Copenhagen & aWindThat–

copenhagen / little mermaid

copenhagen / the little mermaid


between shade & light,
the wind leans into us,
we drift, after

the parade
to the royal palace, changing
of the guard, &

i’m not questioning
anything, feathered white
wings spread, in a dotted dress
& military boots under a
group of snow clouds,

carrying their weight
furiously fast, with ease,
on the church bell tower,

we test centrifugal forces
throwing us a–round &
round&round, “so, why
are you so nice?” i ask

“you said you’d leave me
otherwise” “well, that’s an
argument–” standing

by the mermaid, shade–‘n
light//ShAde– next to us,
a little lady (japanese) with
colored socks, and

by the sea, a native guy who
watches her opposite
the rocks, catching sun rays,
a mosaic of opportunities
on his wrinkled face, under

a speckled sky, giant
cloud-speed-race, his bike
against the fence,
reflects moments bet-
ween shimmering spokes,
shadeShAdeLiGht–a morse
code, (get it now)
smiling, through

the wind i shout “it was worth
it, right–?” she blinks,

–& never answers


it’s groundhog day in the states and all depends on shade and light then..that’s karin’s prompt for poetics as well… had a great time in copenhagen and happy to be back just in time for when the dVerse pub doors open at 3pm EST..

52 responses to “Copenhagen & aWindThat–

  1. Well being a SoCal kind of guy…the cold winds would have kept me from answering your question also because my lip would have been frozen shut. 🙂 Enjoyed you poem as usual.

  2. i love your repetition and play with shadows (shade) and light…did you really wear military boots under your dress? smiles…an interesting convo with hubs as well…you zoom in and out real well in this…personal, then those around you…the blinks, morse code…can we ever truly know it was worth it other than what we feel in the moment…smiles.

  3. ..a mosaic of opportunities on his wrinkled face…i really like that line Claudia…. and you have a vivid observations around the place… indeed, a stunner piece… hope the groundhog will grace some favorable signs of life finally… smiles…

  4. I like that you were not questioning things, just taking in; I feel the shifting of the light and shadows of a wintry day…and colored socks..moments in time but like a short movie reel..and love the photo with the mermaid..lucky you 😉

  5. This is another fine poem from your pen/keyboard, Claudia. I love the playfulness in it – just like the sun/wind/clouds/ playing with patterns of light and shade on the landscape of Copenhagen.

  6. Copenhagen, hmm … fond memeories … 1972 … time of rebellion and freedom … Once I wore a leatherjacket, a very short pleaded skirt and hiking boots … peeps were quit annoyed … except Lars …

  7. Nice weave with the real and surrounding, as the shadows creep and the wind sure blows, but not chilling you with those boots covering your toes haha

  8. I enjoyed the shadows and light in your poem, Claudia. Nice photo. One always pictures that Little Mermaid Statue much larger (larger than life!), I think; but when one sees people standing in front of it, it really is not large at all. I enjoyed the Morse Code (wondering if anyone really uses it any more) and the atmosphere and the people (Japanese woman with colored socks – interesting what one remembers) and the conversation!

  9. this is gorgeous, your words play in and out of the shade and the light just perfectly. love this:
    i’m not questioning

    the best place to be 🙂

  10. Beautiful, Claudia. I was there with my mom and my older son Josh. It was a great journey to Billund where Legoland is and to beautiful Copenhagen. That was a long time ago…. My mom told me ahead of time not to be disappointed that the mermaid was smaller than she had though. I wasn’t. I soaked it all up. Love the pic too 😉

  11. A real winner here. Again your words create magnificent pictures. I’ve said it before – your poems are, for me incredibly visual. A lot of poetry satisfies my analytical black-and-white “left brain” but your poetry always satisfies my explosion-of-color “right brain”

  12. “The sky ….refelects moments between shimmering spokes.” – those words are so beautiful. The entire poem is beautiful, you mesh the instance of a moment with implications for an entire eternity. It’s code. I just loved this Claudia. Love your style. Glad you enjoye Coppenhagen. Sounds so cold though. Have a good weekend.

  13. Love the reinforcement of shade and light throughout… you put me right there, as always. Great pic, too!

  14. I like the play of light and shadows under the speckled sky, beside the mermaid ~

    I hope to see the place someday ~ Thanks for sharing your journey and picture ~

  15. cool scene. a great balancing act between outside and inside world here. illumination followed by darkness. the mystery at work, so much in a question.
    great to see you again always:)

  16. Copenhagen !! How cool that traveling all over is “a mosaic of opportunities” for you !! The sea always brings out that great play of shadows and light, shimmering stage of life !!

  17. Methinks “The Little Mermaid” is standing to the left of “the big sailor-Man”..LOVE the photo of you both!

    The way to enjoy everything, is to “not question anything”
    and……………….. “… so why are you being so nice?” I ask.

    Hahahahah! So if it answers, knowledge, I want, gotta ask the questions, I s’pose.

    So well written, and the Peeps around you, so well observed.
    Thanks Claudia!

  18. we test centrifugal forces
    throwing us a–round &
    round&round, “so, why
    are you so nice?” i ask

    This stanza appealed to me – and the light REALLY dawned! very enjoyable piece.

  19. Love it … the socks the contrast between the military and the little japanese lady the mermaid the pic of you two … wonderful sense of shade in sunshine and open non-questioning …

  20. This poem has some lines very beautiful and sobering. I people who want to improve in life are in constant discussion, a sort of mental revolution continues and constructive to get one day to the psychological well-being. Most things we can understand in our minds the more we adapt to life’s events.

  21. Claudia — it is so nice to find you again — even in the cold of Copenhagen — but then, I’m in the chilly climes of Saskatoon — not as romantic, but lovely none the less.

    Lovely poem.

  22. we test centrifugal forces
    throwing us a–round &
    round&round, “so, why
    are you so nice?” i ask –> i really like this. why? ummm??? maybe because i like physics?

  23. 2 different days. 2 different times. Both very intriguing.

    Would love to be in a dotted summer dress with military boots, black ones. But not in TX because it’s TOO HOT. Could manage it in Canada in summer.

    LOVE clouds weighing on a bell tower.

    There are always unexpected twists and turns here, I like that! I never know what’s now and what’s remembered, and what’s just being made up here from your imaginings. fun! xoxo

  24. LOVE your “liGht–LigHt–sHaDe–”!!!

    “so, why
    are you so nice?” i ask

    “you said you’d leave me
    otherwise” “well, that’s an

    that’s priceless!

    • Welcome back?!…Thanks, for sharing the photograph Of your hubby and you in Copenhagen with a mermaid…lovely!
      between shade & light,
      the wind leans into us,
      we drift, after

      the parade

      to the royal palace, changing
      of the guard, &

      I think through your poetic words you have captured what Karin wanted the use Of shade and light because it’s groundhog day in the states.
      deedee 🙂

  25. Hi Claudia,
    Good to find your work…. I found this in particular to be rather beautifully and tenderly written, with a light hand and acute observation. Confident use of stylish devices also to embellish the overall impact of the poem. your wrting is interesting and I will be back for more! With Best Wishes Scott www.

  26. “It was worth it, right?” Most others post, I read, I may like, I may comment… You are one of the few that post, I do not read. You post again, I do not read. And yet again. ThEN I go to your blog, take an hour, and taste each word over and over again, letting its flavor flow over my tongue, slowly digesting them one and all. This poem reminds me of a Frost work. Its monologue and dialogue emit the deepest feelings of your subject (you?) without actually stating them plainly. The symbolisms, the unanswered question (The Great Unanswered Question of both Love and Life). Like Frost, you are a Thinker’s Poet. I like your free style, too. I like trying to decode your cyphers (bread crumbs) that lay just below the surface. You are a great poet, Ms. Claudia, and I have you on my top ten of WP. 😀 Eric