as close as we can get– maybe

“I’ve tried the roots of trees,
and I’ve tried banks and–”
slowly as to not disturb her thoughts,
she picked ’em up–

everything seemed to
have changed since–

hardly visible as long,
as they kept moving, talking,
always talking about witches
in the dark & by the kitchen fire–

a little gray, just a little gray
up in the sky now (much like dirty water,
pouring from our old machine into
the overflow) &

we went tiptoeing along a path
where we could hear the owls
and wolves away off in the woods, it

–no, it wasn’t about falling,
neither fast nor slow, getting somewhere
near the centre of the earth or closer,

to the heart of things– maybe


We’re writing Centos at dVerse today.. mine is built with snippets from the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland and some Claudia as well..smiles..come over to the pub at 3pm EST when Sam opens the doors and join us with your poetry..


42 responses to “as close as we can get– maybe

  1. All these mini-adventures are intended to get to the heart of things? That’s how I see your writing – always getting to the heart of things. Enjoyed this write, especially the ending. It wrapped it up for me.

  2. Getting to the heart of things is important.. If only we could easily find the right path for that! The wolves and the owls probably have a good idea about that. Smiles.

  3. Even before I scrolled down and discovered the source of the poem, I knew that there was a little bit of Lewis Carroll. It has a philosophical and physical edge. All those, “moving, talking, tiptoing, falling”. And then the half-baked “everything seemed to have changed since–” which seems to invite a rational or irrational response, depending on which side of the bed my internal Lewis Carroll woke up today.

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. We may all travel there in distinctly separate & or different ways, but most of us do want to get to the heart of things.

  5. Such interesting combinations from Alice to dirty overflow–definitely closer to the heart of things. I am super busy the next couple of days but will see if I can squeeze something out–traveling to other city. K.

  6. Sounds much like my mumme, when tiptoes through the woods … collecting this and that and cooking it in her kitchen into some potion/ lotion …

  7. from the a little gray on this becomes very magical to me..the tiptoeing along…the wolves and the owls make a neat contrast themselves…the never about falling…you wove this well into a nice little story…and its always about something a closer to the heart….smiles.

  8. Much enjoyed, to drift away to childhood well that’s how it made me feel, those deep thoughts, talks and walks trying to get somewhere but not really sure where… very nice.

  9. I wondered how you were going to put Alice and Huck Finn together, but now I see that you’ve united them with the theme of youth and adventure. Brilliantly woven, a wonderful example of the cento form.

  10. I always feel uneasy when I look at the work of a poet I admire and wonder whether she could have done something better, or differently at any rate. It’s like dissecting a lover’s heart to try to figure out why she/he loves you. My eye was drawn to your final ‘maybe’, and I thought of ways that poetry could express that without saying it – Emily Dickinson would have used half rhymes and pauses, Ezra Pound would have presented a simple image of something incomplete. But then you’re not Dickinson and you’re not Pound, and a second reading through the poem dispels any doubts I might have had. I love that wonderfully banal yet apposite simile of the sky-colour like the dirty water from the overflow of an old washing machine – that is just perfect.


  11. A great cento it is Claudia! It takes a lot of thinking to match them as I realize when doing mine! Yours somehow maintained the flow so beautifully!


  12. What a fun collaboration, Claudia. The delirious, madness of falling into a rabbit hole feels mellow with the inclusion of the sensible Huck Finn. I like the added path and the closure of coming closer to the core, perhaps.

  13. Hey Claudia, this one stimulated some wonderful conversation between a friend and me. Enhanced our friendship. Poetry therapy…nice. Bill me later.