the way we see&dream&

mural in haight-ashbury, san francisco

it’s always about
moving somewhere, tie dyed shirts
(to hide stains)
and what we smoke
that smells of peace
or such,

or what we hope,

i walk the Haights, on the tracks
of Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane &

it’s scorching hot,

Jimi Hendrix died at 27,
though he understood
the rules of passion & obsession
better than– what can i say
becoming one with it,
whatever one tries hard
to understand,

they say it lasted only
one summer– literally, &
for some it ended in war,
losing themselves, or parts,
or just the dream of peace,
armistice & flowers,

if it’s a woman, to decode
her deepest secrets, there’s
no other way than to make love to her,
& he bows low, plucks the strings,

in just the slightest movement
of his fingers as he plays,
and sings, i hear him, still,
hours later, in the plane

that takes me out of San Francisco


karin tends the poetics bar at dVerse today and we’re writing armistice/truce poems in wide varieties.. come and join us when she opens the pub doors at 3pm EST


51 responses to “the way we see&dream&

  1. There are some strong emotional truths in this work. Nicely done Claudia. Has me digging through my CD collection for VOLUNTEERS and my SURREALISTIC PILLOW.

  2. Merci for yet another trip to my city by the bay. The songs stay in my head and without a doubt the city will stay in your heart. I’ve seen many tourists in the city having lived nearby for 16 years, but some will never understand. Thanks for the memories, I really enjoyed the trip.

  3. I used to work at a hospital near Haight-Ashbury. It has such a powerful sense of history, the summer of love. You’ve captured the sense of place so well, the sense of peace/hope. I knew there would be more SF poems!!!

  4. This poem jumps so nimbly from thought to thought but with the connecting theme – the guitar of the woman is quite lovely – (the whole thing is lovely!) and the jumps work kind of like those different colors on the tie-die. With the stains it’s a very cool metaphor.

    It’s such a great city and you’ve given us this wonderful sense of it. The poem has a beautiful cadence too. k.

  5. i love all the references through out this claudia…particularly the music a it ecoes the time for me….and you are so right as well in how to really understand a woman, or anything you must be intimate with it….not sex….but to really make love to it…love your captures of the city as well….i hope you take many a memory but that you have an incredible welcome home as well…smiles.

  6. I find something haunting in this beautiful piece. it flows so perfectly; I particularly like the end…decoding secrets and the sound of those fingers moving so perfectly.

  7. They say you leave your heart in San Francisco, but clearly you are taking much away from your California experience – the city by the baby, Highway 1, the BigSur, the city of Angels, San Diego, the missions, the color, the heritage, the mixture of cultures all converge there and have found their way into your poems. This one is as charming as the city by the bay.

  8. it’s always about
    moving somewhere, tie dyed shirts
    (to hide stains)
    and what we smoke
    that smells of peace
    or such,

    or what we hope,

    Deep down inside us is that commom thread of hope. Love this, Claudia… esp. the ending. Happy travels.

  9. Maybe if we all smoked a heck of a lot more of that peace pipe and wore flowers in our hair the world would be a much more relaxed place to live in. You’ve certainly made a lifetime of memories there Claudia. Certainly inspired your poetic muse for sure.
    Safe trip home.

  10. The summer of love- wish I could have experienced it. I also think that maybe we need some of this spirit today. I’d much rather have peace & love than apathy. Liking the style in this piece, a teeny bit different for you and I thought it made for a really nice read…hope you had a great trip 🙂

  11. You touched it–not necessarily the myth–but the desire to hold the possibility that close. You only have to see People’s Park near UC Berkeley to laugh at the erosion of a dream–some summer of love. What next? Will we always need heroes?

  12. Lovely to think of you in CA, with your European eyes on our young struggling Republic, there in San Francisco; making time for poetics in the midst of your reverie; good on you.

  13. Ah the summer of love in a city I love and would have left my heart in if I hadn’t needed it later. I love how you dance around its potentiality, soft whisper its echoes, and leave us with its sense of peace.

  14. Your thoughts flow and pull, and seem to have a life of their own in each phrase. It never was what they said it was, and when it became famous, it died.

  15. Nice poem 🙂

    A friend of mine was there in those times… he could have been wealthy, but even though he became another cog in the machine he kept to the ideal that money causes harm when it is sought for more then survival…

    And I think you are on to something about women…I’m game;-)

  16. Damn, loved it! And you even managed to include two of my favourite bands, the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.

    Many thanks. Jimmi, Janis, Jim. All Js, all gone. How sad.

    Greetings from London.

  17. A poignant and atmospheric account of a sort of haunting. A powerful ghost indeed! I always regret that I never got to see Hendrix play when I had the chance.

  18. Claudia, you played this beautifully! So true that what began as peaceful, ended with violence and misunderstanding–you took me back to those days–like watching a movie, only with your wonderful words and then there you are “Leavin’ on a Jet Plane” Brilliant!

    • …through your poetic words in the way we see&dream&

      “it’s always about
      moving somewhere, tie dyed shirts
      (to hide stains)
      and what we smoke
      that smells of peace
      or such,

      or what we hope…”
      You have captured a time in the past [when peace and a chance was hoped for…and summed it up perfectly: With The Image:
      mural in haight-ashbury, san francisco

      By the way, I would have wished you God-speed, but I read your current Tweet…Welcome Back! To Home[Germany]
      deedee 🙂