maybe plastify the folds//don’t rub the dirt off

across the table
in a 13 inch screen,
—–she sits,

blurry, satellite,
just out of bed,
rubs eyes,

i’m Close
———to midnite,

ticking boxes
in insurance forms,
Chalkless borders,

in neon light &
arTificial paleNess,


in the corner, light bulbs,
someone talks, her voice

reminds me of MM.

toNeless folds, parchmented &
his work pants
crumpled bottle-green,

a piece

of art
in front the toilet seat
{after the rapture}?


i brush my teeth

the window, night-deep, spearMint

on my tongue

he’s breathing, all of us
behind closed doors
or in the Face

—–of something



smiles…little snippets of the day..a bit abstracted…a skype session with my daughter.. the work pants my son left in front of the toilet seat.. really, thought i missed the rapture.. ha.. smiles…won’t be around much on tuesday and wednesday as i’m on a business trip.. back for meeting the bar though..


44 responses to “maybe plastify the folds//don’t rub the dirt off

  1. You are so artistic in your poetry! And how allow us a glimpse into your day with such few words

    ” i brush my teeth

    the window, night-deep, spearMint

    on my tongue”

    … I’m constantly amazed 😀

  2. curses….

    i love what you did with ti(e)red right there in the middle…and that you see art in the crumpled pants by the toilet…ha, that is awesome…hey thank goodness you did not miss it…smiles….and that last bit on the breathing in the face….very cool..

    so your girl is doing good being away?

  3. You’ve captured that ‘abstracted’ or disjointed air that prevails when we’re thinking about other things perfectly here Claudia, I too love the ti(e)red in the middle 🙂

  4. Enjoyed all of the details here…details of life and where your thoughts traveled. So neat that you can talk to your daughter via Skype…distance doesn’t FEEL so long that way!

  5. …wonderful capture of a moment in such an artistic description Claudia… you’re guiding us in every bits of the entire scene… and, yes,.. enjoy the business trip & keep safe… smiles…

  6. Another unique visualization of a segment of your day…you present what we take for granted and turn it into an artistic statement.

  7. Isn’t it wonderful to live in this age of Skype? Hope your daughter is doing well. Didn’t know you had a son. I love how you bring a simple snippet of time, into the abstract and make it so beautiful. Be safe on your trip.

  8. A friend set up a Skype session for my mumme a while ago … she is 83 … she was so amazed to see me on the screen … as she talked, she moved closer and closer to the screen … until all I saw was her nose … so cute …

  9. “dis//amBiguity” – good grief, I could spend a good long paragraph on close analysis of this one word. I feel as though I discovered you. You poet, you. 🙂

  10. I picture you scribbling down inspiration. If you have creative impasse’s I never notice them. I can taste mint.

  11. Love it, Claudia, read it twice, trying to figure out some of the “code”. Sometimes ! get more out of it than you put into it (code,) MAYBE. HA!

    “…I’m close to midnight.” when Anna asks, What time did you go to bed?” I always answer, “Close to midnight!” Which usually means 2:30-3 AM (twitch!)

    Safe traveling, Sweet poet!

  12. great descriptions here. I’ve done Skype before, kept freezing up, then the picture would come back. Fun though, I remember back just fifteen years or so ago, when stuff like that were only in science-fiction movies and shows. Great piece here. Thanks

  13. Just got off Skype to Trinidad and bless it for the contact it allows. Bless your mother heart for valuing the little things with/of your kids, for wanting them to stay.

  14. Love how you captured what I would call the syntax of the mind – thinking thoughts that connect by the slightest thread. A wonderful look-see into your world. – Mosk

  15. Simple things of daily occurrences can occupy much of our attention. Especially true when our children come into the picture. Skype connections can be fun. Nicely Claudia!


  16. Interesting snippets… at first I thought your daughter had a boyfriend, and the artwork, well you don’t want to know.

  17. Great capture of the ordinary and how sweet it can be. So good you can see her on Skype..I hope she is having an amazing time.

  18. Your work is so very unique, both in form & content; never ceases to impress & amaze me; often feel like I need a poet’s rope to corral some of the more frisky words that stray off into their own strata/stanza. This is the best poem about fatigue and pants that I have ever encountered.

  19. Claudia, I love the imagery of the work pants/thinking you missed the rapture. Funny. I also like how you play with words and capitalization, like “ti{e}red” and “some{Where}”. You always have great poem titles too.

  20. Great work, the close observation of mundane things can lead to some interesting insights. I hope that if there is such a thing as the rapture, I can keep my pants on during the episode. Just my own little wish.

  21. I specially like chalk less borders, if only ~ Also like the word play and breaks – arTificial paleNess, ——ti{e}red

    Have a safe trip Claudia ~

    • “he’s breathing, all of us
      behind closed doors
      or in the Face

      —–of something


      …Once again, through your poetic words you have shared a moment in your life.

      [as you communicate with your daughter and clean-up after you son as you “shoot from the hip” and is about to embark on a [business] trip.]
      deedee 🙂

  22. One thing that stands out for me in your poetry – there are many – is the way you allow your words to just follow the disjointed thoughts that pop up in your mind (or at least that’s how my mind works!). I can see the influence of Bukowski in that – I appreciate his style, but much of his language and subject matter leaves me cold.

    The pants image struck me too. Here we’d call those trousers, pants being worn underneath. The image I had is totally different to the one you intended!

    Hope you’re enjoying your visit to Berlin.

  23. I love these glimpses into your life and for me this brought out the idea of the rituals that we all create and become an important part of my life. I still am not getting your RSS feeds by e-mail like I used to, or dVerse’s either, for that matter. Have no idea how to correct it and I miss you!

  24. A cool glimpse into your world, I do love the ending, we live with those we love but still we are ourselves, facing our own selves, somewhere, whether in another bedroom or a across the world.

  25. Claudia, thank you for the rapture explanation–that was hilarious! There is rapture happening all over my house! (pants, socks, shirts…) Spearmint bubbles-the sound of breathing, all in it together, behind the closed doors–wonderful 🙂