she welds letters in the moonshine
into pairs of eight full iambs (ok/almost)
hunts wolves, that hide in charcoal mines,
searches the sky with glowworm lamps

writes recipes to preserve rhyme,
melts peppermint & jam to blend,
along synchronous orbits, mends
fragmented letters in the moonshine

catches the wind with cautious hand,
then binds him to balloons & chimes,
sun-lotions words, she knew were meant
to bathe in dotted cups of moonshine,

escapes (ina wild Ride) from pent-
up form to where audacious
creatures raP and s T R etch their spine,
howling bold & un.Tamed in the moonshine

what do you mean, you didn’t know that moonshine comes in dotted cups..hu? smiles… just having a bit fun.. Gay Cannon is challenging us with Kyrielle for FormForAll today.. and again, mine is not a good example as I went a bit wild with it, but it def. is a form, worth checking out.. see you at 3pm EST at dVerse..and of course, you can bring as many wild creatures as you like…Gay can tame them ya know…she’s awesome…smiles


38 responses to “un.Tamed

  1. catches the wind….adn writes recipes to preserve rhyme…ha….love those parts in particular….very fun spin…and you know i love the snub of the nose at form as well….rebel!!! hehe i live right next to the moonshine capital of the world….the drinking kind…ha….

  2. Untamed she was and is and will remain, thank you very much! So playful–she binds the wind, but to balloons. . .her attention span pops right off to the sun lotion and moon beams. Howling over here!

  3. So clever and inventive Claudia. You make every work your own, you sing best when you sing yourself and I always love and admire your work. Wishing you the best holiday season ever and a fabulous new year!

    • “writes recipes to preserve rhyme,
      melts peppermint & jam to blend,
      along synchronous orbits, mends
      fragmented letters in the moonshine…”

      …Thanks, for sharing your attempt at the form called: Kyrielle …in your beautiful poem called: Un.Tamed

      deedee 🙂

  4. Ohhh, I read the first stanza and thought “Wow, Claudia is really going to try playing by die Regeln.” But she tells us indeed that the constraint is torture for her — even for one post.
    Your poem is an elegant excuse — I hope my kids don’t learn such a skill until they leave for University. 😉

    Great language as always, Claudia
    Gloriously u.n.t.a.m.e.d.

  5. Another wonderful piece form you Claudia. I especially lilke the way you have adapted the form to suit your voice, and not the other way round. That’s not always easy to do – and some of us don’t have enough confidence in our own voices to make the effort.

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