i do better without maps

pink & yellow chalk
lines blur
in the moisture
of my breath

to little lakes, tiny boats
reflect the wind within
their rainBow(ed) womb,
traffic rushes by,

cheeks cool to the pane,
i’m drained from biking,


(he bought them for me
when i came
back from berlin)
“how was work?”

“not bad” he says,
sea-deep eyes on me &
barefoot on the doorstep,
i put on

my negligée,
wipe chalk dust

from the soft curves of my brea(th)

(t)rip slowly,

“we’re moving”
“got no map”
“that’s fine”

& spring blows
weightless pollen

into the waiting night


karin has us writing trip(s) at dVerse today… can be a real trip, imagined or even a trip and stumble…fairly open..so grab a pen and join us…gates will swing open at 3pm EST


51 responses to “i do better without maps

  1. … no map needed … although once I drew an arrow down my belly button, saying: “This Way” … there you go, now you know one of my deepest secrets … smiles …

  2. Like an artist’s brush your words flow onto the page…outlining moments…leaving for each of us to color-in the small details that our imagination needs…but we all feel your warm breath as we do so…a wonderful poem to me.

  3. I love the intimacy in this, Claudia. lovely lines throughout and I love the ending…
    & spring blows
    weightless pollen

    into the waiting night….beautiful! Happy Saturday 🙂

  4. smiles. beautiful claudia. love the intimacy toward the end, its like a sweet relief after the chaos of a long hard day…and you need no map in that moment…the journey becomes the victory. smiles.

  5. The best part of travelling is coming home, and no map is needed for that. This is a beautiful piece. I had to read it loud… which I gradually have started to do… If I dissapears from my blog, I have been taken away for mumbling in a cafe….. Very nice theme…

  6. no need no map indeed 😉


    “sea-deep eyes on me &
    barefoot on the doorstep,
    i put on

    my negligée” –

    like the old Grease movie song, “feel” your way

    thanks claudia 😉

  7. I feel your refreshment, joy to be home through the tone… light, like a sigh of contentment.

  8. it’s so easy for you to write moments, reduce a hundred words to the few that pin feelings and thoughts down by going right to the heart…riding a bike home to a waiting loving husband..sweet, claudia

  9. For some reason my favorite part is the “lips, tulips” because it tells so much in so little! I like the story between the lines here and I cannot read a map to save my life so I’ll agree on the sentiment of your title 🙂

  10. Now we have to stay in that place that frame of mind that keeps us on the move, even when we’re in one place for a while. I like the sense of being in the place, yet also open to being in another place. Always here/there, somehow making it work into a life that reflects happiness.

  11. …your title is quite naughty Claudia… smiles… it fits well with the finale line… it’s not mapping.. it’s discovering the moment that makes it more exciting & worth reminiscing… smiles…

  12. Beautiful poem. It reminds me of what life if like sometimes. A trip where you make your own map as you trudge along. Guess what? Sometimes people follow your footsteps, too! 🙂 Many thanks. I’m back now.

    Greetings from London.

  13. Very sensuous, sensual… I especially love these lines, with the use of parentheses:
    “from the soft curves of my brea(th)

    (t)rip slowly,”

  14. I must admit I love your poetry. I like your fantasy. I like your love for your husband. And I love chocolate.

    Consider ending the poem after “wipe chalk dust”.


    Jesus Christus ist ein schütz.
    Das Vermögen ist. Benütz!
    Sicher bleiben Sie dabei.
    Immer macht die Wahrheit frei.

  15. Claudia, I felt that coolness and the breath of chalk–loved how you played with the senses. Glad you had a nice return trip 😉