the InFrontMyOffice flag
raises fluttering cotton arms, happily
saluting New Year

throaty beeps escape
her square, white womb and
i badge in

last year’s dust,
contains my fingerprints, scattered loosely
on the keyboard

your kiss lingers
still, softly promising, between my
business dressed thighs


we’re writing Jack Collom Lunes at dVerse today…get your pens ready and stop by when Sam opens the pub doors at 3pm EST..


62 responses to “back@work

  1. ha, i like these…the beep from the womb…very creative way to put badging in…and that last one…ah, the thoughts of being back home…i still have a few days of break so i imagine that monday i will feel much the same…smiles..nice heat in that last one too…

  2. Geez this is good. For a short poem it contains a wealth of ideas that spark other ideas, that bring into flame yet other thoughts consuming the present with memories. Inspired.

  3. I have the week off to read more great poetry such as this. Square White Womb. Womb is an oft used word in my poetry…It carries so much…pun intended. I blush at the last line of reality.

  4. Hi Claudia – I also especially liked one’s fingerprints in last year’s dust, and the lovely sensuality of the poem too. The private in the workplace – and the badging in. Ha. k.

  5. Such a timely topic here, and your use of form was great for these snapshots of ambivalence about returning…and that last one? Wow!

  6. Ha, I love the “InFrontMyOffice flag” line. And this one in particular:

    last year’s dust,
    contains my fingerprints, scattered loosely
    on the keyboard

    I’m loving this form.

  7. I could see you traveling a little in your mind to a more delightful past. But work must get done. It’s so nice to be reading your poetry again.

  8. Back to work? I’m beginning to wonder how you ever get out of bed! 😉 Awesome write…think your better half could give my better half some lessons? Whoops…just kidding…really 😀

  9. A brilliant series of lunes, snapshots as it were, and oh, that wonderful final lune, with its warm memories and insinuations. Beautiful!

  10. Um, I was gonna say Stanza 2 was my favorite. And then I read the last. Whew! Seriously hot, girl.

  11. I would have known this as your work from a hundred others. Your elastic lines, full of sound and color, shining your inevitable sensuality. great work, Claudia.

  12. nice job of linking these together to fully fill out a story. Really like the creativity you showed here with the compressed wording in the first lune, like that a lot. Very nicely done Claudia.

  13. Hey, “InFrontMyOffice” just because German and Eskimo-Aleut languages love to agglutinate morphemes — don’t touch my English! (smile)

    in “her square, white womb”, who is “her”?

    Fun images

    And you kept to the word count rules — bravo! Albeit with some agglutination liberties! 🙂

  14. Maybe my imagination is a little awry, but in your flowing words you appear to paint a scenario of a business like woman who is entering the new year with remnants of the past still echoing on her computer.
    Altogether I enjoyed reading it as your writing leaves my imagination wide open

  15. the form here is so useful getting to the heart of things…I think ‘tight; is the word i hear so much on this website to describe how so much is said in so few words written….i like this very much…you are so brave, claudia 😉

  16. ..aww… your third reflects my plea when i got back to work face to face with my pc… keyboards looked like a fossilized figure of our fingers… what a picturesque.. loved it… smiles…

  17. I seem to be combining thighs with last year’s dust. Dusty thighs. Ackkkk.

    But when read the second time it is sex all over. Great. ~Mary

  18. Love “last year’s dust…” and the business dressed thighs–brilliant! Thank you, and a very happy 2013 to you, Claudia.

  19. Sorry I have been lax, Claudia, to visit your site but the holidays came upon me and would not let go. Now they are gone I can visit. I like this post. You take your words and make going back to work filled with imagery not even thought of.

  20. “throaty beeps escape
    her square, white womb and
    i badge in

    last year’s dust,
    contains my fingerprints, scattered loosely
    on the keyboard…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    I like the way…You have captured in your poetic words the feeling Of returning to work…as you remember[ed] a… kiss that lingered…
    Thanks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂