Rhapsody in 2He



we pull rustling
green & yel-
Low documents
across the scanner’s lucent tongue,


page, by page, by page,

upLoad, reName,
folding tiny paper boats,
not ocean-going,
soaked with blackprint,

she turns ’round, overstrained,
& tears driP– liMpid
back- and forward flips
from her lashes to the ground,

“hey, you’re ok?”
& snuggle her up against me,
with chestnut curls
a velvet storm,
we tie

collapsing waves
to a little, red balloon,
then let it fly,

& i hum Gershwin


over at dVerse Kelvin is hosting Poetics for the first time and he brought some of his artwork to the pub and wants us to write to it in an artistic, impressionistic and suggestive style which he explains in detail in his article that goes up at 3pm EST…see you later..


51 responses to “Rhapsody in 2He

    • “collapsing waves
      to a little, red balloon,

      then let it fly,

      & i hum Gershwin

      Thanks, for sharing the artist Kelvin’s beautiful image which truly complimented your beautiful poetic words and I truly liked the way that you played with words [one example: she turns ’round, overstrained,& tears driP– liMpid] in your poem “Rhapsody in 2He…” too!

      I hope that you and your readers, have a nice weekend too!
      deedee 🙂

  1. …i like the sound you produced in pulling those documents and the making of paper boats… your execution is indeed rhapsodic wherein at the beggining there was paper boat dreams and how the scene transported to something real as the letting of the red balloon later and then there was the Gershwin humming… all in all, a moody piece here Claudia… enjoyed it… thanks… smiles…

    • …and also i handle the paper boats as like love letters of brokenness …and tears served as river of pain & forgetting… the tieing of collapsing waves letting it fly with the balloon completes an image of moving on… ah, you did set a moody piece here… smiles…

  2. I found this tremendously sweet and loving – I read as mother/daughter but really it could be a couple too – I can’t quite make your voice not feminine but enough to imagine sweet man with woman – it is just a very loving sort of poem – floating away the hard emotions, and turning lovely to Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue one of my favorites and this has that tilted sweetness. k.

  3. this shows your heart for others to me claudia…to care enough for another in the midst of work to invite them into a hug….we all need them at times…cool use of sound as well, i am a sucker for that…ha…the lucent tongue is a cool descriptive….but its the heart that shines in this one…

  4. I enjoyed the wordplay in the earlier stanzas. However, for me it is the last three stanzas especially resonate. And yes, I can just visualize that little red balloon flying high…. Humming Gershwin along with you!

  5. Anxieties overwhelm
    the largest hearts,
    the sum of their rule
    not worth their parts;
    human contact,
    patient elation as
    we fly to heaven,

    God’s sweet leaven,
    all bread
    that bind forgiven


  6. I like several others found a wonderful interaction between mother and daughter in the poem…a loving relationship represented so well in your poetry.

  7. Kelvin will be proud because you certainly comply with his request, especially the artistic part. I like the little story in this. It leaves room for one’s own imagination to fill in some blanks – who is the girl?, why is she crying ? etc. Then we can make up our own story. Have a great weekend Claudia.

  8. Why did the way you wrote drip make it more meaningful, & a touch more sad~& did you know it would?

    But first, prehaps a bit tritely on my part, I thought of Nena’s protest song: 99 Luftballoons.

  9. trust births and rebirths. fine-tuned, impressionistic details of a moment wrapped with a loving connection and the truth about leaving. just beautiful.

  10. I like the sounds here…specially the lucent tongue of the scanner ~

    I also like the moment’s sweet embrace and tying up the red balloon ~ A treat to read this afternoon ~

  11. I love that you used the Helium symbol in your title…an element so light it can carry our troubles away…nicely knit descriptive moments with the daughter at home; so neatly and lovingly put together and shared 😉

  12. I think you captured the contents of the baloon and makes it float and drift very well. Maybe even why nobody has grasp of it. I like the sound effects around your seeting. I felt right there in the middle of the clutter of the scene you write. Yes, the floating baloon appears tranquil, but is people only knew what kept it a float.

  13. we pull rustling
    green & yel-
    Low documents
    across the scanner’s lucent tongue,

    yes yes yes – spring spring spring
    daffodils are a scattered paperchase
    and [let me guess]
    ‘I got rhythm’

  14. Really enjoyed the interplay of visual and sound descriptions here – and Claudia, your big heart is on display for all to see here.

  15. “…we tie

    collapsing waves
    to a little, red balloon,
    then let it fly,

    & i hum Gershwin

    As soon as I saw this image, could not help but think of the song ’99 Luftballons’:

    “…I found a balloon,
    think of you and let it fly (away).”

    Amazing how music weaves it’s way into our words. I enjoyed your capture, Claudia. Lovely, as always!

  16. A Paper boat is a real fascination. It’s a ‘toy’ that is immediate, cheap, easy to construct and moves like the real thing. Now tied to a balloon it can even fly. Any kid will be taken by it!. Nicely Claudia!


  17. Interesting … the helium balloon is a symbol of being able to get away to unknown shores … working with a few suicidal patients right now … helium is one of the ways out for them … take in enough helium … and you are out for good … sorry for this dark comment,C … all is well here, but I am tackling other people’s probs at the moment … Love you, C … thank you for you.

  18. after some tedious frustrating work, simple joys like watching a red balloon fly away and float, and singing, are wonderful treats.

    I love the way you incorporated sound in your poem too. I can hear the hum of the printer spewing out pages upon pages of hot paper… 🙂

  19. This one felt like a mother child experience to me…loved the lucent tongue of the scanner…the paper boats and the balloon both bridge distances that separate you from a loved one.