–and counting down


moon’s pale, full lips
on my hip, night’s
chime skiPs a beat


Gay and Raivenne have us writing Thank Bauk at dVerse today… a Burmese origin poetry form.. so get your pens ready & join the fun when we open the doors at 3pm EST..


44 responses to “–and counting down

  1. Nicely done. It is amazing what can be done when limitations are imposed on us. I think that’s why I’ve always loved the Haiku form. I’ve never heard of Thank Bauk and will need to explore more of it.

    • -and Counting Down

      “moon’s pale, full lips
      on my hip, night’s
      chime skiPs a beat…”

      Once again-
      How sweet… [especially,]
      when me and your Your
      12 poetic words
      [Thank Bauk]meet…

      deedee 🙂

  2. You always rise to the challenge of new forms, Claudia, and I much admire you for that. This was sweet, sweet. Happy you were here during elections, so you could see the REAL America = in camps, sniping, and where the hell are OUR wind turbines? Germany is solidly “green.” Peace, Amy

  3. Very original. I love it when writers are challenged to write a piece using a particular. I say I love it, but I don’t think I could come with something half as good as your poem. So, I love it as a reader. 🙂 Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. so tiny, but so dense i have to paste it here to think about it and comment :

    “moon’s pale, full lips
    on my hip, night’s
    chime skiPs a beat”

    first, the planting of the moon’s full lips on your “hip” did a shift that literally made me jump, then the latter line and a half mirrored what i’d felt, finishing the effect

    the effect? a welcome smile 😉 thanks so much claudia!