GrEEn–bLaNK–gREEN– &

see, i didn’t kiss him
cause you never  know
what they turn into,
i’m not

Miss Piggy,
after all,
we collect trash

in separate bins, re-spin
empty yogurt mugs
into a Versace spring collection,
flavored berry-ish and lick
my lips (aaahhh) at a certain point of
seam to thigh,

in the land of black, red, gold

we even have a party that calls
green their name, a proEarth claim,
goodbye atomar, nuclear power plants,
a relict of history?

i got my doubts
as i switch on 30.000 neon tubes
&with a single touch
the office turns into
a star wars scene,

BrigHT, oHso bRiGHT—right, everything’s so
wOnderfully bright here— ha

at least
they use
cardboard cups at Starbucks,
consciously recycled in a homeless’ hand
to gather coins & get another drink,

i fall on the bench, right next to him,
planet earth in his green eyes,
“it’s blue in fact” i say
“we are, oh Dang, we Are”

“care to share a burger?”
wrapped in just a hint

of paper & we fold it afterwards,
smirched with whisky stains
into an little plane “be careful with the wings–“

& then
(“really, you should take a shower”)
cruise the planet

carbon free


smiles… Karin has us writing Green for St. Patrick’s day poetics.. environmental, envy, Kermit the frog.. whatever jumps to your mind when you hear the word green.. see you at 3pm EST at dVerse..

50 responses to “GrEEn–bLaNK–gREEN– &

  1. ha…he might give you warts as well…the frog that is…and no you are no miss piggy…smiles…ha…really cool quick rhymes in that recycling stanza right after that too…oo the homeless recycling the cups as well…you know that pinged my heart…cool close as well cruising the planet on a burger wrapper paper airplane…

    good morning!

  2. …ha, carbon free these days? ya wish… back here govn’t implemented anti-use of plastics products on fast food chains & (actually) all throughout the nation but,oh, as expected another loose policy for only few complied to it… there were still some i noticed unsing carbon gas emitted products… and think that’s too impossible to eliminate in just a snap of a thumb.. or blink of an eye… nicely Claudia… so we’re goin’ green on dverse? ha,, cool… smiles…

  3. Wonderful green words Claudia – love the way your poetry delights the senses with its excellent commentary on this world we live in.

    Anna :o]

  4. cruising the blue planet in a recycled-paper plane sounds fun & yes, very green… & i love the way you start the poem like it’s somewhere in the middle of an ongoing conversation – really grabbed me with those first two stanzas. yeah, def a very cool poem.

  5. Who knew ‘green’ would make your imagination soar like this. I really ike the mood of this poem. It’s not passionate, but makes a point with a little humor and fun words. You’re unique Claudia. Have a fantastic weekend, as green as possible,

  6. Great flow even as green went to blue in your view, and green sure brought the fun out in you, would that be yellow then? Or now re at your den

  7. A nice dream for a green planet, carbon free, but we shouldn’t turn our office into a stars wars scene ~

    Like the environmental message, hope that paper flies all the way across ~

    Happy Saturday ~

  8. Such a mix here – as it is in real life – how do we do it? how do we see it? I love the shared burger scraps – it is difficult – you bring that out. k.

  9. You are the poetic tightrope walker here, C–you open with levity, and then segue into heartfelt sharing, down to the olfactory clues, and close with some smart advice. A terrific green ride; thanks.

  10. Glad the green revolution is remembered. These days global warming seems to be on everyone’s lips more often.Your tendency for details amazes me. I can picture 2 people on a bench sharing despite one shabby and emitting an odor. Nicely Claudia!


  11. “see, i didn’t kiss him
    cause you never know
    what they turn into,
    i’m not

    Miss Piggy…”

    …is the title Of your poem…As you look at the colour green for Karin…through your poetic words…As you look at Kermit, As you mentioned a Party, As you even look at eyes [that are actually bleu?]…and touch on the en-viron-ment.

    Thanks, for sharing and Happy St.Paddy Day? St. Patrickstag Day?
    deedee 🙂

  12. I love the way you did your bit for Mama Earth! 🙂 By the way, Starbucks is not the only one that uses cardboard. Ever had a McDonald’s burger? 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  13. St Patrick’s Day Claudia..
    don’t know much about this day… all I know is that it’s Green all over 😛

    have fun..
    enjoyed reading as always 🙂

  14. We do our best to reduce, reuse, recycle…and yet there are still whole countries who are industrializing and happy to continue the vicious cycle. You’d think we’d have learned by now. Good write, Claudia. Stay “green!”