maybe it’s the brokenness//picasso exhibit at basel art museum

“the irony is in his hair”, i think
“yeah, he did this with a steel comb,
similiar technique that you use
to paint fake wood with” he says, “oh”

i stare at pablo’s le poète
held in brown & black shades to put focus
on the form, reality dissected,
put back together in a way
you don’t expect–

“ok” i say, “i prefer poets tousled
& more colorful, disarranged seems fine though”,
he chews on his pipe,
a bit amused, wrinkled forehead,
looks at me with geometric half-moon eyes
“don’t judge by what you see–

or not” & blows diffusing fume clouds
towards me,
“non-smoking here” i say
“you bore me”
“sorry– i identify
with fragmentation though” &

there’s this spark of fire sale rebellion
in his eyes–
“the irony”
he says “is that there’s much more hidden
than you would suspect– keyholes, shades, dare
to see &–“

“well, i need more time”
“that’s not the problem”
“learn from me” he sighs (heavily)
—–“try & look
———–a little more-dimensional”

a custodian’s strolling by,
“you’re not talking to that painting, right-?”
“well, yes– No, hecK, as if– “ he sniffs,
“and did you smoke?”


smiles..i had a little fun with this…Victoria has us writing Irony in the pub today…wanna join..? doors open at 3pm EST


45 responses to “maybe it’s the brokenness//picasso exhibit at basel art museum

  1. smiles. i wonder if you ever left this museum…i need to put it down on my itenerary considering you got a weeks worth of poetry out of it…smiles…i love the interaction here…with a painting…you bore me…lol…doesnt he know who he is talking to? the fire sale in his eyes…hidden things…all add up to a cool piece…

  2. I love the conversations you have in museums. This is wonderful… and I’ve never once thought of describing that spark as “fire sale rebellion”… fabulous.

  3. You have way too much fun in galleries and museums, Claudia. I could tell you about the time my wife was asked to leave an exhibition in Barcelona, but she’d probably kill me if I did 🙂

    Love this – the playfulness, the fresh descriptions … so much to enjoy. Vielen dank.

  4. u sure have lot of fun in galleries..
    and then the way u use them in your write ups 🙂

    reality dissected,
    put back together in a way
    you don’t expect..
    Loved this bit the most…
    enjoyed as always

  5. I knew you were talking to the painting… so cool!! Love his geometric eyes, I guess if you’ve been created or redesigned by Picasso everyone and thing is boring! And what’s behind those keyholes…love this a def favourite! 🙂

  6. Hiya, is that a new picture of you on the right?
    You look lovely! So nice to know you.
    Chatting up strangers all over the place 🙂



    you put me there within perched painting of poetry—

    i and soul stare in amazement at your artistry—

    i try not to as my body is brought close, too close—

    no smoking truth or dare with flair of flare, black toast—

    i adjust my monocle and march in single file,

    lie within wide chronicle painted with such style.

    within it and pipe smoke lies such seduction

    that i can’t free myself from its sweet suction.

    Eric 😉

  8. It’s as if you never left at all, still going up and down each hall, satring at the wall. Must have been a grand sight, as you sure bring the artwork to life.

  9. Just a wonderful poem…I could see you in the museum and hear your conversation….then see the security guard entering the scene wondering about what he heard from a distance….had so much fun reading the poem.

  10. I envy your seeming accessibility to fine art, Claudia. So much word play in this one. I love how you used the irony prompt both literally and then exploring Picasso’s ability to deconstruct reality. It’s true…there is so much hidden in his work.

  11. Claudia, I’m sure that Pablo would love these poems! I’m don’t really like art when it gets too abstract, but you have me looking at it in a different way–makes me want to go check out more of Pablos’ works! 🙂

  12. I think it might take quite a long conversation to untangle the personality of a Picasso. And I’m sure he’d be happy to know one of his pictures was breaking the rules.

  13. When it comes to irony, I usually tell my American readers that it’s an element with the chemical symbol ‘Fey’.

    Picasso would have wanted to paint you. I think you and he would have complimented each other’s art.

  14. Ha….so fun to hear your this looking over your shoulder! I wonder how much time actually elapsed when this occurred…I prefer the tousled hair myself 😉

  15. What a marvelous exhibit–I just watched the vernissagetv video and heard a bit of the relationship between the city of Basel and Picasso. Fabulous that they could collect enough money to buy the two paintings which formed the basis for the Kunstmuseum collection. Such a treat to see so many works from so many periods. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Too much fun, realizing what “dialog” is actually taking place. I think he bores the painting, not the other way around, right? And the smoking comment, priceless. GREAT! Amy

  17. Hi! Claudia…
    maybe it’s the brokenness//picasso exhibit at basel art museum
    [By the way, I like your new avatar pix…Now, on to the/your poetic words…]

  18. I love textures in art, and I have to keep my hands in my pockets when walking around a gallery. I don’t think I’ve had this level of conversation with a painting though..

  19. Big laugh in the end; I loved that!
    You have a clean, relaxed approach to writing. It makes sense in the end, especially the insult of “try to look more dimensional.” Good one!

  20. A really fun read, along with a wish to BE there (although I don’t smoke–but LOVE the smell of it).
    When I’m not trying to seem “intellectually” stimulated, I liken some of Picasso’s pieces to puzzle-pieces which have been assembled by a one-year-old.
    LOVE your work, Little German Girl!

  21. This must be one special museum to provide so many muses. Yet, wouldn’t it be nice to converse with those in the pictures and learn more about their lives and circumstances. 🙂