with effective images which draw the reader into it and keep them there. I love the idea of cutting sunshine into even slices! And lighting lanterns in the half dark. And most of all, sending those parcels up, up, and away with the hope that they will reach their destination and all will be taken care of in the best possible way!

  3. This piece snared me quickly, and then jerked me several directions at once, running deeper than my early morning self was quite prepared for. Layers & layers peeling, pouting, projecting, your voice bouncing off hidden walls like a ventriloquist, yet still all yours; symbols, emotions, messages all cascading cold then hot on my tousled mind.

  4. I just love, love, love this Claudia. Although my style (voice) would be different, I felt as though I could have written this. I especially enjoyed the metaphor of the package, the extra postage, “This side up.” Thank you for this.

  5. This is a very sweet poem and very distinctively yours with its slices of sun and with all else that it carries so lightly. Very nice. k.

  6. They may not have got under your skin yet, but the ants certainly got under mine today. One of the many coincidences I have experienced during today, along with ‘parcel’ and a lady poet in Calcutta. I tell you, there is more to heaven and earth….
    Does the human mind has the power to effect change in ways that are not yet understood by science?

  7. This is a beautiful example of faith in God, that He will take care of all our problems.

  8. Delightful…never give up hope, Claudia. Love the concluding part…and the title! Wonder what happened to them after you let them go….smiles.

  9. Ah! I know for sure that in the short time I have been reading your work, your poetic voice has greatly inspired me and my own,

    Love the tone in this and I always love how you create a flow. You are right- much like conversation but powerful conversation

  10. Really like this …depth and simplicity … well crafted and I absolutely love
    ‘we talk trust,
    & i ask if he’d cut
    sunshine for me…

    what an image!

  11. I loved the first opening lines “at night i read ‘em, words, sticking loosely to fly paper strands”. They have a very rhythmical pattern. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  12. Conversations of trust always require some standard upon which to base that trust…slicing sunshine into even slices would seem to me to be a good one…and one can never be too careful when shipping out a beacon to find one’s way home…a most interesting poem to consider..my friend.

  13. When I was younger I thought I had all the answers–now I realize I am always there in the half-dark, just trying to light lanterns. Wonderful work!

  14. I can spot your voice in five words or less, I think, Claudia. It is breathless and magical, and thoroughly enjoyed this example of it. Love the letting go you describe here.

  15. I have to say, slicing sunshine is a clever image. I like the way images are brought to the front then slide back. Very kool. Yes, as it should, no worries after its wrapped and sent. Very distinct voice, I agree.

  16. wonderful, wonderful metaphor…people love to get mail you know,..little packages or big ones..and I love the ‘crushed sails’ 😉

  17. “Put more stamps on it”

    That’s all one can do to reassure oneself it seems. 🙂

    I’ve always enjoyed your style of writing. The details are simple, varied in senses, yet every stanza and line, rich with meaning.

  18. You have a way with words that is uniquely yours Claudia. This resonates with me today especially. And my faith found a source of renewal.

  19. I love this: “& i ask if he’d cut
    sunshine for me”

    Also this: “& i light lanterns,
    in the half-dark,
    pack ‘em in a parcel, write
    with thick, red marker”

    And the last line.