windshield wipers sound
like tortured creatures in a ghost train,
giant flakes invading the screen,
an army without sword & horse,

“the tire grip’s still good”
my colleague says, stays on the left lane,
headlights cut the night,

we summarize the meeting,
go through details for monday,

“once i drove to munich
with my boyfriend” i say
“in a storm like this,
completely crazy, when
we got there, it was over”

sometimes snow reveals
instead of covering,

we stop by a supermarket,
buy a huge pan for his sport club, cheese,
a french terrine, it’s crazy cold,

“i’ll take the cart back, will you meet me
at the exit with the car–?”
he jokes “like an old couple”
“just pragmatic”
“yeah, you are”

that night, i dream of paris,
it is summer, & looks like sydney somehow,
like nothing, i’ve seen before,

a feather blanket world of snow,
i wake confused, stand by the window,
breathe in fresh, crisp air,
then lock the door, crawl back

into my husband’s warmth & say
“you’ve no idea
how far i traveled–”


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89 responses to “AfterWorkSnow

  1. Ha, I am excited. I was #1 at Brian, Pat, and your ‘pad’ today. One must find joy in small things. Smiles. I enjoyed this poem, Claudia. I like the idea of sometimes snow revealing rather than covering. I like the simile with the windshield wiper sounds. Mostly I think that I am glad right now that I have the ‘freedom’ not to get out in awful weather. I did enough white-knuckling it when worked. And I remember one foolish time we drove to Chicago in the midst of a horrendous blizzard. Foolhardly. Some risks really are not worth it, but it takes a while for one to learn that, I think.

  2. Snow reveals a whole world of new shapes. Snow is all about perception. Snow turns sparrows’ hop into language, runes made with a hot, whipped stick.

  3. Nice going on this snow ride with you. I guess a snow ride, like a crisis, can reveal the truth about a relationship. I really enjoyed reading this.

  4. A great journey…I loved the sound of the wipers, the revealing of snow into your dream..perhaps you saw a snow covered opera house..

    The journey of a thousand blizzards always begins with one flake…wink..

  5. burr, it i dream of summer too. I ‘am amazed at how well traveled your are. I know understand you don’t need a camera your minds words act like one. I’ am being so real when I say that.

  6. Hmm…. we already had two doses of snow, yesterday was the most…so far. It’s just a warm up (sadly) for the main event…lol
    I really enjoyed how you took the ordinary of the weather, a car drive, shopping, and turned it into lovely poetry. Love how you snuggled back into bed with hubby too.

  7. sometimes snow reveals
    instead of covering….i love how that just jumps off the page in the middle to make you contemplate it…and i love the closure at the end, your decision to huddle back into the warmth…and how far you have traveled….very nice claudia…

  8. I think there is such a “real” connection between down pillows/ duvets over down comforts and snow. I too make that connection. Also, I love that Paris looked like Sydney. I think you, too (like me), must have been born on Thursday – we definitely had “far to go”. I love that you’re a lover of life and a traveler – you always take me along on your journeys (by poetry, vicariously) of course.

  9. Beautiful, Claudia. “you’ve no idea
    how far i traveled–” , 🙂 I , too, have traveled far with my heart, i even travel now as i write this comment here. And yes, snow may reveal more than it covers 🙂 Lovely and true line xx

    • Chanzi, sorry to write to you here at Claudia’s blog but I don’t know how else to contact….and Claudia, feel free to remove it when you see it…but Chanzi, I have been leaving comments for you, but my comments to into Word Press spam. If you check and ‘free’ me, I will be able to comment from this time forward with no trouble.

        • I am not so familiar with Word Press, as I use Blogger mostly. But look for your SPAM folder somewhere with your ‘comments’ and you should see my comments. I think if you indicate they are not spam I will be able to post forevermore. Look around in the WP comment section. You may find other people’s comments there as well.

  10. I drove around Munich(& many other places in his country)with Manfred many years ago. I loved Germany actually.

    I’ve locked the door & crawled back at times.

  11. …this is a heart warming poem Claudia…very sweet and the way you end this i think is quite the perfect line and way… i can’t think of anything best to close this other than what you did… great…smiles…

  12. Sometimes snow reveals instead of covers, I like that line and concept. Yes stress, closed in spaces, whatever snow can create on the otherside of winter joy can bring out the tseb in us. Excellente!

  13. there is definitely something magical about snow; though I don’t care much for driving in it. the old couple line made me smile.

  14. this is, hands down, my favorite of yours so far… (and since all yours are so good, this is a hard thing to say!). i just loved the textures… memories… and the ending – perfect. so. very. beautiful.

  15. “sometimes snow reveals instead of covering”… gorgeous line, and a wonderful poem Claudia… as I read this I thought darkness too reveals as much if not more than it hides… you’ve given me something exquisite to contemplate, thank you!

  16. Pragmatic…you dream only at night? (Reading you all this time, I cannot believe that–YOU, POET, must draw on your also-beautiful day-dreams!!)

    I am a World Traveler, Frequent Flyer, Million-Mile Club Member…ONLY through reading your own poetic journals.
    You help me to save lot of money…JOYFULLY!
    Thank You.
    PEACE, Claudia!

  17. This snow–invading army or not–is one of the gentlest I’ve seen in the way it clears the old life making way for the new, the way it returns the narrator to where home is, the way it enters dreams and wakes her to sense how far she’s traveled to arrive.

  18. Haven’t gotten any snow here… but we rarely do. I love the dreamy state of your poem… and have traveled along side you!

  19. What a stunning piece of work, Claudia! I love the line ‘sometimes snow reveals instead of covering’. Well written! Thank you for sharing!

  20. the snow is so real, gives me chills; the spousal affection is more real, but it is the dreamscape that fascinates, that & the journey your heart is an engine for. Lovely what dreams can do, bring worlds to their knees, pull off masks, put them on. Some of the cities in my dreams seem so very familiar, each time I am there; several houses I seem to reside in; yet I do not recognize these urban echos; perhaps they are the cities of past lives, or cities of parallel dimensions.

  21. reading you always makes me pine for Paris
    even if it isnt mentioned but when it is even more so.
    Snow and ice, i cant stand – literally, i slid on my butt today
    not V. romantic huh? 😦

    you move in mysterious wave lengths
    across europe and beyond – – – Way cool
    claudia , chills))) 🙂

  22. Sometimes snow reveals instead of covering…now that resonates! Glad your memory trip ended so cosily, Claudia! Nice!

  23. I have never been in a car driving through snow but somehow can relate to that bit about armies invading w/o weapons, and revealing rather than covering up…your art and observations are phenomenal…and so is the closure.

  24. “tortured creature on a Ghost Train”

    I had to look up Ghost train and try to figure out what sort of creatures would be tortured on it and why? GRuesome!
    Ghostbuster II — had a Ghost Train — 1920 NYC train derailed killing hundreds — apparently. And Final Fantasy VI (video game) has a ghost train, but no torture. Oh, well, Claudia is making a metaphor out of a metaphor. Damn, I hate when she stretches my mind — like torturing some creature on a ….. (no, I won’t say it)! 🙂

    Are there good stories of European Ghost Trains?

    Love the line: “sometimes snow reveals instead of covering”
    I wanted to learn more here … but it was just a tease. [reading the comments — seems like everyone loved it — maybe a whole poem on that theme is waiting to be born — another dream, perhaps.]

    And I learned the word “terrine” which led to “forcemeat” which made me think “Chicken McNuggets” –> yuck!

    LOVE that last line — fantastic. Caught me pleasantly off guard. It made the whole poem sparkle. It made the dream’s snow covering reveal so much more.
    Thanx — nicely done.

  25. How far, inwardly and outwardly, yes? I love the story here. The recounting of memories, the situation at hand, the discussion. There is always a lot going on in your poetry. You don’t often dwell on the ‘i’ but have others to converse with, and things eventuate. I’d hesitate to call many of your pieces vignettes, because they have a true narrative/story. Enthralling

    btw my blogs back up and I’m doing my thang again.. seems to be going fine now 🙂

  26. I like the playfulness of the language, the lightness of the telling, the resolution at the end… a husband’s warmth… yes, I’ve landed there too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  27. Oh nice, loved the little bit of nervousness during the drive, I could feel it those poor windshield wipers, tortured creatures in a ghost train, and the cold, sounds like a good night to stay in and cuddle! 🙂

  28. I love this piece Claudia. One of my favorites of yours. You have such a gift for taking us with you when you travel. You just know how to capture things…and the boyfriend stanza made me lol.

  29. Favorite part:

    “sometimes snow reveals
    instead of covering,”

    Love this line because I always think of snow covering, and you’ve made me see it differently. Beautiful as always, Claudia 🙂

  30. It’s certainly a long journey when one chooses it. But it gets to be a reality when one gets back into the arms of someone dear! Nicely Claudia!


  31. I am always satisfied after reading your work, Claudia. Your voice is clear and defined. Your telling of the mundane elevates it all. Your perspective, unique, offers a peak into worlds we all know, but don’t know. Lovely.

  32. “sometimes snow reveals
    instead of covering…”

    “a feather blanket world of snow,
    i wake confused, stand by the window,
    breathe in fresh, crisp air,
    then lock the door, crawl back

    into my husband’s warmth & say
    “you’ve no idea
    how far i traveled–”

    Hi! Claudia…Which is the best way to experience snow…On your way home…[Especially, if you don’t have to drive, but use another means Of transportation…Thanks, for sharing your very descriptive poetic words…too!]

  33. Brrrr! So beautiful, though. And fun to climb back to that warmth 😉 Snow does make those wipers scream, doesn’t it? Excellent write