it’s the way he holds her

the clock ticks slowly
& i’m listening
to the concert on the street,

a violin,
gut wrenching melody,

from the gallery window,
painted clowns, keep smiling,
sMiLinG– at me,

& i buy a card,
Klimt’s “Kiss” //on the blank,
white inside write
one single line beCause

i’m not afraid
of empty spaces–
suddenly, then

seal the envelope & put
the stamp a little awry,

take the way back barefoot
through the park, soil,
grass– sun’s lips

tight on mine, we don’t
let go, toDay,
not for a minute–


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90 responses to “it’s the way he holds her

  1. Even in the waiting,
    the mind must travel..
    When the body follows
    the earth and sun feel great
    on the foot and mouth.

    Patience is a virtue.. 😉
    “If you can wait, and not be tired by waiting… “

  2. smiles…cool verse claudia….its the little things….the violin music sets the mood, the stamp a little awry, ha, love it…the comfort with empty spaces playing off the intimacy with the sun…there is a lot of feeling just below the surface in this…

  3. very expressive and touching especially the ending. I agree good use of the blank space but also good images of the famous card, the clowns etc.

  4. Oh Claudia, so so lovely. Read this about five times and I’m going to go back and read it again—not afraid of empty spaces, holding the suns lips tight, not letting go, sigh–lovely:-)

  5. I can picture that Klimt card and understand why only one line would be necessary. The card speaks reams by itself!!

    I love the ending, Claudia. Sometimes we just have to hold on…and never let go…for as long as we can.

    See you later at the ‘bar’ today!

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day, including the empty spaces, the sun on your lips and the violin music playing. We always want to hold on to such joy. And that’s what I felt reading this.

  7. excellent write Claudia. A couple lines in here just jump out at me remarkably, the violin, gut wrenching-it can be looked at as a contrast, but then again, anywhere that’s heard a violin played in such a manner, know it does have the gut wrenching quality indeed. the part about the empty spaces, I love that, always have, and then started seeing the importance of white space in writing, well to be fair, most of that reading came from screenplays, but still, a blank page is just a blank page, but when that blank page caresses, divides, surrounds writing, it’s remarkable in every sense. Great read. Thanks

  8. I’m just figuring out that the variances from lower case to caps must come from the habit of trying to come up with passwords that no one will be able to guess…right?

  9. Lovely capture of a moment far removed from the madding crowd of life’s “must do’s”. A precious, romantic experience, delicious kiss from the sun. Thanks for introducing me to Klimt cards.

  10. So, did you mean to put the stamp on awry or, was it happenstance? Loved all of this. Won’t be too much longer to be able to kick off our shoes and walk on the grass, have to make the most of it 🙂

  11. Oh dear, there are the clowns.
    But really, lots of emotion packed in here, from the gut-wrenching music to this almost happy-go-lucky walking through the park barefoot. Taken up by the moment, seems like. I love “i’m not afraid of empty spaces”…

  12. Oh Claudia, you always take me right there and I was and I loved it perusing the card seeing the blank spaces, felt the grass and the sun and heard the plaintive notes from the violin – another breath of fresh air – thankyou for taking me out and sharing this moment – I love all your moments x x x Lib

  13. I’m usually uncomfortable around clowns but not your ones! Lovely, light poem with some arresting imagery.

  14. We try to fill empty spaces that aren’t really empty, if you look close enough. Abstracted to purity, empty is very full.

    Clowns didn’t used to freak me, but since mental illness came knocking, they do.

  15. “…on the blank,
    white inside write
    one single line beCause

    i’m not afraid
    of empty spaces–”

    There’s something that caught my eye in these few lines.I love the confidence and self-assuredness expressed in them. Lovely capture, Claudia.

  16. i’m not afraid
    of empty spaces –

    you are a brave lady Claudia . . .
    they terrify me 😦

    free expression
    and a love
    for life

    you always
    give good energy 😀

  17. In love with life, you are, Claudia..the way you so beautifully captured this precious moment…and so vividly, the awry stamp..and your lack of fear of white spaces. I love this little gem. Great capture!

  18. Some beautiful lines here Claudia. Others have already highlighted my favourites. Thanks for sharing yet another wonderfully observed moment, for finding an empty space in the hustle, bustle and noise of the world and for sharing it with us.

  19. What a perfect day…… beauty would be sharing it with you Claudia because rarely do others find such beauty alone…. Your vision is wonderful, your verse automatic….. Lovely read…..

  20. You have a such a confident ease in your work, Claudia– and of course, since you’re a musician, you get the cadences of poetry– I love:

    & i buy a card,
    Klimt’s “Kiss” //on the blank,
    white inside write
    one single line beCause

    i’m not afraid
    of empty spaces–


  21. Lovely intimate poem, Claudia. I love this part;

    “take the way back barefoot
    through the park, soil,
    grass– sun’s lips”

    “sun’s lips”, wish I had thought of that 🙂


  22. “i’m not afraid of empty spaces” or walking barefoot through the soil, for that matter. I felt such a quiet joy here, a love that comes along like a faithful shadow.

  23. I’d love to hear the violin’s gut wrenching melody….

    Enjoyed the flow and feel of this piece. The empty space does scare me a bit, but a perfectly placed askewed stamp seems right.

  24. Already either cherished memory or wistful sense of what should have been – ‘the sun’s lips / tight on mine’. For those of us trapped for so long beneath discharging clouds here in the East of England, this poem evokes beautifully the languor of a summer that never was.

  25. “the sun’s lips tight on mine” Thank you for taking me to this moment. I feel the grass under my bare feet and shrug my shoulders that the stamp is askew. As always, a rich treat for the imagination, intimate in its familiarity. Wonderful, Claudia

  26. “& i buy a card,
    Klimt’s “Kiss” //on the blank,
    white inside write
    one single line beCause…”

    Hi! Claudia…
    You have also captured pure poetry in your poem…“it’s the way he holds her…”
    Tks, for sharing!
    deedee 🙂