beyond lap 56

Lewis Hamilton, who started second
on the grid alongside
the defending champion,
passes Vettel on lap 42,

he fast-forwards to 45—(it’s recorded anyway)
“dunno” i say,
“doesn’t feel like the right thing
to do on the eve of a whole week
in hospital–”

i’m tired, spent the evening at
Zürich airport, picking up a group,
(i’m getting sick of airports, honestly)

& he’s still mad at me– “small thing”,
i’d say // “not so small”, says he

lap 49

“want me to pray for you?”
“not now–“

close-up on the headphones,
i can read the brand, & forgot a second later,
“you’re afraid–?”
“not really”

someone said M. M. had the
instinct and reflexes (of a poet),
but she lacked control, Hamilton
has all of it, “maybe our worlds
are not that far apart–”, i say,

later in bed, curled into his warmth,
i pray for him, that the surgery goes well,
then sleep deep and dreamless,
scent of sweat, gas and champagne
still in my hair.


husband’s at the hospital at the moment and the surgery is around noon today. it’s a routine surgery they say, still a bit nervous– will keep you posted how it went. linking up with dVerse where brian opens the OpenLinkNight mic at 3pm EST

just coming back from the hospital…surgery went well..he’s a bit dizzy from the anesthesia but everything’s fine…thanks for the hugs and prayers…


68 responses to “beyond lap 56

  1. seems you did a little of what I did in mine. I enjoy MM. 🙂 not to mention CS , and I don’t mean Lewis..

    I hope all goes well with your husband. Tough times, but you are an extraordinary woman.

  2. i meant to ask you last night how it went yesterday…sorry…hope all is well and said a prayer yesterday….i like the honesty and intimacy in this…i think too it highlights how men and women approach and event of this nature differently…love the camera change in the middle and the smells in your hair in the end…

  3. thoughts have been with you both, I can certainly empathise from personal experience with all your worries and heartfelt concerns. God bless you for having the courage and talent to express your feelings at a time like this in poetry. Hope it all went well and is over now, on to recovery and convalescence !!!!

  4. Hoping everything went well with the surgery, Claudia. Interesting how what is a small thing(middle of your poem) to one person is not a small thing to another…. Thinking about hair scents…very evocative description. The mystery for me is who M.M. is. I figure most likely we are not meant to know. LOL.

  5. This is how you as a couple handle things…facing it yet without a lot of drama..certainly the unknowns are there, so of course some fear…wishing you the best thinking it is over by now…cool poem 😉

  6. Stressful times are with you. Work, airports and hubby’s surgery. And I know men aren’t always their best charming selves when they require medical attention. Be patient. Take care of yourself.

  7. I read Marilyn Monroe for M.M. I hope all is well with your husband and your family today. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of perspectives and how often we have to let go and be there for one another.

  8. This splice of narrative is so well measured claudia. the juxtaposition feels right as the dynamic unwinds and the scenes create a balance of interplay and friction offsetting one another and amounting to a V effective conclusion which has emotional impact because of what has come before: i really enjoyed this one claudia and i hope all is well!

    I am a F1 fan – have you watched the Ayton Senna documentry? with or without any link to the sport it truly is poetry in motion. Heroic and tragic – i recommend it for all.

    take care 🙂

  9. Hope the news with regard to hubby is all good and that it’s all over and done with and now just his recovery to get through Claudia. Nothing in surgery is ever ‘routine’ for anyone involved, apart from maybe the medical profession.
    Heart warming read. So full of vivid pictures. The snuggling, the fragrances. Even the short tempered nerves. Lovely read.

  10. a heartful write, Claudia. I love your words,cadence, and honesty here… staying grounded to the center while all the rest is zooming. best blessings for you and your family.

  11. Claudia, not much lately makes me cry, but this did. Actually, everything lately makes me cry! The love and devotion here is palatable. It beats like the heart.

    And the best from here for both of you~!

    Hugs, mightly hugs,


  12. They brought out a “book of poetry” for MM, but the work was less than splendid; more curiosity than poetics. Women certainly can multi-task better than we gents; you had four balls in the air with this one. The universe is smiling RE your husband.

  13. Crap! And my fault for skipping a few days…becuase I just lived my normal busy life right through the stress, strain, operation–was sleeping as HE slept–mine non-induced. Hoping all is well…with YOU always wherever you are, all has got to be well. (Wherever in the Universe, that is!)

    You made a beautiful poets (TOO SHORT) story, Claudia. glad I made it here.
    A good hug!

  14. I like these sections best:

    “had the
    instinct and reflexes (of a poet),
    but she lacked”

    “then sleep deep and dreamless,
    scent of sweat, gas and champagne
    still in my hair”

  15. Glad everything went well…as well as the beautiful poetry you wrote (and are writing).

    That was a lovely poem, a great mixture of thoughts and images…and feelings. So happy for you.

  16. Claudia, I see everything went well, that is great. Your poem is a wonderful narrative of your experience. I truly love the ending with the scents of life and love. Lovely poem.


  17. glad to hear all went well. your words with each lap and blip of conversation build the atmosphere and emotions so beautifully.

  18. Glad to hear all went well Claudia–the hospital is worse than the airport for tedium mixed with anxiety. A very descriptive and personal telling here.

  19. This is a fabulous piece. Watched the same race and did some fast forwarding. There is wonderful intricacy with relationship, health, prayer and the beautiful touch of gas and champagne. Beautiful work!

    (I wonder about the people on the balcony next to the podium who all have their very expensive cameras out for catching all of the moments and inevitably the champagne soaks them. Do they have fancy, expensive, water-proof cameras?)

  20. glad to hear all went fine. yeah, that anesthesia will make you groggy and give you some bad dry mouth too. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Awesome piece Claudia, just love the way you got this all down. Very very good.

  21. healing prayers offered Claudia, whether he wants them or not, from me too… such an intimate poem… feels like I’m right there with the two of you. If you have time tomorrow in the midst of all that happens post op, or perhaps Sunday or Monday, please stop by to visit the gratitude quilt and add words of gratitude of your own in the comment box below… it will be posted early Thursday morning, November 22nd. There is always something to be grateful for.

  22. F1 – An inspired way of peeling back some of the layers in a relationship. Sets up some great associations and a framework for showing the trajectory of time running on while individual lives have their own roller coasters.

    All the best to you and him.

  23. Hi! Claudia…
    I’m posting after the fact, and
    later in bed, curled into his warmth,
    i pray for him, that the surgery goes well,
    then sleep deep and dreamless,
    scent of sweat, gas and champagne
    still in my hair…

    Your prayers were answered as you shared your hopes and fears through your beautiful poetic words…with your readers.

    deedee 🙂

  24. I thought he spend the night before surgery swimming laps in the pool but what do I know, I don’t watch the olympics. A nice snippet of life and an enjoyable read.

  25. Claudia, I’m so glad your husband is fine. That is always nerve-wracking. You really channeled that dizzy, lost sensation here. Excellent!