i thought it may change the light

we wipe panes, see
everyday in different shades,
depending on the lightfall, &

how life changes
with the dripping cloth
still in our hands,

i fall

into the scene–
……….CraWl out again–

can’t manage to esCape.

the girl,
Jan Vermeer, the painter,

& i, squished into a plane seat–
……………a story, told
…………………..& not yet–

on a flight to california–

last night

we lay in a cradle
between time with
pushed up sleep shirts, heartbeat
on each others skin–

“i wanna feel how small i am”,
said someone once,
“that’s why i’m traveling–”

&How hard can it be–

from outside
i touch shades, careful, dust clouds
on quivering fingers, feel for ground,
a painter, who’s blind,


in desperate search for truly
filtered light


saw the movie “Girl with a pearl earring” on the plane– really a deeply moving story– the title is a quote from the film.. & yes, it’s OpenLinkNight again at dVerse where we craft poetry like pearl strings and get a bit drunk on verse…doors open at 3pm EST..

64 responses to “i thought it may change the light

  1. Ah yes, I can understand how traveling would make a person feel small. And yes, I think light changes things, but sometimes not quite enough. Hope your time in CA is going fine.

  2. “i fall

    into the scene–
    ……….CraWl out again–

    can’t manage to esCape.

    the girl,
    Jan Vermeer, the painter,

    & i, squished into a plane seat–
    ……………a story, told
    …………………..& not yet–”

    Hi! Claudia…
    Once again, you have captured a moment [in time in your life] very vividly, through your [very] poetic words…Thanks, for sharing…i thought it may change the light.
    deedee 🙂

  3. what an amazing poem. I’ve travelled on long plane rides many times, and love the illustrations in here, really seen, with every detail and reflection captured perfectly. Great write. Thanks

  4. ‘we lay in a cradle
    between time with
    pushed up sleep shirts, heartbeat
    on each others skin’

    this really got the heart racing Claudia!

  5. really cool piece claudia….love the intimacy right before you leave…as we have a similar ritual as well…smiles….traveling, i love it…used to doa ton of it for work, but not being able to share it with the one i love was brutal as well….have not seen this movie but putting it on the list now…hope you are having fun while working on your trip claudia…

  6. I like how you describe the feeling of being on a plane, looking at the clouds and how differently the world seems from above. Haven’t seen the movie, but glad you had something good to watch on the long trip.

  7. Hi Claudia – read this this morning on iPHone (while traveling) and then entered difficult zone – on train. And I love the sense, when traveling, of how small my outlook is – so many different possibilities can suddenly seem imagineable, the world so big, and the types of choices people make so diffuse.

    Lovely sense of diffused light here – especially when one thinks of all the brilliant shafts on a plane, compared to Vermeer with that sparkle and reflectiveness (and even a sense of globe about him.) Very pretty poem, I love the skin to skin of watcher and character.

    California a great place for light.

    I also wrote on Vermeer recently – and that girl, though much much sillier (I also haven’t seen the movie actually.) But you might like the poem. http://manicddaily.wordpress.com/2012/10/08/the-girl-not-wearing-at-just-this-moment-the-pearl-earring-from-steen-to-vermeer/

    If you have time. It was only interesting for me because of the model’s costume really.

    Have a great great trip. k.

  8. I’ve often been amazed at how blind people still ‘see’. Sometimes so much more than those if we sighted can see too. But, I wondered how you would ever describe colours to them if they’ve never seen them. This poem made me think of so much all in the space of its reading. I can also see how traveling would make us feel small once our world opens up beyond our own borders.
    Another brilliant piece from you Claudia.

  9. I love this, it immediately put me in that space of suspension in travel, but also that comes from engaging art. I’ve seen the movie and love how you intertwine it all, I felt the light, the connection through vast space and time, stunning.

  10. What a wonderful piece. I think my favorite lines were in the first stanza:
    everyday in different shades,
    depending on the lightfall”

    There’s so much meaning in those lines. Thanks for linking up!

  11. How small I am …yes… a perfect reason to travel, to stand outside and look up at the stars, to keep writing words that fall into a poem… it’s always, always about the light. Perfect.

  12. Some lovely lines in here, light as air, traveling like a breeze–I especially liked
    we lay in a cradle
    between time
    safe travels, Claudia.

  13. That first stanza captivated me completely and didn’t let me go…haven’t watched the film, but have read the book and loved it totally…your poem brought back lovely memories…thanks

  14. Love how you play with light & appearances. That final stanza is glorious –

    “in desperate search for truly
    filtered light”.

  15. Wonderful wordplay – the way you rush through time and space sprinkling your present with a kind of faerieworddust; sandwiching events & emotion, art & understanding in your lines while bringing in so many elements to your travels that you make your reader your companion. Lovely.

  16. A number of lovely lines in this poem, Claudia; “we lay in a cradle / between time” is my favorite, perhaps because it speaks to vulnerability.

  17. I’ve never seen that movie, but I’ve been wanting to. I love this poem as I love all your poetry. Beautiful!

  18. One day I’ll know how small I am…maybe…right now all I can be sure of is my fear of just how big this world is! 😉 Too many wonderful lines laced throughout to name one, and to post the entire poem would just be redundant…this was fantastic!

  19. I love this. I really like the way you play with the line breaks adding a whole dimension to the poem beyond the words; a poetic way nudging the reader to read between the words.

    As a fellow traveler I love to travel because it makes the world feel smaller and more intimate.


  20. packing in the panache and extracting something striking
    from the everyday notion of self-hood: an exploration of the human motive
    on the poetic track to Cally via a splash of Dutch class (its all gone orange;)

    have a great time Claudia 😀

  21. ‘How life changes
    with the dripping cloth
    still in our hands..

    ..for me the painter of the girl is relevant as he can focus the light or diffuse it…ultimately .it’s the eye of the beholder here that sees beyond or through the filtered light …her beauty….

  22. The sightless painter… “Girl With a Pearl Earring” was very good. Another great movie about painters/artists: “Frida.”

    There is so much to light, to angle at which one views a painting, a window, even a person. One moment seemingly angry; next, benevolent. In the mind of the beholder, so you can imagine ME in a museum looking at Picasso!! wink
    Love, Amy My last post before two weeks away:

  23. Always an interesting tale…. Lovely how the mind thinks while we are traveling, away from our comfort zones… Never a truer poem, Claudia… Well done. Hope you have a wonderful trip……

  24. Poignant and powerful, Claudia– a wonderful interweaving of longing for the lover with the present suspension in time..longing for light– we thirstily drink the light in autumn, yes? xxxj

  25. Claudia, not sure if I left a comment on this or not–sometimes I read and then come back–no problem, it’s worth 2 comments! Love the phrase “how life changes even with the dripping cloth in our hands” A beautiful poem!

  26. 30,000 feet offers a different kind of lightfall I think.. coupled with the movie (and such a one as this, so beautiful and emotionally powerful) brings a new way of seeing. You’ve captured that kind of ‘new’ vision very well I think.