on being prepared to be prepared–

i love James Bond, not because he’s sexy
(though he is) but mostly cause he always is
prepared, for everything, within split seconds,
eyes and senses sharp, a seismograph,
detecting every tiny shift & slightest move,

i’m on a train, blackInk night outside (not that it
matters for the story, but–), reading,
look up & realize, i’m squeezed
into a wagon with a school class (loud),
happy chatter, music, battles, &

look around, bewildered cause i didn’t
hear them– tell my daughters later
(snuggled up in our pajamas
in the living room), they give me a hug
“no surprise at all mom–“

& i train hard, to prepare, be more aware
of/for the things around me, watch
aQuarterMillion spy films, school my eyes & ears to
see and hear, take mental snapshots, but then

slither into nowHEREland within a heartbeat,
& my husband says “i love to watch you
when you come, cause you’re so deeply lost
within the moment”

“you’re prepared–?”
oh i would love to be,
work hard for it,
& probably i’m never

& probably it doesn’t really matter that much


over at dVerse, we’re writing Preparation poems today…and  i’m totally prepared to jump into the poetry stream and read when Mary opens the pub doors at 3pm EST..


46 responses to “on being prepared to be prepared–

  1. the moments are always there…we are the late arrivals, but sometimes…our train is right on schedule….can I borrow nowHERE land?….that truly is a dichotomous notion

    Peace Ms. C

  2. “i love to watch you
    when you come, cause you’re so deeply lost
    within the moment”

    Okay okay I picked that phrase, I am SO predictable, but oh my. Anyhow I want to apply for citizenship of nowHEREland. Poem up!

  3. Ah, I saw Skyfall yesterday. I was prepared for a good movie, and James Bond did not disappoint. He def is so aware of his surroundings. Amazing to me. And yes, prepared for any emergency. And sexy!!! Enjoy having your husband home this weekend. I bet you will prepare a good meal or two.

  4. ha i have liked james bond all my life…i commented somewhere my email is based on it…btm (my initials), 2 (on the roatary dial phone was B, as well) and 007…so, btm 2B 007….smiles…..stuck on the train with school children could get a bit dicey you know….ha…i try to train myself as well to be in the moment and noticing all the little details…i think at times i may be prepared…its those moments that i realize i am not…ha…love the intimacy as well..hope hubby continues healing well….peace.

  5. I think you’d miss nowhereland if you were as well trained and prepared as Bond; I don’t think that’s something one can turn off. There would be no time to enjoy life, to sit on a park bench and watch the world around you, at least not with the eyes of a poet. although what do I know…maybe 007 is one amazing wordsmith.

  6. “slither into nowHEREland within a heartbeat” –

    sometimes, i think, our last resort preparedness, is simply experience grasping to cope with what we can’t predict –

    and that may be as well as we can get prepared, despite the shock-surprise of yet another unpredicted predicament 😉

    i wish us all, all the best!

  7. My husband and daughter joke in front of me and talk about me with absolutely no awareness on my part when I’m reading. I’m in deep and gone to some other place, really gone. So I get this and esp. like your husband’s comment!

  8. We all get lost in our minds and miss the moments. Some, of course, are too intense to miss (your husband noticed). I imagine when you’re writing is when you’re the most present, if not to your surroundings, at least to the call of your spirit. And then you’re prepared to express it as wonderfully as you have in this poem. Have a great weekend.

  9. This brought up a passion of the past stored away. You’d really appreciate the Boy Scouts. I do believe Be Prepared is their motto.

  10. LOVE this…but I too have been known to drool over anything even slightly Bond related…life would be much better handled if we all had our own 😉

  11. Shaken but not stirred, baby–this #poem throbs with Flemingisque logic, and Claudia-tenderness, as well as earnest introspection; loved it to pieces! I always come to your site knowing you will provide both the sensual & the heartfelt, laced with alacrity; thanks for all of it.

  12. I really like these:

    “& i train hard, to prepare, be more aware”

    “school my eyes & ears”

    “slither into nowHEREland within a heartbeat,
    & my husband says ‘i love to watch you
    when you come, cause you’re so deeply lost
    within the moment'”

  13. We should not at all be in charge by our preparations. I agree totally. It is fun to just see what happens. But we should always be sound. In that respect we should be prepared. I have made a poem in German about that. I hope you like it. It goes as follows,


    Gründlichkeit ist schwer zu machen.
    Gründlichkeit ist Gott zu werben.
    Menschen will und soll nicht sterben
    wenn als Gründlichkeit abbrachen!

    Gründlichkeit ist immer wachen,
    immer Aufbruch zum bereit.
    Gründlichkeit gibt eilig zeit.
    Gründlichkeit macht Abfahrt lachen!

  14. Fun write, as always — I am amazed to see my mind getting use to your style — its own special language. ‘Tis good your family understands your flights of visions an pleasure!

    Concerning BOND-like preparation: James Bond is cool because he is BOTH well planned (ready for everything) and an unabashed aesthete (a hedonist). These two arts of his do not interfere with each other but compliment each other. You also, Claudia, seem to live artfully and skillfully with both minds!

    Wait, as I think about it — living in both minds may not hurt BOND, but a beautiful woman always dies: and good whiskey is wasted! 😉
    (da, Da, DA, da … can you hear the theme music?)

  15. I was thinking Jason Bourne (love those movies)… being prepared even when you have amnesia… what wonderful way to express that when we come we lose all of that, no matter how ‘prepared’. Moments of intimacy take it all away but that is what is so wonderful about them. The closure here is a wonderful message

  16. nice inclusion of passion ~ i wasn’t prepared for, but should have been since it is, after all, a poem by you! hope your husband is doing well!

  17. nice thoughts here. Love the change of course throughout. Grounded reality merging with analytic reflection. I love the Bond movies as well, and I’m an odd bird that actually likes all the bond characters. Not for the sexiness at all though 🙂

    There’s this interesting bit going about, wish I had the link, but found it while stumbling. People think Craig’s Bond is too dark, and for whatever reason their seems to be this resurgence of people craving a Bond more like the Moore 007. I do like those, as they use many more gadgets, the villains are cooler but if one’s going to demand a resurgence of an older Bond, in my opinion, has to be Connery, always has to be Connery. But I love the darker Craig version, and this one, to tie back into the theme, I think is a good mortal mix of preparation, yet being able to ditch that preparation at a split instance as he’s always assessing what will work and when plans need ad libbing.

    Great post Claudia.

  18. Ha ha…beautiful..I do love Bond too.I can also relate to you…When I was reading I was wondering how can this be true……..but yes I do agree with you…
    ‘ probably it doesn’t really matter that much’

  19. Wow, you ran the gamut there–sometimes being prepared does kill the freshness of the moment–love how you ran with this–I love James Bond too 🙂