i sit all evening
with the swedish guy,
talk about collecting mushrooms,
(there were myriads this year)
& how he learned which
ones to pick and which to leave,

two/thirds dark outside &
drizzle, autumn spreads a wet coat
& i smell it, suddenly, an earthy
tunnel, trenched straight
through the middle of my chest,

stretching across borders of
imAginAtiOn– scent of solitude,
of forest, soil, sweet on my lips,

the conversation moves
to well-audited japanese chefs,
preparing blowfish (without
poisoning their guests) & i crawl,

back out deeper in the woods,
hands smeared, clay crumbs on
my finger tips, knees scratched,

seriously, huge mosquito clouds,
a weird zzzZZzzz attack (don’t worry,
there are sprays that work their


it does sound so silly yet–

“let’s see what they’re having
for dessert” i smile, & on my tongue,
taste mushrooms, sizzling,
slow-dance lovers in a buttered pan,

three/3rds dark, a yellow moon,
apart from this,
the night is starless


in the pub, we’re writing about solitude, little daydreams, escapes, the quiet moments in our lives…my pleasure tending the dVerse bar.. doors open at 3pm EST.. due to a business dinner i’ll be a bit late though..but just get yourself a drink, start writing and enjoy the silence…smiles


67 responses to “1minuteGetAway

  1. Hi Claudia,

    talking and at the same time imaging to collect mushrooms, smelling the earthy consistance … Wonderful!

  2. “i smile, & on my tongue, taste mushrooms, sizzling, slow-dance lovers in a buttered pan” and blowfish, you do walk on the edge and take us with you. Merci!

  3. smiles….ha, much to like here claudia…i rather like sauteed mushrooms…and you def need to know which to pick, ha….i like hte sound of the mosquitos, cool touch…i like the incusion of the blow fish chefs as well…dangerous….the 2thirds and 3thirds, very creative…full dark no stars…

  4. Sometimes in the middle of a conversation, one CAN find a moment of solitude ….when you leave for a moment…..and the other doesn’t even know you are gone! Feels good to ‘escape’ momentarily sometime and return to the conversation refreshed! This is what your poem ‘speaks’ to me!

  5. “two/thirds dark outside &
    drizzle, autumn spreads a wet coat
    & i smell it…”

    Hi! again, Claudia…
    You have so captured the “moment” Of “solitude, little daydreams, escapes, and the quiet moment(s)” in your poetic words…hanks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂

  6. Your daydreams cover lots of grounds, the jungle with mosquitors, the Japanese seas and blowfish, mushrooms and all! Nice to have some solitude to reflect! Nicely Claudia!


  7. Claudia, once again you weave your delicious spell of words and take me away, into the scene, the place clay in under my fingernails –mushrooms, sizzling slow dance lovers in a buttered pan–brilliant:-)

  8. Your “stolen” moments are beautiful to read. I hope they never catch you, thief! 🙂

    By the way, love your humour: “preparing blowfish (without
    poisoning their guests)”

    Greetings from London.

  9. Hi Claudia – love the mushrooming need to be alone, and inner escape here – and the muddy sense of chaos compared to the Japanese audited chefs. (Ha.)

    On the other hand, I will appreciate a very strong sense of order in both my (i) mushroom pickers; and (ii) blowfish preparers! k.

  10. “stretching across borders of
    imAginAtiOn– scent of solitude,
    of forest, soil, sweet on my lips”
    this made me well up, in a most welcome way. thank you for your beautiful poetry.

  11. The earthiness of the season resonates so well in this…and actually in your openlinknight piece as well. Love how you lead us to the edge of the forest path,and tempt us with the senses that so come to life when you welcome the solitude. Loved it!

  12. I must admit that at times the other person’s conversation is a backdrop for my own preoccupations. I am not proud of that, but it does happen. Especially with people I am not particularly close to.

  13. Women who can multi-task without insulting the man of the moment are very lucky; love this introspective evening with you and your insular daydreams; liked the line /slow dance lovers in a buttered pan/.

  14. And they say you can’t be in two places at once. There is a lot sizzling here besides mushrooms, and the three-thirds dark is luminous, with or without stars.

  15. What kind of ‘shrooms were those — they took you to that magic place!
    Nicely done. I loved this line: “an earthy
    tunnel, trenched straight
    through the middle of my chest,”

  16. stretching across borders of
    imAginAtiOn– scent of solitude,
    of forest, soil, sweet on my lips…..very cool….great touches throughout.

  17. Such depth to the imagery produced here in the moment. Really creating a richer, more fulfilling reflection upon just how far solitude itself can take us. Great read. Thanks, very cool prompt

  18. I think you had some fun with this, Claudia, and I love it! I also think I can identify with the situation… I used to travel the world and entertain a lot in business, and it kind of feels like yet another one of those interminable nights with a customer, or customers, trying to maintain a genuine interest, when all you want to do is have some ‘me time’; some alone time; some solitude. Even if I’m not right about your inspiration for this poem, this is definitely what it says to me and, above all, it passes the ‘I want to read it again’ test 🙂

  19. The other-worldly feel of parts of this made me think I could tell you how to know which ones to pick, but I wouldn’t reccomend frying them. It usually works in reverse.
    That said, lovely write, Claudia

  20. It is amazing isn’t it, how in the middle of one task that perhaps a sound, or in this case a scent, can rip us away to a totally different place. Our senses hold memories at a whole different level. Lovely capture, Claudia!

  21. your poetry never fails to captivate… almost mesmerize. i would love to follow you around for a day, Claudia! thank you for the lovely prompt!

    • nah…he was very nice..it was just that what he told brought me somehow on a journey, but we had a lovely evening and he was very pleasant company

  22. 1 minute of silence can transport us into a timeless dimension. You must go there frequently. Is that where your imagination thrives? Loved this poem Claudia. I love the prompt you picked too. Sorry I missed it.