Put Car Here —>


i can’t fit my car into the garage
so i feed the parking meter on the sidewalk,
& you spot me already from the window,
sea view–
that’s what makes this flat a jewel,

on the beach, in the tiny breakfast place,
we talk kids, fear, work & marriage, poetry
of course, how life develops a certain way
& sometimes unexpected,

later, back at your apartment
i will share the poem by Bukowski,
i read, sitting on the pier,

in the stuffed antique shop on the corner,
an old Rothko book, stained glass pieces
and some ancient typewriters
where a poet probably typed his verse
many years ago, we let hands glide
over cool, metallic keys,

in the evening, i eat tacos,
outside on the sidewalk &
talk authors with a woman opposite the table,
how open air & books make sense,

back at the beach, the wind and i
write a poem in the sand,
(with my left hand) cause it is so easy,

feet pressed in the mudflat, ride
the magic carpet, watch her sink
her full & fiery womb into pacific waves &

i go crazy like i do, usually,
before the climax when i tell you to go faster,
slower, dunno and– (you’re taking over) cause

i wanna stretch these seconds into hours,
days, a life of just before and know
i can’t &
when the sun falls on me, moan,
breath quickening, thinking weird things like
“i should do the laundry” or
“did i store away the gps &–”

on the way back to the car
in fading day light, watch the trash man
emptying bins, search my bag, find
the keys, put the voice up
that will guide me, pulling out
the parking lot, i
catch a last glimpse of the beach–
him, shuffling bin to bin

& wonder
if there’s someone waiting
he gets back home


i had a wonderful day on saturday, spending some time at the beaches here in california &ย meeting a fellow blogger… the poem title is inspired by the scribbling on his garage wall…and i’m linking up with dVerse where we celebrate another OpenLinkNight…can’t wait until the gates open at 3pm EST


80 responses to “Put Car Here —>

  1. you are welcome to put your car in my garage anytime. i had such a wonderful time hanging out with you. you have a standing invite. few people could inspire me to write poetry these days, even a few words:) thank you.

  2. It does make one wonder..if those we see along the way…have more to their life than what we see…thanks for so much for spending time with us in SoCal…it was a great day!

  3. “back at the beach, the wind and i write a poem in the sand”…love this imagery. And “watch her sink her full & fiery womb into pacific waves” is just so cool.

  4. Wonder which Bukowski poem you read ~ smiles ~ a special day when ‘… i wanna stretch these seconds into hours, / days, a life of just before and know / i canโ€™t & …’ ~ you are an inspiration, Claudia ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. in the evening, i eat tacos,
    outside on the sidewalk &
    talk authors with a woman opposite the table,
    how open air & books make sense,

    Carefree days can be alluring. Without a care to worry except the garage door! nicely Claudia!


  6. smiles….sounds like you had quite the adventure….makes me think back to early in the year and getting to spend a few days with you as well…it was a wonderful time…love meeting others along the way as our stories weave in and out each other, our conversations and acknowledgement of each others existence…and smiling as well at your address to your hubby as well…

  7. “open air & books make sense,

    watch her sink
    her full & fiery womb into pacific waves &

    i go crazy like i do…”
    Which naturally flows into the next scene…the sun is the epitome of passion, is it not? Tight images here and everyone is blessed who has someone to come home to.

    “Existential you are.” Yoda …

    5 stars C.

  8. Enjoyed your reflections on your meeting…and how nice to be able to talk life and poetry and walk the beach and share a meal and more with a fellow traveler! Love all the details you included in this poem…..and my guess is that the trash man doesn’t have anyone waiting for him at home.

  9. Love the moments, the photo…the sense of someone waiting…fantastic piece that wakes up all senses…my feet are so itching reading your recents…I want to run!

  10. back at the beach, the wind and i
    write a poem in the sand,
    (with my left hand) cause it is so easy…..Love writing poetry with the wind as she whispers in your ear ๐Ÿ™‚ lucky you spending time with Ed. Sounds awesome. hope every moment is wonderful for you.

  11. Ahh… it sounds as if you did have a great weekend. You sure are making a whole heap of precious memories Claudia. I loved, the wind and I writing poems. Loved it all, really. great to meet other poets IRL too ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. love these moments that you wish could last forever, living a life full of them will make that be true. i am always touched by your observations, your compassion, your fabulously beautiful humanity.

  13. It’s a movie – a beach movie with short cuts and flashbacks to pull the story together going two directions at once with you at center – the driver, the lover, the writer, the reader, the friend. I laughed, I sighed, I felt the sand between my toes!

  14. God, I love this! So real, so jammed pack full of life, love, sex, beach, car, love…so very now! Did I say love twice…so what! Great write, Claudia, one of your best, for me :))

  15. I adore this. What I love about your style is the narrative in your verse. You write in almost a ‘stream-of-consciousness’ way, and it is so easy to relate to what you express. Fantastic!

  16. such an adventure in this just reading and the images appearing and thoughts from my adventures. A day on or walking along the beach enjoying the people and the time what more could you ask for.

  17. A poem to be devoured. I found myself reading faster and faster (no slower!) and now I have to go back and savor. Beautiful writing, as ever.

  18. mmm. With this poem, I don’t want to analyze, I just want to lay back and sift sand blindly through my fingers. It’s the feet that take me–after the artful conversations–pressed into the mudflat while you start to be with your love and then–after a precious moment–leaving while watching other feet shuffle on.

  19. You make me feel like you’re here in California with me – no, wait, you are in California! You captured the end of the day at the beach beautifully. Loved this.

  20. There is something sensual about the warmth of the sun, the feel of the sand, the sound of the waves, the smell of the salty air. Thank you for taking us on your journey!

  21. Nice to read that you are enjoying the beach and meeting with Ed ~ How I envy you as we are right now, cloudy and grey with the storm aftermath ~ I enjoyed the sensuality of the the sand, wind and pacific waves ~

  22. Pretty. Sensual. Nice.

    Poetry ought to be that sometimesโ€”nothing more. No less. Itโ€™s not so easy to do.

  23. Maybe I’ll try writing poetry in the sand too. Like this Claudia – a busy fun day, missing hubby but making the most of time. The photo is great too. Keep enjoying.

  24. Like this a lot it was a very nice moment into a couples lives, that may have been together for a while and are still in love with each other in every way . Wow, this is some sunday reading snuggled up on a couch and sipping a glass of wine.

  25. What a marvelous description of a sunset, and how that magic moment stretches on even for the trash man finishing his rounds with the sun to go home for the evening…smiles

  26. Oh, my, such a passionate view of the sunset at the end of a very satisfying day! Once in Key West, known for its sunsets, we watched the sun s-l-o-w-l-y drop into the sea. When it was gone, a little girl’s voice rang out. “Do it again, Daddy!”

  27. Awesome use of images here Claudia, and as usual a great use of metaphor throughout. The parking is very similar pretty much every beach side community I’ve ever visited, I was surprised the first time I encountered it. Great read. Thanks

  28. Sounds like a great day. Wonderful write! And writing poetry in the sand is so amazing. The words so fragile, but out there forever.

  29. You make it all sound so glorious: the flat, Bukowski Rothko, the tacos, writing poems in the sand… and then the bin man and maybe the shadow falls. So very Bukowsky!

  30. Beautiful and vivid, as always, Claudia. Many little subtle things in here to chew over, the poem in the sand, especially appealed to me.

  31. Claudia, made me yearn for my California roots and the times at the beach–mudflats–writing poems in the sand with your left hand because it is so easy, really loved that ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Claudia, There is no way my comments can do justice to your poetry. Just know that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope he does have someone waiting for him, too. Thank you. This was wonderful.

  33. I like the writing in the sand … and the climax. Actually, I love the whole poem as it speaks to wholeness.

    I have been having a bit of deja vu here today with about 5 poets. You being one of them. Somehow I have been taken to week 64 and getting a second read … it has give me a different perspective on the poem but also shown me my age! Ha!

  34. “back at the beach, the wind and i
    write a poem in the sand,
    (with my left hand) cause it is so easy…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Thanks, for sharing [the image that compliment] your very [descriptive] poetic words as you —>Put Car Here and once again, take your readers, along for the ride!

    [postscript: I’m so happy that you met another fellow blogger and poet ed pilolla… as you travel.]
    deedee ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Sounds like a lovely day. I especially like:

    back at the beach, the wind and i
    write a poem in the sand,
    (with my left hand) cause it is so easy,

  36. I like feeling the keys and the thought of old poets at work. “Open air and books”, mmm…Looks like you reached out to the dreamiest parts of this side of the world. Love the “pacific ways”.

    It’s nice to hear about blog writers meeting, so happy to be part of such a rich community. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I am working on a poem about a guy similar perhaps to your fellow searching the bin. I wonder about these chaps often. A great glimpse of your beach time — and wanting to stretch time. Fun.

  38. This is a fine read. I felt like I was right there. Restful read. Actually have live in these beach areas many parts of the year. I am assuming you meant the rubbish man at the end. (Emptying bins?) I do know that our garbage collectors are paid very well and get medical and are considered State or County employees. I know they have families etc.

  39. “i wanna stretch these seconds into hours” – and all the while also seeing, then wondering, if that fellow person hunting his perceptions inside bins, also might have someone waiting for him at home – such a blend of self and other, a life engaged….