as if we knew the ways of the wind


i’m neither poet
nor a writer, rather someone,
walking the lanes of life
like an autumn day
(just half an hour during lunch break),
caught in bus pane back reflections,
uuhhh—the world
spins fast,

My boss says “we should have a closer look at how you sit at the computer–“ ergonomics & workplace safety. He rings up the maintenance man, who carries a set of allen keys and (shrrkk, shrrrrk, sorry, i– )  Desk & chair, finally adjusted, truly sized to my proportions.

we talk indian summer,
(my curly haired colleague and i)
of biking mornings over hills with mist,
wetting the valleys and the mountains
in the back & that we can’t wait
‘til the leaves clothe red&yellow,

i find traces of an owl &
watch the spider spin its web, ivy
crawls with bright green feet, up up
the trees, clings tight, just like we all do
sometimes & my hands run over
rough bark, on the far end of my finger tips,
i feel the breathing of the year
come to an end–

“It doesn’t work” i say, (& now– compared to order entry & wild autumn storms that sing their howling songs, leaned tight against the forest’s leafy breast, this seems ridiculous) and yet, he understands & re-adjusts my life with just an allen key and a few well placed spins “i was about to fall asleep” i say “without dreaming”


Anna Montgomery has whipped up a fantastic article about prose/poetry use in the context of experimenting with postmodern poetry for MeetingTheBar at dVerse.. you shouldn’t miss this…doors open at 3pm EST


71 responses to “as if we knew the ways of the wind

  1. only you could make having your office chair adjusted sound magical! LOVE this, Claudia! wish i could travel in your mind for a day and see the world as you do. {smile}

  2. Ah, our leaves are already red and orange and yellow, but some trees are already bare. Sigh. Enjoyed traveling in your words with you through this poem, stream of consciousness in the best sense, and loved the photo. Good to walk on one’s lunch hour, to escape the computer chair, no matter how comfortable. Smiles.

  3. ha, we used to have those ergo chairs when i worked at the bank…some of the most uncomfortable things in the world honestly…the bit on the owl and the spider is pretty cool…nature magic a bit there…if only all it took was an allen wrench you know…lol. nice piece c

  4. The prose/poetry aspect of this works very well as you contrast the prosaic and transcendent – though actually the right chair can be pretty transcendent. (Clint Eastwood suddenly pops to mind, ha!) k.

  5. Seeing a reflection of oneself brings a myriad of wandering thoughts – lunch hour walk to sitting pretty at the computer and owls and spiders! Nice thoughts, Claudia!


  6. A little adjustment can go a long way and yeah we had those ergonomic people come and adjust away recently too, even though I ignore a few haha

  7. The entire poem refutes your first two lines (“I’m neither poet nor writer.) You take us from the mundane adjustment of a chair to autumn, nature and life – during your lunch break. But maybe the first two lines are true. You’re more of a word conductor, who takes us on magical journeys.

  8. Many of us seemed to have been born poets; you certainly have. Yes, we can grow by flexing our poetic muscles, by reading other’s poetics, but somewhere in the mix, there is just this poetic lens we use to heighten our perceptions of the world we co-created and spend lifetimes in lesson within.

  9. Claudia…that final paragraph brought a smile to my face…really ridiculous when there’s an Autumn to be chasing after…fantastic weave of poetry and prose, ultimately, your pen is golden no matter how you choose to present your words. See you soon!

  10. First Claudia, I am in love with the photograph, its reflections, juxtapositions, and distortions are exquisite, a work of art. Within the poem these themes continue centered around the axis of the chair, which not only places us in the poem but spins us in and out of the worlds, prose/poem, blurring the boundaries. Not only between the speakers realms but between the reader and poet. We connect to self, nature, others, and the cycle of life. The flow between the prose and poetry is gently pulled in and out of focus, blurring lines between perhaps indicating a unity. You mix the mundane with the transcendent sublimely. It keeps me reading every time.

  11. A slew of images and feelings between “the world spins fast” and “he understands & re-adjusts my life with just an allen key and a few well placed spins”. A nice journey.

  12. What I liked about your poem the most was that break at the beginning with the boss telling you all about H&S. I welcome experimentation a lot in writers (by the way, you’re one!). It means lack of fear and rejection of a template (if such template exists in literature. I’m sure it does, but that’s what commercial writing is. Maybe). Thanks. I loved this poem.

    Greetings from London.

  13. There’s a sorrow here that feels so familiar (and that I feel I’ve written of recently myself), that losing ground to the passing of time, of the season transforming beneath our outstretched hands. Love the feel of this, as always.

  14. If only Allen keys would fix so many things. When I first moved here, nobody even knew what I was talking about when I mentioned Allen
    Sounds like he didn’t fix the chair after all, Love the spider web and the owl. Our trees are really changing now. Beautiful.
    Lovely write Claudia, great reflections in the pic too!

  15. not a poet or writer huh! Well in that case I might as well just drop my pen all together! 😀 … your work is beautiful Claudia! 🙂

    Keep walking dear 🙂

  16. it’s funny how a few well placed tweaks can be so much more than merely an adjustment 😉

    and loved,

    “i feel the breathing of the year
    come to an end…”

    and many more….

  17. How beautifully your words bring me to enter your skin a little while! Seem tome you have written poetry / prose / poetry / prose-poetry — a lovely culmination.

  18. Not a poet? I doubt it. As I see it, poerty is not about rhyme or rhythm but kind of mind exploration. “walking the lanes of life” is a perfect depiction. And a ton of curiosity about the dynamics of this very life. Nice blog.

  19. “i feel the breathing of the year
    come to an end–”

    …love the personification…and

    “wild autumn storms that sing their howling songs, leaned tight against the forest’s leafy breast”

    …just awesome.

  20. An afternoon in the life of….I love it, autumn and the Allen key in the office. I agree with Myrna, your poem refutes your first words…..

  21. So much to like here–these lines are perfect:
    crawls with bright green feet, up up
    the trees, clings tight, just like we all do”


  22. We all need adjustments in life, some we want… others not so much. I love how you flash from fantasy to reality.

  23. Claudia~ I quite enjoyed your pairing of work-world and nature, of indoors and out. The switch from prose to poetic serves flow and message, feeling natural and right.

  24. Not a poet? Then a Word Master or perhaps choreographer? You take us from the mundane office logistics to escape in an autumnal flight of the senses while acknowledging the passing of time. C’est magnifique!

  25. ah, this a great blend of styles, and you’r so strong in it. you always do such great verse on nature, and i’m envious of that.

    i used to do a lot biking here in colorado, and your descriptions and sensations really drew me in, great to relive those experiences. great poem claudia… always a pleasure.

  26. This is a fine read – wonderful, your intro’ of the maintenance man with the allen keys. Not an ergonomics technician, but a maintenance man. Brilliant!

  27. Really fantastic the way that this piece opens and closes, poetry and prose flawing seamlessly. Love the reference to our steps and ivy feet and the way that leaves change clothing. Interesting photo, the reflection and loose distortion. Great piece.

  28. This WORKS! in a completely contradictory way! Abutting the different aspects of your day – becomes a poetry of images, of actions, of sights, and sounds includes both waking, sleeping, temperature, season, people, movement, and non movement. It feels like art meeting science working through a life. Splendid!

  29. This is just perfect… your talent continues to leave me in awe. So many wonderful phrases, twists and turns, surreal and so real. Love.

  30. yes, there’s something innate in you that combines any given moment in the physical world with ethereal and exciting poetry…

  31. I think I succeeded in “liking” this last night but couldn’t manage to comment. Wow. I really like both the poem and the picture. Far greater than the sum of its ergonomic parts. I may be looking at the pointing finger rather than the moon, but I come away from this wishing I worked in an office like that.

  32. The back pane reflections needing adjustments with the maintenance man.. lovely imagery.. we all get caught in our reflections…some better for us than others. I could handle done of that not dreaming imagery too. 🙂

  33. I loved the top part, followed it, savored it.
    Then the last paragraph came.
    OK, read it 2 times. If I take out the first parenthetic, it works still.
    But that damn parenthetic “(& now- …) ! Keeps drawing me back. Read that 4 times.
    Can’t get it. And the last line. Was this a dream? Darn — I want to get it so bad. I scanned the comments for hints to open my eyes a bit more, but no luck.

    Fun images, great phrases and you captured my re-read mind.
    And the photo — I really liked that.

    [write if you’d like!]

    • “It doesn’t work” i say, (& now– compared to order entry & wild autumn storms that sing their howling songs, leaned tight against the forest’s leafy breast, this seems ridiculous) and yet, he understands & re-adjusts my life with just an allen key and a few well placed spins “i was about to fall asleep” i say “without dreaming”

      Hi! Claudia…
      I like the way you used your very poetic words to experiment with poetry/and prose use in a post-modern setting…
      Thanks, for sharing!
      deedee 🙂

      [Note: I have been experiencing a slight difficulty with Word-press [logging-in] and Blogger[removing[then replacing] my follower widget]