the art of putting things to rest

i’m small
rather non-descript

——–& dressed
in fragile black

nevertheless they crash
into a sudden rest

at my appearance
between a bar & note,
catch breath,

i hold ‘em at my fingertips,
playFul— teNder, yet
——–counting down,
just in time


———-& they move on



my second go on Anna’s MTB prompt… i’m a rest sign on the sheet music above… just in case you wonder… smiles


30 responses to “the art of putting things to rest

  1. EXCELLENT and thanks for explain. Re the word *rest* no stress? I dunno. When playing a new work –and 43 bars rest…and my stand partner and I have both lost count–there is risk of LOTS of stress. Dammmm those rests! –grin!

  2. nice…a rest in music…small but has all the control…can bring full on music charges to a halt…and as alluded to in this almost tease and taunt us before releasing us…ha…some pretty intimate undertones in this one as well..

  3. Geez can channel much at your sea, a rest sign would never be thought of by me to do, sure needed though to feel the music through and through.

  4. Hi Claudia, much prefer this second offering – much more fluid & artful to my ear… Think intuitively (and perhaps unsurprisingly!) you are much happier in this guise, than trying to be a printer!! Some contemporary IT synchronicity though with Tony’s theme of pen versus computer… Interesting stuff!

  5. Until I read about this rest note I thought it was you whose powerful and fragile stillness brought such respect! Fun poem!

  6. I love the ‘playful and tender’ thought…what a treat this little poem is..I liked the other about the copier, too..more industrial characteristics that this musical one 😉

  7. I’m musically challenged too (in that I can’t read it) but nevertheless KNOW this is a wonderful write!

    Anna :o]

    • “i’m small
      rather non-descript

      ——–& dressed
      in fragile black”

      Thank-yew! [as I bring that down an octave: Thank-you!]

      Through your [very] beautiful [and descriptive] poetic words you have captured:[“i’m a rest sign on the sheet music above…”]
      deedee 🙂

  8. “you taste of cocoa”, “yeah”, i smile “that’s my new lipbalm”, “nah”, he shakes his head “it is the soul”, – Loved these lines – of earth and spirit all in one – wonderful.