i have to name them yet–



the meeting strands,
viscous discussion, clock ticks
dozily, Camille,
my french colleague’s
ten year old daughter
at the table next to me

pencils math equations
against boredom (i prefer
boredom over math, ha!)
fold a checked page in the center, draw
a cat, a rabbit, “psssh” & shift it
towards her, she smiles,
just between us,
(we’re allowed
to bring the kids 2work today),

the next presenter
gets up, (her dad)
she takes the crayons,
paints a butterfly with purple dots,
striped fish with a navy collar,
blackish tail

& writes on the upper margin
“de Camille
pour Claudia”

i push back the chair, my turn
to present, start the computer, grin,
the touch of butterfly wings
on my cheeks,

bubbles on the screen &
floating seaweed
defragments the meeting room,
entangles my hair,
i wink at her,

“if you have no more questions–

close the file–

i didn’t realize it first,
but singapore’s an island.
(saw her skyline from the plane
on my stop-over to Australia once),
thousand little boats,
a sunset fairy tale,
i sigh, check my emails & return
Adelene’s weekend wishes,

look at Camille’s drawing,
pinned over my desk
(my colleague says,
“she talked of you
quite a bit”)
Mr. Fish & Mrs. Butterfly, both smile,
what else could you ask for–

then step out
into the sunlight


smiles.. just a little snapshot of my day for OpenLinkNight at dVersePoets…doors open at 3pm EST


75 responses to “i have to name them yet–

  1. Such a lovely interaction with Camille…you somehow bring out the child in all of us as we read your wonderful words…I smiled throughout the reading.

  2. smiles…what a cool little friend you had in your meeting…i understand why the little one could not stop talking about you though…smiles…really nice transition as well from the meeting…to later…nice job spreading the smiles…

  3. Lovely … and just how I’d all people in my world to be … there would be no war and peace would have a chance … love you for this, C … always, cat.

  4. to have a child remember and speak of you for the few moments ya’ll had, that is wonderful 😉

    loved this phrase,

    “my turn
    …the touch of butterfly wings
    on my cheeks”

    thanks claudia 😉

  5. Very touching, Claudia! To have made an impression on a 10-year-old is no small thing. How neat that she gifted you with such a beautiful drawing as well. Now if only adults ALSO could spend time drawing during boring meetings. LOL.

  6. this reminds me of a friend I have. in my very favorite photo of myself, I am playing her $10 guitar and she has her 7 year old head on my shoulder. nothing like a secret moment with a little dreamer. lovely!

  7. Even if they do not one day recall your words…they will ALWAYS remember exactly how you made them feel.

    Claudia, I believe you could make even a rattlesnake feel important, welcome, and loved. Then, after your own example, through poetic expression, convey to me empathy I might utilize in relationships with people (and rattlers!) LOL! Thank YOU!

  8. I think its neat when kids are allowed to be brought to work, they bring smiles & colored drawings ~ And that is lovely gift from the child, good to see it pinned up on your desk ~

    I have been Sinapore and its really a small country, but very progressive ~

    Have a lovely day ~

  9. You took this kid (me) to work with you and I loved it! Thank you for including the pic too. The more we can ask for is putting the work away at the end of the day, like you do, “Then step out / into the sunlight,” having left some behind and taken a live sample with you.

  10. What a treasure, Claudia… my older son went to work with my husband. I think it’s neat they get that opportunity, and how precious you got to enjoy her, too. Love:

    the touch of butterfly wings
    on my cheeks,

  11. Children have a way of turning the routine, mundane tasks of life into special moments just by seeing it through their eyes… and I hate math too!

  12. I think it is these kind of interactions that really warm us up deep down inside. I feel soft and tender from reading about your connection with Camille.

  13. this section here was my favorite favorite! lovely C!
    the touch of butterfly wings
    on my cheeks,

    bubbles on the screen &
    floating seaweed
    defragments the meeting room,
    entangles my hair,
    i wink at her,

  14. What a lovely scene, well described. Little children can bring such happiness–remember when your own daughter was just a little girl, drawing pictures for her mother?

  15. I prefer boredom over math too… smile. When a child in an adult world catches the glimpse of someone who really sees them it’s something that will stay with them. I am not surprised that she was talking about you, what a gift! Beautifully written Claudia, absolutely lovely, I’m taking with me the lightness of a childhood memory of butterflies.

  16. Claudia, this has me grinning from ear to ear. I wish I had meetings like this where 10 year old artists grabbed my attention away from the tedium! 🙂

  17. This made me remember when my older daughter was very young. She always wanted me to draw a butterfly on one hand and a flower on the other–and then sing her “You are my sunshine.” I did it everyday–

  18. …that piece of art could make anyone’s day… loved it… i laugh at the clever: i prefer boredom than math… ha, how i often used those lines back in my almost seemed no end accounting days in college with ye know… terrible professors… lol… what a lovely poem and day Claudia… smiles…

  19. From the mouth of babes indeed. You paint such gentleness and understanding in your poem. As usual I am put into the scenes d
    and and feel that I am living it as I read it. I also like how you interject Singapore, although I am not sure I understand it yet 🙂 But all in all of course I just love the way you laid out the scene, the way you describe the child, and your responses and replies are precious.

  20. So precious the time when they are young. Then one day they’re all grown! The time does go quickly. It’s great to capture moments like this, Claudia.

  21. There’s no real life without magic…and you have the touch here certainly with your Camile…Love it!

  22. So touching… Love the way both your lives connected and criss crossed in this, making a memory for both of you. Smiling.

  23. One of those special moments in life when we really “connect” …both you and Brian write of this: “It’s who you are when you are with someone; it’s how you make them feel, what you bring out in them, as well as what they bring out
    in you and make you fee” that is so meaningful and important, the essence of living and loving socially…

  24. Ah…if they taught math with more butterflies, less numbers, all would be geniuses! Cuteness.

  25. just adore this:

    bubbles on the screen &
    floating seaweed
    defragments the meeting room,
    entangles my hair,
    i wink at her,

    that’s my reaction –
    not an order . . .
    although, you must! 😀

  26. wow! kids have a wah haan to paint a new world and its fun to escpae with them to that lil world! very refreshing!

  27. Lovely!
    “Mr. Fish & Mrs. Butterfly, both smile,
    what else could you ask for–

    then step out
    into the sunlight”

    This made me smile!

    Anna :o]

  28. I prefer boredom over math any day too!

    Snapshots …. that is the perfect description of your style of poetry … 😉

    I love looking at the descriptive snapshots you write about. Love it!

  29. So much wisdom in youth, a little girl naturally expressive, a treasure.
    A soft and tender piece, Claudia.

  30. This is a colorful, bright, child-like vignette. I esp. love the butterfly and entangled hair. AHH. therapy happens when drawing with children.

  31. I can just picture you “psst” and passing paper. That was a wonderful thing you did, made her feel special, and you got some great art in return 🙂

  32. That is beautiful, thank you, there is a magical quality in that poem, I really appreciated it, Kevin. ps I also shared via twitter, it deserves a wide readership, hope that’s ok