the sun//picasso & we got lost// in the woods today

i say “bad poetry is in the eye
of the beholder” and she scribbles
with her yellow fingers broken patterns on the floor

“even picasso sucked at times.”
we walk kneedeep in the mud, scattered trash,
the hounds are after us, a rubber package
on the forest floor
“gosh, not a place where i wanted to have sex”,
i say to my husband,

there’s weird graffiti sprayed on the tunnel wall
and just a tiny hint of sun lightyears away,
“i could trace us down with google maps”
that’s what i suggested a decade ago, but we’re adventurous
and shun the beaten paths

scent of ramsons, primrose–
woodruff pokes their little heads out of the soil,
the trees face north// there are certain clues
in pablo’s works, sometimes just a nose shape,
if you know, you recognize,

i wonder what he really saw
“his eyes were piercing” she says in the interview
“after acting as a model, only
by him staring at me, i felt drained, sucked out”
i met her in lucerne once. she was old and beautiful.
“my father never took his eyes from us.
he didn’t trust him”

“fear” i say “and art is so subjective”
& she wrinkles up her golden nose “it’s so cliché, but
there’s an end to every tunnel, and it’s bravery and hope
that makes you go– broken, fragments,
nothing you can line in rows on shelves though
we would love to.”


inspired by a walk in the woods & a picasso exhibit in basle yesterday & yeah, it’s OpenLinkNight again where we get all dizzy with poetry, come, write a poem and join us at 3pm EST at dVerse


71 responses to “the sun//picasso & we got lost// in the woods today

  1. “Getting lost” in the woods–or anywhere–CAN become a memorable occasion, especially when left with imagination and keyboard of poet Claudia.
    I’m waiting for that ride on the giant swan across the magical lake–but not holding my breath!

    (Also looked up ramson…I KNEW this day would not emd without my learning something.) Wonder if bear garlic will cure my…never mind…

  2. really interesting, the thoughts of the model of the artist on feeling sucked dry doe to the intensity of his gaze….and i would agree as well on the opening…there are those that define art and poetry in tight constrains i dont fit in their circle…smiles…on getting lost in the woods, well that can be a good thing as well as long as its a metaphor…quite scary otherwise…smiles.

  3. You are quite a Picasso of words, Claudia. You paint with vibrant colors of both dark places and bright. I am drawn to your abstract style. Not because it is abstract but because it—and you—have such depth. It is always a pleasure to have a cup of coffee or two or three while pondering your latest. I like the way this poem ended, with a ray of hope and a reminder that the art is in its unique imperfection, like a warm Quaker quilt that comforts us on chilly mornings. 🙂 E

  4. It’s bravery and hope that make you go…love how I can always pull a line or turn of phrase from your pieces that speaks so very strongly to my now. Again, sucked in by the imagery…and my mind left to wander…awesome as always.

  5. “even picasso sucked at times.” that makes me hopeful.

    you brought your an adventurous stroll to life so exquisitely I could feel the mud licking my feet and the aromas of the coming spring. lovely.

  6. Wow, this has so many layers, all woven together into a beautiful tapestry. I’ve often wondered about picasso, his work always leaves me feeling slightly disliked as a woman. Love the juxtaposition of thoughts on him with all you see in the forest.

  7. I enjoyed the journey this poem took me on; and yes, there is an end to every tunnel. I like contemplating that especially. And indeed art is so subjective, as is poetry. I would have liked to have seen that exhibit, Claudia.

  8. Claudia, you always paint some oddly beautiful work, it felt like it was stenuous and ardent and quirkily romantic..quite the trip, as always.

  9. There is a pungent loamy smell emanating from the page, as you have set me down right in that forest.

    There are those who would say that Picasso just plain sucked. But I say to each his own. Even a pigeon turd on a park statue is poetic if it touches something inside you…different feeling though, if it lands on your head.

  10. You did such a good job in involving senses in this, Claudia, and I love how so many little factors contribute to an understanding of subjectivity. If we don’t try, we don’t suck. But then, we don’t succeed, either.

  11. I think Pablo would have like you, Claudia.! Learned a new one ….ramsons…wonderful write as usual…original and memorable 🙂

  12. … yellow fingers … that’s me, my friend C … yellow from nicotine stains … don’t care though … at this moment I live in the moment …

  13. Art. Isn’t it a little baffling – what is appealing to some is trashy to another.
    I like how you casually throw in your themes in everyday settings. 🙂

  14. Hi Claudia . . . you had me at Picasso; i have studied and written much about the man and the work and my eyes grew as large as orbits oggling an oversized orange when i read your content; V interesting to me and great poetics and pictures painted. Hve you ever read his poetry? . . . you MUST use Bear Garlic another time too . . . Bear Garlic – YES!!! 🙂

  15. Long time, Hi Claudia I miss your work. There is honest in this poem, truth and reality, and like all the others yes you are right even Picasso sucked at times. I am inspired

  16. There’s an end to every tunnel…but the heart stopping feeling getting there is always an adventure… take a risk go with the flow…if it works it works if not…there’s always another poem or painting around the corner… enjoyed this!! So cool!!!

  17. ..probably better we don’t ‘line in rows on shelves’ I’m thinking? love how you combined the subjects…likening fragments of our lives with Picasso 😉 and tunnels and the questioning..I wonder though did you and yours truly find an appropriate place of the beaten path to know..

  18. You have me wondering what it must be like to be an artist’s model – to have him/her always looking at you but possibly never seeing you. And “bad poetry is in the eye of the beholder” – yes and no on that I think.

    • “scent of ramsons, primrose–
      woodruff pokes their little heads out of the soil,

      the trees face north// there are certain clues
      in pablo’s works, sometimes just a nose shape,
      if you know, you recognize…”

      Through Your Poetic Words:

      You have captured a moment…
      A walk in/through the wood…
      And a reflection Of a visit…
      very well…
      For Sharing!
      deedee 🙂

  19. Beautiful rendering, Claudia. Your last line struck me. We’re at the beach on vacation and I find the broken shells more beautiful… started to collect them, but decided to leave them on the beach. They seem much more accomplished there than lined up on my shelf back home. = )

  20. Claudia, really striking images–I kept reading through trying to pick one and they are too linked to divide–did love the comment about the nose shape, that you see it if you know it…:-)

  21. Wonderful mood. Wisdom. “bravery and hope” — desire is the fuse that burns, I think, that makes most of us go, speaking of Picasso and picking through discarded condoms in the woods…

  22. Picasso sucks at the best of times. One day someone with a gaggle of degrees is going to mention the emperor’s new clothes.To give him his due he was a great entrepreneur!

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